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Horror Stories

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This was mentioned in a build,log amd I thought it wouldbbe an interesting post.  What are your horror stories?  What went wrong? Did you recover?  What did you learn? 


This is one of mine.  I was trying a new rigging method with upwards of thirty lines running out of the bottle.  It wasn't well organized and the entanglement made it impossible to get the ship up.  I yanked the ship out which further tore it up.  It sat on a shelf and eventually went in the trash.  I've yet to revisit that method.  


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You yanked the whole ship out? All I did was two lines!  :P

Newcomers to the SIB hobby reading these posts... please don't be discouraged in any way to putting a ship in a bottle. Many SIB'ers have been doing this for twenty years and in twenty more, they'll have it down pat.

I thought I could concentrate enough to put tools in and bring them out of a bottle without snagging anything. Trimmed up a pair of lines super-close to a tie down point that had a touch of adhesive added. Good enough. I commanded myself to not touch those lines until applying the securing adhesive in the next step. Surely I could do that. I could only picture the effort needed to place them back if they were disturbed. Sure enough, snagged the yard, out they came.

What have I learned? For me, re-training in disciple is necessary. It doesn't work by rushing the tool to the work point and after that, your done. The tool must be guided in, used, and guided out. Every single time.

Did I recover? Couple more sessions and I should advance to the next stage.

This should be an interesting thread.

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