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Greetings from Maryland

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Hi, I have been interested in nautical stuff for a good part of my life and now I am thinking of taking a stab at building a ship in the bottle, and when browsing I found you folks.  So, I thought I would just stop in an introduce myself.  I have been thinking of doing something like a Bristol Pilot Cutter or a Royal Navy Cutter as my first ship since I figure a single mast will be a bit easier than 2 or more masts.  Anyway, will always welcome advice and hope I can do something half as good as I see a lot of you guys doing (and a 10th as good as a few of you seem to accomplish).



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Welcome Bill.  I think a one master pilot boat or cutter is a great idea for a first ship in bottle.  One mast is easier and single masted ships still look fantastic.  Do you have plans picked out already? 

Let us know if you have any questions.  If you would like post a build log where we can follow your progress and offer help and encouragement along the way.  

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