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Thanks Alan, same to you!

The deadeyes are small round paper punchings from telex tape.   In years gone by, when I was sending telex messages on a regular basis, I felt that a bottle full of punchings would come in useful at some later date for model making.       I saved a couple of hundred thousand of them!angel   I blackened them by dumping them in black spirit dye. I wound the wire on a frame in groups of three, and stuck the punchings on with spots of white wood glue.    After they were dry, I cut the outside wires off with a scalpel.     I hope to be able to solder the top deadeye wires to the bottom of the wire shrouds.     After they are fitted to the shrouds, I will lightly spray the whole lot black, so they should look better!

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I have now set and rigged the four jibs.    This took about 1 hour 30 minutes, but just as I was putting one of the last blocks on, I accidentally knocked it over.    This damaged all the standing rigging under the bowsprit and jibboom.    The only solution was to rip it all off, and re-rig it, as wire, once bent, cannot be straightened when it is glued in position on a model.   This took a further ten minutes to get the model into the condition shown below.   That is enough for today, and I will do a bit of drawing this afternoon.    Day off tomorrow, and on Wednesday, I hope to fit the mainmast,  then set and rig the mainsail and gaff topsail.



114 (Medium).JPG

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Thanks for the explanation Bob. Similar to one I found in an old copy of Model Shipwright where the wire dead eyes are threaded onto one of the shrouds, positioned, and the 'loops' are then filled in with coloured glue, not covered with paper circles, which is a grand idea.

Going to be a good looking model.


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