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HMS Trincomalee

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Started  4-5 weeks ago with the idea of building this frigate for a large 3 liter bottle but due to technical difficulties (built the split hull too large!) I left it and went with a small build in a whiskey bottle.

 I was not happy with the gun ports,(looked way too large) so made them much smaller and did a new paint job.






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HMS Trincomalee is now a museum ship in Hartlepool UK. 

A short history; built in teak due to a shortage of english oak at Bombay India and launched in 1817. Named after the battle of Trincomalee 1782 which is off the east coast of Sri Lanka.

Became a training ship later on which saved her from the scrap yard. She is the oldest british warship still afloat. (HMS Victory is in a dry dock)

A little more progress. Prefer to attach the ratlines to the hull of the ship but the hull halves are so tight to fit in the bottle neck that I have to attach them to the masts.


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