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Bottled Ship Builder
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Capten Madog

Paint on glass bottle

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4 hours ago, DSiemens said:

I was hoping someone would reply I have thought of doing a similar project.  We may have to experiment and report our findings.   

If I get the chance I will try & experiment this weekend with some different paints I have lying about the house. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of the antique SIB have painted backdrops. 

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I have used both oil based paint and acrylic. I find the oil based slightly better but it can take a good while to dry off. Also it can leave an oily residue if you try to dry it quickly (in the sun or by a heater). The only real problem with acrylic is that it can scratch off if you catch some part of the ship on it. The bottles must be very clean and dry. I normally use a vinegar and water mix to clean the glass. Ammonia and water will also work. Just a small amount of either in water will do the trick.  Thinning of both of these types of paint may be necessary.  The antique models usually have the old rubber based paint on them. Good luck with your experiments. Let us know the results please. 


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