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HMS Wivern by Chausseur

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I got a chance to work on the mount that holds the hull in the light bulb and soldered up the Bow Sprit and Jib Boom complete with Martingale. I referenced Underhill's book for this.


IMG_0300.jpg.0ddbec5da195f0a1c67e94b49ad52b51.jpg    I had to build a special jig from a miniature close pin to hold the Martingale while soldering. I chose the eyelet end of a sewing needle for ease of rigging later! Tweezers show scale reference

IMG_0301.jpg.919277cc553c77c313b87b7fb90b5911.jpg    Note dot of glue to hold the needle while soldering into position. Used some thin wood shims to get the proper positioning.

IMG_0302.jpg.889aa3834cd1fe845abd8dff693dd9c8.jpg   Here is the completed Bow Sprit/Jib Boom less paint, foot ropes, Head/back stays, and guys. Still some intricate work to do on it today!


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