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Bottled Ship Builder

Steam schooner LENA. Scale 1/290

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19 hours ago, IOAN said:

I look forward to "The Old Man and the Sea" All the best! :cheers:

OK, IOAN! :)

7 hours ago, DavidB773 said:

Igor, you're not making it easier for us (me, rather, to be truthful) with the fine detail work you put into your models. Very inspiring. I like the "patina" of your ship. It makes it look authentic, vintage. Thanks for sharing it all.


Thank you, David!
This "patina" was formed naturally during the whole time of work. I just purposely did not  clean the model before placing it in a bottle. :)
But you will can see how I tried to make the "old" model in my other project.

Best Regards!

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