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Found 3 results

  1. All, I've been playing around with ways of holding the 'stuff' whilst in the bottle. These are a set of grippers that will grip both fore and aft, and sideways. Made from a piece of brass tube, brass rod, a spring, and dowel. A 'L' shaped piece is soldered to the end of the tube as shown after filling flats on both surfaces. The rod is bent to shape, inserted into the tube. A hole is drilled through a piece of dowel for the tube and a bling hole for the rod. A spot of CA glue holds it together. I used electrical solder for the joint. Sideways grip is obtained by rotating the dowels in relation to each other, although I still have to experiment with the shape of the pincers to get the best grip of the part, the rod is pushed forward and rotated a bit, then spring pressure will act as a gripper for fore and aft. Its small enough to be worked with one hand. Apologies for the out of focus shots best Alan
  2. New member here trying to get some info before starting a build. Just wondering what people are using to drill holes in masts and bowsprits? How small are the holes or the size of bits you guys usually use? Anything info is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, just wondering what the forum memebers would consider to be essential tools for modelling ships in bottles. Two which make my life much easier are; A Matchstick cutter - I can measure and cut spars and masts in a fraction of the time I used to take. Sandpaper nail files. Double sided, tapering sanding files are great. They make sanding small parts an absolute joy. I'm currently trying to find an easy way of slicing paper, card, or wood veneers, into fine strips (1mm or less). That's proving quite difficult :-) Jeff.
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