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Found 1 result

  1. Hi folks, I was bitten by the bug recently when I bought the book "Sailing in Glass", on ebay. My first attempt is rudimentary as I couldn't wait for materials online to come before getting busy.I had to use a huge drill bit and the bowsprit looks like a telephone pole whereas a fence pole would be more proportionally accurate. Plenty of rookie mistakes, I had to clip the top of the mast as it was too tall, or I put too much "sea" in it. Plenty of smears inside the bottle to clean etc. It was a good learning project.My second attempt I have almost completed. This schooner also presented plenty of rookie problems. The mast hinge came up out of hole once in the bottle already. I was able to slide a sliver of wood with glue on it under the mast and prop it up but it was a pain. I also tried to simulate rough seas with only limited success. At any rate, I'm glad to find your site as I desperately need advice. Thanks for adding me in! Spanky
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