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Found 1 result

  1. I always wonder why us folks take the time to put a small scale ship into a bottle when it would be so much easier just to model a ship or craft and just plunk it on a stand and call it a day! For me I have had the fascination of this venerable craft for over a decade. I got side tracked with war gaming for over 5 years. For some strange unknown reason I would stare at Guy Demarco's book on my library shelf. Yeah one day I'll get into the hobby! Sure we all have been there right? I would sign out books at the library that dealt with modelling SIB's yet never would take the plunge. Finally a year and a half ago I made a huge decision .... I had enough of writing articles for a war gaming journal, a brief stint editing a naval war gaming journal, and basically had enough of trying to keep my blog For Honours Sake fresh and alive. I pulled the pin on all three and have never looked back. So why do I think SIB's are cool? For me they are an art form unto it's own and I dare say manly. There is something about the intregue of getting that hull and all of it's rigging into a bottle. Having been an avid model maker off and on for nearly 4 decades I thought I needed a real challenge. So I did a pile of research and the German clipper ship Preussen is my current build. I am also looking at doing some of the other P liners as well. Also a couple of rigged ironclads is a possibility. The biggest reason why I love this hobby is I can go down into my man cave and close the door and escape this messed up world for an hour or two. Sometimes I'll just go into the cave and dream of a future project and that in itself is a huge stress reliever. Am I in a rush to finish my build? No not in the least. For me the hobby is more than just trying to knock off a bunch of models. I like the research, learning about naval history, figuring out why the hull was shaped the way the architect designed it, and of course last but not least the rigging. I belive a clipper ship is a work of art and a Leviathon of the open seas. So fello modeller what is it for you? I would love to see what you put down here. What if any are the commonalities or is there something different that motivates you? What are your favourite types of vessels and what motivates you to squeeze a hull through a small hole? Jeff
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