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    JesseLee got a reaction from Chasseur in Hello Puebla Mexico   
    Welcome José
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    JesseLee got a reaction from Chasseur in Hello Puebla Mexico   
    Welcome José
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    JesseLee reacted to James w rogers in La nina, caravel.   
    Ship ahoy! 😊

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    JesseLee reacted to Jmedina in Hello Puebla Mexico   
    My name is José medina and I live in Puebla, México. Puebla is about 2130 meters abobe sea level and about 3 hours from Veracruz, the nearest sea port. But even here I discovered the taste for the ships in bottle. Here is my first, the Hannah from Amati. Hope you like it.
    Greetings from México

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    JesseLee reacted to exwafoo in Robin Hood's Bay in an Aspirin Bottle   
    Hi There,
    I thought it may have been an early SIB by Leon Labistour who with his wife lived in Robin Hood's Bay and produced many quality SIBS. Leon passed some time ago, however I know his wife through the European Association of Ships in Bottles. I've contacted her and this is the information Pat replied with.
    "Hi Alan. No, it's one from the factory in the next village, Fylingthorpe. They made millions of aspirin bottle models, all farmed out to piece workers. They advertised as RHB because nobody had heard of Fylingthorpe. The factory was called Ship Models and was run by a guy called Milsom.
    Glad the owner of the model likes it!
    cheers, Pat."
    Hope this helps you out.
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    JesseLee reacted to Lubber123 in Robin Hood's Bay in an Aspirin Bottle   
    My second acquired SIB – Robin Hood’s Bay in an Aspirin Bottle
    Here I present the second SIB that came into my life. In the 1960’s a local department store had a line of SIBs available that were made in Robin Hood’s Bay, England. One day as a child I had the privilege of watching a demonstration in the store where a fellow from England was inserting a model into a bottle and erecting its masts by the magical “pulling on strings”.  This modest example appeared under the Christmas tree that year for me to enjoy. The end cap has a label which is missing a piece which gives the exact origin as “ [Ship?] Models, Robin Hood’s Bay, England”.
    The model is a statement of elegant simplicity. The bottle is of the type that aspirin commonly came in back then and measures 3 7/8” x 2”x 1”. The ship is a full square rigged three masted clipper with sails made from paper. The hull is simple and it is simply rigged with a shroud for each mast and one stay connecting the mast to the bowsprit which acted as the “magic string”. Notably the masts are not hinged to the deck and may have been pushed into place into little groves in the deck and then glued down after they were raised. Its little pendants are flying straight ahead showing the direction of the wind into its tiny sails.
    It’s a neat little keepsake and I’ve had it for over 50 years.

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    JesseLee reacted to James w rogers in La nina, caravel.   
    Bottle painted and acrylic decorators caulking pumped in with a skeleton gun.
    i put a length of stiff clear plastic tube on end of the nozzle which allows me to direct the flow straight onto the bottom of the bottle, then whilst still wet I push it down with a slightly wet metal spatula and smear it around a bit to get desired effect. Once it has skinned over I will paint another coat of acrylic paint over the surface to replicate the surface of the sea before setting the hull into it while it is still soft. That’s the plan for now anyway!🤔

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    JesseLee got a reaction from Onni in La nina, caravel.   
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    JesseLee got a reaction from Onni in La nina, caravel.   
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    JesseLee reacted to James w rogers in La nina, caravel.   
    Almost ready to bottle. 

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    JesseLee reacted to John Fox III in James Miller 3 masted schooner   
    Greetings All,
    I now have the fore mast added to the ship in light bulb model of James Miller. All the fore stays, shrouds and backstays have been added, as well as all the headsails and all their rigging. The two jib sails are static, They do not move with the stays they are attached to, they are attached by small open loops so that the stay can move through the sail, since the stays for those sails runs through the jib and martingale spike, then into the hull and is the operating end of these lines. The fore sail does move with the stays, as in this case they are double, one on each side of the bowsprit, running through the bees and back into the hull, these are also the operating ends of the stays.I learned a lesson with the foremast, in that I added all the running rigging before adding the shrouds and ratlines, which was a mistake as it made adding the shrouds much more difficult with all the running rigging lines being so light in color they kept getting accidentally  tied into the shrouds. The cabin and hatch are also permanently attached now.
    Anchor's A Weigh!
    John Fox III

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    JesseLee reacted to Chasseur in HMS Ramillies, 74   
    Hi Frankie,
    I would like to use your still life painting posted here for the cover page of our next Bottled ShipWright journal which I will release this June of 2019. Your artwork is excellent and should be celebrated by our members. May I please have your permission to use it?
    Please advise.
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    JesseLee reacted to Chasseur in Hi from Bristol UK   
    Welcome aboard Bob! We are so glad you joined our band of merry men.
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    JesseLee got a reaction from Chasseur in Hi from Bristol UK   
    Welcome Bob!
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    JesseLee reacted to IgorSky in Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240   
    Many thanks for yours feedbacks and LIKEs, friends!
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    JesseLee reacted to Jeff B in What else do you model besides SIBs?   
    Yeah Jeff, my next big feat is to put a camera on it. I have the mount. I know 2 blokes that do astrophotography with this model. They are very helpful with equipment add-ons. Processing is quite complex and lengthy. The software is "shareware?" I'm told. For now, enjoying visual.
    Watching a Supernova developing in a galaxy 300 million light years away, 100 million across, (per Wikipedia) in the last few weeks, with this telescope. 
    How cool is that!?
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    JesseLee reacted to Chasseur in What else do you model besides SIBs?   
    Hey Jeff,
    you remind me of my brother-in-law. He is on his third telescope as well. It’s quite the beast. He has a van that he hauls it around in and he has to put it together as it comes in sections. Once I tried to ask him how much he paid for it and he declined to say so I am assuming it’s a small fortune. We were out one night years ago and we could see the rings around Saturn. Very cool to see God’s creativity up close.
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    JesseLee reacted to Jeff B in What else do you model besides SIBs?   
    I see it's an old thread. Last post a year ago, but the nubs, we can look around and post our other passions, right?
    Some familiar names, some not so familar. Some sticking with ships, others not. 
    I am an amateur astronomer. Have been since interested in the heavens above since I was 12. I have owned a  few telescopes. I am now on my 3rd. 
    I also am a citizen scientist/astronomer and have worked on projects for The University of Toronto. Namely, the Search for Planet #9, the Search for Exoplanets (0ver 1400 discovered by the team), and currently classifying galaxies, into like groups, sorting and such, and pointing out things of interest we might want to point the telescopes back on. Most of the photos were taken by Hubble. We were tasked by NASA because in all 3 cases it was too much work. So HQ reports back our findings after verifing. 
    Here's a photo.

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    JesseLee reacted to Jeff B in Jeff bs build #3.   
    Final product. I cut the port backstay trying to push down the stern into the sea, it was riding too high. I tossed the line over to the starboard side.(the not display side.)
    i don't know if I'll ever go in and fix the line. I don't think I can.

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    JesseLee reacted to Jeff B in Jeff bs build #3.   
    Went from a ship in a bottle to be a SHIPWRECK in a bottle. 
    Tried the parchment paper over the sea (clay) to keep it of of the sails in the event of a rollover. The paper wrapped up in the glue, the bowsprit snapped, by then the paper was hardened to the side of the ship, caught in the rigging. I had to remove the ship from the bottle, assess the damage and put her in dry dock, and remove blue sea and glue from the sides of the bottle where things got messy. 
    I use a gel glue for final sea to ship glue in , scrapes away from the glass, if you can fashion a tool fast enough. 
    No photos. Too upset.
    Final photos after relaunch.
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    JesseLee reacted to John Fox III in James Miller 3 masted schooner   
    Greetings All,
    Today I share the latest work on the James Miller models. I have completed adding the bobstays, jib boom shrouds and jib boom backstays to both models. The bobstays and shrouds are made from miniature rope, made on a mini rope walk I built a year or so ago, using 3 pieces of 8/0 fly tying thread. The backstays are fake miniature chain, made from 8/0 fly tying thread tied around a #80 drill bit with double overhand knots. To keep the "chain" fairly straight I tied a second piece of thread to the first loop tied, after removing the drill bit from the hole in an 9" long piece of wood, then passing this second thread through a rubber band tightly wrapped around the far end of the wood. Before each new double knot was added, the second line was pulled slightly, so that as the first knot was tied to the next knot it would pull the second line, keeping the knots tied opposite each other to keep the chain straight. As each double knot was tied, the bit was removed from the hole in the wood, and the whole thing repeated endlessly.
    Second photo shows the completed forecastle area, with everything permanently in place. I also wanted to share that I found some really nice, super fine, fly tying thread. It is labeled and sold as 20 DEN line, and is finer than a human hair. I've used 8/0, 10/0 and 12/0 threads, but they are nearly identical in overall size, but this 20 DEN stuff is a lot smaller/thinner. According to the info at the J. Stockard fly tying company online this line is equivalent to 19/0 thread. It is quite a bit weaker than the other threads mentioned, but works great for wrapping.
    Anchor's A Weigh!
    John Fox III

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    JesseLee got a reaction from Lboro in Diorama "The Old Man and The Sea" in bottle. Scale 1/72   
    Wow, how on earth do you make such small things?!?!
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    JesseLee reacted to Jeff B in Jeff bs build #3.   
    The hard part is done!

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    JesseLee reacted to Jeff B in Jeff bs build #3.   
    After looking at Dsiemens, and Exwafoos Ratline jigs, I made one too. Started out with holes, but the lines are crooked. Notches in the side worked out better. Thread locked into position with super glue.

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    JesseLee reacted to IgorSky in Boat with pirates in bottle by IgorSky - LAK-Design - 1/72 scale   
    So, I put a cork in the bottle's throat. Now this job is complete ..