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  1. I love it! These boats have a very distinctive look. Looks great in a bottle!
  2. JesseLee

    CSS Alabama

    Most people don't know this but the First National had 7 stars for only A few months. AS the other States joined another star was added until there were 13 stars which is the way it was from Dec. 1861 until it was changed to the 2nd National design on May 1st 1863. She would have had the 13 star version until the second was adopted. Here's a link to Wikipedia about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flags_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America Jesse
  3. JesseLee

    CSS Alabama

    I have always wanted to do this one
  4. Welcome oldflyer, this is a great group of people to learn from!
  5. People don't understand how we do all the rigging a nd detail on wood sail ships but I am always amazed at how some of you can do all the mini detail on the metal warships. I just cant do that! Jesse
  6. JesseLee

    Hello from WV

    Welcome to the group Rick!
  7. I collect stamps. I always like to see the ones with ships on them!
  8. Cool! I'm gonna love seeing this one!
  9. Didn't mean you Bob, maybe I'm wrong about the Nationality but it was someone who was very harsh to others about it
  10. I've read that complaint before and wondered how can anyone not at least have a pretty good idea of size by that. There is one in the UK that is almost demands that you use a pen instead of a coin. Some people are way to strict on things in their mind and need to loosen up some!
  11. Wow, that looks nice! Thanks for showing your color combinations with the clay. That will help me out on future builds (if I can ever get back to it) Jesse
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