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  1. Didn't mean you Bob, maybe I'm wrong about the Nationality but it was someone who was very harsh to others about it
  2. I've read that complaint before and wondered how can anyone not at least have a pretty good idea of size by that. There is one in the UK that is almost demands that you use a pen instead of a coin. Some people are way to strict on things in their mind and need to loosen up some!
  3. Wow, that looks nice! Thanks for showing your color combinations with the clay. That will help me out on future builds (if I can ever get back to it) Jesse
  4. This was my first SIB build back in the early 1980s. I had no SIB skills and I call it my Shipwreck-in-a-bottle. I still have it. Jesse
  5. Welcome over here Carl! We are a smaller group but a really good one. Jesse
  6. How do you pour the sea in without getting it on the boat in such tight quarters? Jesse
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