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  1. How do you pour the sea in without getting it on the boat in such tight quarters? Jesse
  2. I've never seen a plastic ship in a bottle. Was this a kit of some kind? Jesse
  3. Wow, I want one of them!
  4. I like the idea, I am a big Star Trek fan. I have wondered about this before but never spoke about it to anyone. I thought I saw a picture of one online one time during one of my endless searches for something and getting sidetracked at other things I see. I sort of skimmed by it because I figured it was photo-shopped or something. I hope you can figure it out because I would love to see this! Jesse
  5. Welcome Hafid! This a great group of people, feel free to ask all you need to. Jesse
  6. Welcome Bob! Jesse
  7. JesseLee

    Newly hooked

    Welcome Garry!
  8. I would suggest gluing black thread or cut cotton strips. You can get different size threads or if even a larger thread is not wide enough you can cut strips of black paper. There is also modeling pinstripe tape. Jesse
  9. Wow! This is really looking great! Jesse
  10. JesseLee


    Welcome tunatuna. This is a great group of people to be part of. Hope you plan on doing a build log when you start. Jesse
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