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  1. Wow, that looks nice! Thanks for showing your color combinations with the clay. That will help me out on future builds (if I can ever get back to it) Jesse
  2. This was my first SIB build back in the early 1980s. I had no SIB skills and I call it my Shipwreck-in-a-bottle. I still have it. Jesse
  3. Welcome over here Carl! We are a smaller group but a really good one. Jesse
  4. How do you pour the sea in without getting it on the boat in such tight quarters? Jesse
  5. I've never seen a plastic ship in a bottle. Was this a kit of some kind? Jesse
  6. Wow, I want one of them!
  7. I like the idea, I am a big Star Trek fan. I have wondered about this before but never spoke about it to anyone. I thought I saw a picture of one online one time during one of my endless searches for something and getting sidetracked at other things I see. I sort of skimmed by it because I figured it was photo-shopped or something. I hope you can figure it out because I would love to see this! Jesse
  8. Welcome Hafid! This a great group of people, feel free to ask all you need to. Jesse
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