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  1. Pirate type Galleon

    Heres one of my very early pirate ship builds. You can see the split at the channel. Once in it looks like a solid piece. This is what makes ships in bottles magical. Your on the right track with it. Keep it up.
  2. Pirate type Galleon

    Good find. This ship looks like a lot of fun. The height of the hull could be an issue. There's ways to get around that but you'll have to plan that right away in this build. The most common method is splitting the hull. For ships like this where it appears your doing the whole ship I'd split it either right at the channel or at the waterline. The reason for that is you can use the channel or the waterline to hide the split. For a waterline split I would paint the bottom half white up to the split. The reason for this is old ships up to the 1750's were sealed bellow the water line with whalefat and tallow. The mixture would appear white. They did this up to the waterline. Later ships had copper plating which was more expensive but made for faster ships. If you decide to split thw hull now is the time. Its easier to work with a split hull from the beginning rather than cut a nice looking ship later. Once you have the two pieces put a two pegs one one side and holes for the pegs on the other. This will help the piece come together exactly where you want it in the bottle.
  3. Ship in bottle Valuation

    Thanks for sharing this. I do like the knot work. Repairing ships in bottles seems like a tough job particularly if you leave the ship in the bottle. Great work getting her sailing again.
  4. Newly addicted

    Wow. That looks great! I better get move on so you can finish. Yeah the same principles apply to any scratch build. You got the process down. From here you can build anything. Let me know if I can improve my instructions any.
  5. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    Jeff - It appears our website host makes setting up an association section incredibly easy. If you look in the main bar there is now a tab called Clubs. Right now anyone can set up a club. You can make clubs public private or a few options in between. I have set it so that clubs need to be verified before they are set up. I'd like to test the club option out and see if it meet's out needs. If it doesn't there is another option where I could set up a separate forum I'd create a group for the individuals within the association. Individuals in the association would be able to see and access the forum and those not in the association would not see it. I'd like to try the club option first since it appears to be more stream lined.
  6. Ship in bottle Valuation

    Yeah it is one of those rules like I have for dating ships based on sails. Most I've seen Prior to 1915ish don't have sails. It doesn't mean they wouldn't but it makes good general rule. SIBs like the Giovani Biondo models are a good example of an exception to my sail observation. Those sibs are an exception in and of themselves though. I need to look more into the bone models. Other than being made by POWs I don't know their history. I've seen some exquisite examples and it made me wonder how pows would have had access to the tools required.
  7. Ship in Bottle info Request

    I don't think theres anything distinguishing enough on this paticular one to tell if it was any paticular ship. If it had a name on the side, figurehead, or company flag on the topmast I think we could figure something out but as is its a black clipper ship from Germany. It could be one of hundreds.
  8. Ship in Bottle info Request

    Sounds like my bottle research was on point. Though my flag research wasn't quiet right. Good call on the black instead of blue.
  9. Ship in Bottle info Request

    Here's what I have figured so far. The bottle doesn't appear to have seems but does have some rings that indicate it was made using a turn mold. I would date the bottle at somewhere between 1880 and 1915. Also that appears to be a Russian flag that was used prior to 1917. Any one else notice anything that would give more information on this ships background?
  10. I recieved a message from some one seeking information on a ship in bottle. The photos are below.
  11. Ship in bottle Valuation

    I met someone a while ago that had this ship in bottle. He said the previous owner claimed it was made by a prisoner of war in Canada. It does have the screw top though.
  12. Newly addicted

    Go for it. I made that build log specifically for beginners to follow.
  13. Newly addicted

    You can get most things at stores like hobby lobby and Michaels. Hobby town will have the green mats. They are nice but not really needed its more a preference. I used a tv table in a closet for a while and did just fine. As far as materials. Bass wood is a good place to start. I also like bamboo for masts, yards and bowsprits. Just get skewers from the grocery store. I like fly tying thread for rigging. It doesn't stetch so the mast rake stays where you want it. I use paper for sails. Nothing special printer paper works fine. As far as bottles do two things, look every where, thrift stores, antique shops, grocery stores, hobby stores. Just keep an eye out. Second tell people you build ships in bottles. You don't even have to tell them your looking for bottles. Just say you build and theyll send tons of bottles your way. It's a funny phenomenon but it works out.
  14. My first SIB: Dimond

    I think they look just right. The more that goes on the more these ships come alive. Thats one of the funnest parts. Not sure why I hadnt noticed the anchors before. They look great!
  15. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    I have a donation bar. Maybe I need to make it bigger. Many have donated and its been incredibly helpful. I appreciate every one being a part of of our little community of ship builders. I have a thought that would make me feel more comfortable payment wise. I'm pretty sure I can make exclusive pages within this forum. I'll have to look into it but if I can what we could do is basically rent website space to associations. That means we can post the newsletters and articles online, as well as other exclusive content that can be accessed by that associations members. I would just grant special access to that section of the forum. If this is possible I'd be happy to set it up for any association that would like it. This would mean people could join associations and get exclusive content within Bottled Ship Builder based on whichever association they were a part of.