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  1. DSiemens

    SIB Favorites

    Thats a good method to use. When I started out I had a list of ship in bottle builders that I thought did great in each aspect of the ship and sea. I had a person for decks, a person for hulls, a person for sails a person for seas. When I got to those part I'd pour through photographs trying to find what made that part unique compared to other builders. If needed I asked the builder their method directly. Most ship in bottle builders are happy to share. Also as a hint on seas look up Heather Rogers build of the Kalmar Nykel and Fogel Grip. The sea in that bottle doesn't seem to stop moving.
  2. Fantastic work. I love the weathering on the boat. The whole thing is super realistic. I need to read this book again. I remember reading it in high school. My class mates didn't think much of it but I really enjoyed it.
  3. DSiemens

    SIB Favorites

    I can see why you like that one. There's an elegance about simple ships. It's why sloops are my favorite. This ship in bottle is more than just a simple ship though it has the full scene. The trees and the light house fill up the empty spaces. A great ship in bottle like this one is half modeling and half painting a picture. Look up Gerard Aubrey on www.folkartinbottles.com. He is a master at ship in bottle scenery.
  4. DSiemens

    Pirate type Galleon

    That looks fantastic and she's fitting in the bottle. Great work!
  5. DSiemens

    Started build no.2

    Nicely done. That is not easy to do.
  6. DSiemens

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Do youbwant me to move this to the build log thread? You've got the start of good log here.
  7. DSiemens

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Those bottles are tough. Ive broken a lot of them. I need to invest in acid and a diamond bit and see how that works.
  8. DSiemens

    Repairs inside the bottle

    Thats impresive work in the bottle. The wire was a good idea. I like the tool idea too. Its hard so get a tool long and thin enough that will hold something until a piece is in place. Adding a bit of cardstock to the end of a wire looks like it works well.
  9. DSiemens

    My first SIB: Dimond

    Beautifully done. Great work! The stand and turks head adds to the whole piece.
  10. DSiemens

    My first SIB: Dimond

    That looks fantastic! Seriously great job. I love how the lines came out nice and tight and how neat the deck furniture and paint work is. Its really is a great looking ship.
  11. DSiemens

    CA Glue incident

    Here I was thinking you had a really bad experience with CA glue. Nope, you have had a lot of experience with eyes. I'm curious is there any tools from the eye profession you use for ship in bottle building?
  12. DSiemens

    Ahoy shipmates!

    Welcome. That's a great first ship.
  13. DSiemens


    Welcome. Beautiful work.
  14. DSiemens

    My first SIB: Dimond

    It's so close! Be careful at this part. I get this close and I get in a rush. Bad things happen when you rush.
  15. DSiemens

    How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    The planking method works well and I think it looks good. I cut some paper at 1.5 mm stained it with golden oak and glued it in place. I started from the outside edges and worked in. I also stained the hull with golden oak. From there I did the windows. One of the best ways to do windows is to print off windows from plans and glue them onto the model. My printers down at the moment so I hand drew some windows. I took a darker stain and stained a strip of paper for the door.