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  1. The longer a wine that has the right ingredients

    This is great information on wine. You have a real expertise on it. However since it is wine related instead of ship in bottle related I moved it to the off topic section. It was a close call ships in bottles and wine are very closley related.
  2. MOVED from - RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    Just a small update. Had to figure some things out with the PayPal process but thats all good and the donation button is working great. A big thanks to all those that have donated. We have enough now to keep the site going for the next few months. Thank you every one! Also a big thanks to those that have added to their build logs. Its been an active last week or so. You all are awesome.
  3. Black Pearl

    Fantastic work. I love how detailed you made it. By far the beat Black Pearl I've seen at this scale.
  4. How to do water

    There is a ton of different techniques. My personal favorite is plastaline clay. Its oil base so it stays maliable and melts at 150 fahrenheit. I roll it out and cut a piece to go into the bottle then carfully roll it so it doesnt stick together and get it in. From there I separate it and use long wires to flatten it in the bottom of the bottle and shape waves. Once its in place I'll hold the bottle a burner on the stove for about ten to twenty seconds. Just enough so the plastaline at the bottom next to the glass melts. Then let it set and cool for a little while. Once cool the sea stays in place. You can add wakes by either painting or using white plataline clay and pushing it into place. What I like about it is its less messy than putty with paint in it. Plumbers putty is also good. I've seen great things done with resin but I've never tried it.
  5. Hello from Southern Finland

    Welcome. Great work!
  6. Pirate Ship Scavenger

    Discovered a new technique that will help get this ship into the bottle. Rigging made from paint brush bristles stays straight even it it's not glued on both ends. Using that I should be able to put masts in one at a time. Still working out the running rigging but it should work.
  7. Constitutionen

    Your off to a good start. I'm sure you'll get her in. The split hull idea will help a lot.
  8. MOVED from - RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    I got the button set up. It's right on the home page. The donate button will take you through paypal where you can donate to the site. All funds will be used for the monthly costs of the site. Donations are voluntary. I will never set up a monthly subscription or membership fee. Our knowledge needs to be shared with all who want to learn for free. Thank you all for your support. Whether it's donations or content I appreciate you taking the time to be a part of this community. We will continue to bring the fun of ship modeling to all who want to learn. In figuring this out I found another fun tool. The home page will now have five random pictures from the gallery. It's fun seeing every ones work so I thought this added feature would be good to have. Other than that it's winter time lets get some build logs going.
  9. Constitutionen

    Great looking ship. Can't wait to see more.
  10. Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

    Looks incredible. Shes going to be awesome in a bottle.
  11. USS Constitution 1:1800

    This was a quick build I did for a friend if mine. He had been building a Blue Jacket Constitution for the past 30 years and recently completed it. He asked for a mini sib to present to his wife at his unveiling party. The ship is 2 inches long.
  12. MOVED from - RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    Just an updated you every one knows where this is at. First the sites not going any where any time soon. I'm intrigued by the idea of free forum services but at the same time I don't know what it would take to move all of the information. For now I'm looking into a way to add a PayPal button to make donations easy. I really appreciate all of your support in that direction. Once I have that running its my pledge that all donations go directly to maintaining the forum. Taking on this forum has never been about money. Its been about keeping this craft alive. That will always be the goal. I will say too be patient with me. I'm working on a masters degree on top of full time work and family. I appologize if I've been rather absent lately as all of you well know thats life. Perhaps though after I get this degree and a CPA certification behind me maintaining this site won't be a problem. Here's hoping. One more note. I am not in considering moving to Facebook or Twitter. Facebook has a ship in bottle forum and honestly its great. Theres no need for another. I will be maintaining the Bottledshipbuilder page on Facebook which links back to this site. Thats as far into Facebook as this forum needs to go. This forum has a great advantage over Facebook in that the information can be archived. As one who has scrolled for a half hour to find a tidbit of burried info Facebook I can tell you archiving is a wonderful thing. Thank you all for your support. We'll be here a while yet.