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  1. Greetings All, I was just contacted by an individual whose company makes Lift Boats in Southern Louisiana. He is looking for a person to make 1:175 scale models for a customer in North Africa. Talking about 25-30 of them. Detail is needed on these commissions. Plans will be provided So what is a lift boat? It is like an oil field platform...three legs, cranes, helipad, bridge/crew quarters. Worked on some back in my younger days. If anyone is interested, just personal message me. This looks like a long time commission where good money will be made.

    Very nice model of the Bluenose. If you can find a Canadian dime, mount that on the mouth of the bottle...it has the Bluenose on the tail's side.
  3. Charles W Morgan

    Marvelous work, Frankie !. Love your display stand too. Wonderful build log. Best to you in the New Year !
  4. Cool. Like that bottle. One can do a lot with the jug container.
  5. Looks great, Daniel. Was wondering how this was going. Like your choice of bottle. Twas just too busy to work on this. Glad you could do it. Cheers, Shipmates !
  6. Thanks Daniel for the referral. Got the message on the FB business page & will call them today. Fortunately my holiday orders are nearing completion, so I could have time to work on this. Shouldn't take too long, though the bow & aft scrolls/head will have to be added after the hull is in the bottle. Shall keep you informed. Have recently completed some for the program The Magicians. Will be shown in near the end of the forthcoming 2nd season. They wanted human figures with rabbit heads on the deck & rigging. Called it the Bunny Boat. Figures were 9mm tall. Got railroad figures & rabbit figures, cut the heads off & attached, and mounted them on a topsail schooner ( Pride of Baltimore-type). The prop folks were happy with it. Cheers & thanks again.
  7. Alas, not in UK. Maybe after this mayhem election we may be moving. Just completed a two sib's project for a Canadian tv production company to be used in their series on 20-somethings in a Hogwarts-type school. ( can't say the program name yet until episode is aired. Will post photos then).
  8. Western River

    What type of bottle are you using ? Volume ? 1 liter ?
  9. Western River

    Inspiring work !!
  10. Fixing Ships in Bottles

    Yep, have had that happen. Baseball case sounds good. Also a model car case works well (found on Ebay). The bright side is that your work has integrity. "Child Tested ! "
  11. Wood Filler

    Elmer's makes a good wood filler--water based. Plastic Wood is also good. After sanding, need to seal as Alex mentions
  12. First Attempt

    Marvelous !!! High quality in your first piece, Sapper. You have an eye for detail, matey. Like your stand as well...shows your woodworking skill. Nice finish on the stand. Great work ! Looking forward to your future pieces.
  13. Sailing Stories

    A Tale of the Windfall of Ocracoke Twas 'bout a decade back when I was out on Ocracoke Island. Has been part of the sojourn after doing the sib-demo at the Beaufort Maritime Museum. Captain Rob Temple of the ol' two-masted , 55-ft on deck, schooner Windfall had asked me to help crew on a sunset cruise. Rob sails in Blackbeard's wake. A noted rumgagger...spinning yarns that have some base in history, though otherwise...just a good tale. With 20 passengers for the sunset cruise, we left Silver Lake Harbor with about 15-18 knot winds. After clearing the habor ditch channel and getting out into the Palmico Sound, which took about 3 of his tales, he asked if anyone wanted to take the wheel. Knowing his public relations and wanting repeat customers, Rob often invites folks to handle the Windfall. Tis a great photo op as well. Up steps a lad...about 11 years old...clad in pirate tricone hat, eye patch, and red sash about his waist. Capt'n Rob directs him to the helm where the lad grabs the spokes. Starboard tack with a freshing breeze off the Atlantic. Foreseeing a need to adjust course for the increasing winds, Capt'n Rob tells the lad to turn the wheel to the left. The youth raised his arm and spun the wheel with all his weight. Twas a sudden hard port turn that sent booms crashing to the other side and passengers clammering for a foothold. Rob grabbed the wheel while I quickly moved to unbelayed the sheets. With the lad's photo op completed, his parents returned him to their spot at the forward hatch. I passed out drinks for those who wanted. Returning to the helm where Capt'n Rob was inspecting the wheel, we planned two more tacks in the Sound then to head back. Took Rob about a quarter of my Pyrat Rum bottle to settle down back in port. With each swig, he mentioned something about "that darn kid!"
  14. U.S. Frigate Constitution, 1812

    What ?...no beheaded Andrew Jackson figure ?
  15. Challenge - Great Lakes Schooner (1852) 1:250

    From the last line of your 1st post...does not look like you lack skill. Excellent modeling !!! Await the completion of your heirloom piece !