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  1. I have no horses in any race, and I just have to tell you-this is ship model making at it's best! If this praise sounds effusive-let it be. The fact of the matter-and I mean this in general; People in our tormented society never get compliments on a job well done; rather tearing down is the norm. Beautiful ship models are find art & this is fine art! Technical question if I may: What material did you use for the ocean & what color blue did you use? I have used Cerulian blue; that's what your ocean looks like but I am not sure if your's the same. Thanks- Cappy Anderson, York, ME And while I am at it! I just noticed the paucity of reactions to your model. May be because it's not in a bottle? To me-that's a minor detail. But it bothers me you have no praise where praise is due. What I would say to any model maker-ego or nit picking should be the lowest thing on the list. Honest criticism is always a learning moment for me, and I am also happy to share any ideas or techniques I know. Fact of the matter-there's hardly anything new under the sun and, in a creative sense, hardly anything is new-more likely it's borrowed at least in part.
  2. Excellent job! And thanks for the build log!
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