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  1. I mean the process of making the plank strips that you used on the deck and hull? J Zuch
  2. Thank you for posting these amazing photos. This like being invited to a master class of modeling. How do you make your planking? J Zuch Ontario Canada
  3. Flying Foam

    The quality of ship models in this form is truly amazing yours is one of them J Zuch
  4. Life events

    You are very lucky that no one was hurt. Fire can spread very quickly. I have been in your position and had a fire on my boat caused by a heater. The fire department was there very quickly and since I never locked the boat the damage was just to the interior. Lucky I had insurance and some good friends that stopped me from being homeless. It was close to four months before I was back on board. J Zuch
  5. Rouse Simmons- "The Christmas Tree Ship"

    The schooner name was the Lucia A Simpson built in 1879 John Zuch
  6. Rouse Simmons- "The Christmas Tree Ship"

    Very nicely done with weight restrictions. It is nice to see a Great Lakes boat being done. These ships sailed on the most dangerous waters in the world, in 450 years over 6000 ships have be wrecked on the lakes. In 1987 while living on my boat in Victoria I did a Great Lakes boat. John Zuch Courtice Ontario
  7. Light Bulb Question

    A number of years ago I did a tug and log boom in a light bulb. When I made the cut I tried to make the cut as straight as possible. I also kept the end so when I put it back together I could match the cut and solder it together again. I also did a lot of filling to hide the cut. I am doing another light bulb right now and am doing it the same way. John Zuch Courtice Ontario