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  1. Newly addicted

    My first one, started in about 2002, is still is not in the bottle. Its been in, shipwrecked, out again, repaired, modified, dropped, masts broken, more repairs and modifications, still undergoing a refit, but will be in the bottle soon because there isn't much wood left under the paint. All a learning curve as you develop your own techniques. Welcome Alan
  2. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    Can I add a couple of points ref a magazine? EASIB publishes a quarterly magazine. I know the editor sometimes has difficulty in obtaining enough material, some times he has too much. It also takes a fair bit of time to produce, so think hard about a monthly mag , it may be a step too far to start with. Later on, if there is enough material, then go for it. I also know that producing and posting the hard copy takes up most of the annual subs. Soft copy is good, most people can print it out these days if they wish. But its still nice when the mag drops through the letterbox. Alan
  3. The Art of "Ship in a Bottle" California Gold

    CharlieB, Just spotted your location. In 2001 and 2002 I spent a fair bit of time in Philadelphia on business. I visited a museum on the water front. There was a submarine open and a 4 master that wasn't, the museum had a number of SIBs on display, one of which I think was made from bone. Worth having a look if its all still there. Alan
  4. The Art of "Ship in a Bottle" California Gold

    Thanks for the link. An enjoyable watch. Alan
  5. EASB membership

    Hi Madog, I'm the Archivist for EASIB. Yes, its worth it. Some back issues of the magazine are available, I'm scanning in all I can lay hands on so that there will be a digital record available for members. If you think about it, most glossy mags cost about £4 to £5 an issue. so the fees are a good deal for 4 issues. The bi-annual convention is worth coming to as well if you can. Welcome aboard. Alan
  6. Constitutionen

    Some nice work there Alan
  7. New Guy

    Hi All, I'm in possession of a couple of these kits by Amati, donated to EASIB by a member who is getting too frail to continue. We will probably be offering them for sale to members via our magazine in the first instance. Of course, I had to have a look at the contents and instructions. The hull is built of of a series of laser cut laminations, then sanded smooth. The photoetched parts are all nice and crisp. As has been pointed out, the masts are 2D photoetched. But it is a reasonable bottle, clear and with a good size neck for a beginner. The finished article looks ok in the pictures. There is also a tool for holding the SIB in the bottle - it looks a bit like one of the small hacksaws that are made from bent steel, but shaped to one side of the hull profile at the waterline, with thread completing the 'loop' to hold the SIB in place. I'm thinking of using the method in future - all ideas and techniques should be shared. Hope you have fun making it. Alan
  8. Black Pearl

    Forgot to say, complex styrene shapes can be cut by using a thin nylon thread in place of a sawblade. The friction melts the styrene. Usful for cutting out small gingerbread type pieces. Just keep the thread under tension, eg, replace the blade in a small coping saw or similar with a piece of thread. Alan
  9. Black Pearl

    A swift update. The Pearl went into the bottle before Christmas, but it transpired that the Kracken was lurking and it got the mainmast. Actually, the hinge tenon split, not the hinge pin breaking as one would expect in a break. I couldn't fix it in the bottle, so out it came, incurring a bit more damage as SIBs are designed for one way transit through a bottle neck. Anyway, repairs made, SIB relaunched into the bottle and pieces assembled. I'm just having the devils own job getting the port main topmast backstays in place as the lines have developed a twist that is making me scratch my head a bit. I'm also waiting for a nice bright weekend as black rigging on a black hull, masts and yards is hard to see. I'll post again when done. Soon, hopefully. Best to all Alan
  10. How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    Hi Dan, Good idea. MS Powerpoint is useful for shrinking/growing scans or photos. It has a facility where you can turn a colour transparent (eg, the white background of a page) so that one can be superimposed on another if need be. Also the drawing package is usable and you can get good results with a bit of practice. Although we are officially metric, a lot of people (especially us older ones) still talk in 'real' measures like pints and feet and inches from the good old imperial system, and end up being bilingual in weights and measures. Alan
  11. LEGO SIB

    Oh Dear! https://shop.lego.com/en-GB/Ship-in-a-Bottle-21313?CMP=EMC-VIP2018_02_01_EXC_SIB_R_UK&HQS=Hero_B_CTA_EU_EN&RMID=VIP_2018_02_01_EXC_EMEA_Ship_In_A_Bottle&RRID=7561981002 Alan
  12. Hello from AZ

    Glad you got it sorted out - I can't claim credit for this - it was one of my contacts in EASIB who spotted the seam - I've passed on your comments Alan
  13. Hello from AZ

    Is that band round the bottle hiding a join in the glass? if you look closely, it looks like a line. If so, it may be possible to to undo it and get in that way. Alan
  14. DRAGEN

    Ioan, Been there as well. I took the chance to rectify a couple of 'not really rights' during the rebuild. You will get there. Alan
  15. Tiny deadeyes

    Thanks for the explanation Bob. Similar to one I found in an old copy of Model Shipwright where the wire dead eyes are threaded onto one of the shrouds, positioned, and the 'loops' are then filled in with coloured glue, not covered with paper circles, which is a grand idea. Going to be a good looking model. Alan