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  1. qwerty2008

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    I just got back from Seattle and thought that I would post some videos I made while I was there. https://youtu.be/xG8TDN8ecQo https://youtu.be/C_UqYQT3_X0 Lextin.
  2. qwerty2008

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    I will be going to Seattle for a week, which for me is a big deal for me as I have only left California once before in my life. Also this will be my first time on a plane so it should be interesting. Lextin.
  3. My anthill casting is now working good, these are my latest pieces. Lextin.
  4. The scissors came out of necessitate as the #11 blade on a stick didn't work in some places. I have also taped tweezers to the hemostats to extend there reach. Lextin.
  5. And last but not least, the going away pictures. Lextin.
  6. Originally posted Apr: 27 2014 I added the finishing touches to the Black Pearl and they made all the difference as the model now looks rather nice just as long as you don't look to closely. I will still finish the second one but I think that this one will be the getting a new home after all. Lextin.
  7. Originally posted Apr: 14 2014 I got it in the bottle but it didn't turn out to well, the main mast is skewed off at a weird angle, the sails are crooked, the shrouds are loose and to make matters worse I found that the inside of the bottle is severely scratched presumably from the last time I cleaned the bottle. I may end up restarting in a new bottle and make the model smaller so that it will be easier to get inside the bottle. Here are some of the tools I used to bottle the model. Not shown are some aluminium rods that I bent into shapes to press the model into the clay also not shown are my CA applicators which are basically bamboo skewers with a thin wire with a loop attached to one end. Lextin.
  8. Originally posted Apr: 12 2014 It is ready to bottle. I decided to run only an outer jib as far as staysails go and to treat the aft upper works as if it were its own model and will assemble it in the bottle first then set it at the back of the bottle while I assemble the rest of the model. The port side shrouds are a little wonky but its to late to fix them. Lextin.
  9. Originally posted Apr: 3 2014 I made Both tp'galant sails today as well as the flag which was printed on a piece of paper then the two sides were cut out and glued together back to back. Lextin.
  10. Originally posted Apr: 2 2014 Today I made the fore course, the fore topsail and the main topsail. All that's left is the mizzen topsail, the main topgallant and the fore topgallant then the various stay sails and the jibs. Lextin.
  11. Originally posted Apr: 1 2014 Today I made the main and fore topmast, I also made the main course. the tops make it a tight squeeze to get it in the bottle but it still fits. Lextin.
  12. Originally posted Mar: 30 2014 I got the clay for the sea and added it to the bottle then did a test fit of the hull. I also made the mizzen topmast and lateen sail. Lextin.
  13. Originally posted Mar: 25 2014 I made the beakhead railing, figurehead and the stern lanterns. The figurehead is made from two card cutouts glued together in a V shape with the open end of the V around the stem, the railings are strips of card shaped then soaked in CA to harden them and the stern lanterns are made from bamboo skewers and are placed lower than they should be, so they wont block the piece from fitting through the neck of the bottle. Lextin.
  14. This is my rather pathetic attempt at 'Anthill Art'. After spending an hour and a half melting down about 10 pounds of aluminium I got this. Lextin.
  15. @ Chasseur: Its from 'The Edge Chronicles series' by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. I recognize you to, I follow your Preussen Clipper build back at MSW. Lextin.
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