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  1. Bernard Kelly

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Very nicely done John. The chain looks really good. It must have been very time consuming. Bernard
  2. Bernard Kelly

    Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

    Very nice Igor. Excellent detail and the sea is very watery looking. Great. Bernard
  3. Bernard Kelly

    Newly hooked

    Nice looking models Garry.
  4. Bernard Kelly

    Bottled Ship Wright Journal

    Great job Jeff. I have really enjoyed reading this first edition of the Bottleshipwright newsletter. I am looking forward to the next one already. I am sure I speak on behalf of many members of this forum when I say....Thank you for your efforts and the time you have put into this. I am sure the following editions will be just as absorbing. Again many thanks. Bernard
  5. Bernard Kelly

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    As someone who has always struggled with sails they really impress me. A great idea and well worth the time and effort. Brilliant as ever John. Bernard
  6. Bernard Kelly

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Very nice James. Looks like she is really rolling to the waves.
  7. Bernard Kelly

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Looking good James. A fair replica too. Just like I remember her. Bernard
  8. Bernard Kelly

    Bottle selection.

    When I find a bottle, I usually wash it out then insert a length of dowel into it, turn the bottle and see what the distortion is like all round. If I think it is too much I discard the bottle and try another one. I like a bit of distortion myself because of, as you say, the antique feel. Some modellers use medical flasks because they are flawless. The trouble is unless you are making the model on commission, and can factor the cost into the price of the model, they work out very expensive. Bernard
  9. Bernard Kelly

    HMS Gannet

    Very nice Onni. I have followed this build with great interest. Bernard
  10. Bernard Kelly

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Fantastic detail as usual John. This ship looks really good now. I can only imagine what she will look like when complete. The wheel and windlasses are a work of art in themselves. Looking forward to further posts on your progress. Bernard
  11. Bernard Kelly

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Hi James Would this be the Phoenix that is usually in the dock at Charlestown, St Austell, Cornwall? I went aboard her when my brother lived down there. She is a fine ship and I wish you well in modelling her.
  12. Bernard Kelly

    Permission to come aboard!

    Hi Lou and welcome. One of my favourite sanding implements is a cheap plastic toothbrush. Cut the bristles off and file down the bristle end to any shape you want and then stick your sandpaper to it. With certain types of plastic you can heat it up (I usually use boiling water) and bend it to various angles. Finding that type of plastic has been pot luck for me. Enjoy your modelling. Bernard
  13. Bernard Kelly

    Permission to come aboard?

    Welcome Jeff. Hope you enjoy this site. There are some really good modellers on here. You will learn a lot from them. Bernard
  14. Very nice work Igor. My congratulations on achieving such a high standard at such small sizes. Bernard
  15. Bernard Kelly


    This is a great website for knots..............http://www.animatedknots.com/ I have been doing turks head knots for about 45 years. Once you get used to doing them it comes pretty easy. I find that doing them around the first two fingers of me left hand is the best way for me. Then I tighten them up when on the bottle.