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  1. Lovely model Joe. Looks really authentic. I once made a model of HMS Belfast in her dazzle paint. It was a kit and I found the result very satisfying, especially the dazzle effect.
  2. Very nice James. I love the colours and the sails look really good.
  3. Bernard Kelly


    Nice work Onni. Always a pleasure to see your models. Bernard
  4. Fantastic Joe, Great detail at such a small scale. Bernard
  5. Hi Bruce I remember once trying to make my putty a little less sloppy so I added fine sawdust. This could be what is making the sea look grainy. It seemed to harden the putty faster too.
  6. I always used plumbers putty at first. I tried plasticine some time later and found it to be a lot less messy. I remember as a kid in the early fifties we had plasticine, I am not sure what the old sailors used but i should think it was a kind of plumbers putty. I cannot remember the ingredients exactly but I once looked up making plumbers putty and it is quite easy if you can get the ingredients, mainly linseed oil. I should think that the old sailors had access to something like that. Bernard
  7. When I first started making ships in bottles some 47 years ago, the lines under the hull was the method I used. Normally I would cut them off and push the ends into the putty or plasticine sea. In some of my later models i started running the lines through a short very thin plastic tube glued into a groove in the bottom of the hull. Later still I found the best way was to run the lines out through holes in the deck and then disguise them, as mentioned, with hatches and other kinds of deck furniture.
  8. Nice work Micky K. Sorry about your eyes. I hope the procedure goes well, i have the same problem and have not made a model for a while. I am hoping to get mine done sometime later this year.
  9. Looking good Tazam. Hope it all turned out ok.
  10. Brilliant as always John. That is a really good looking ship and the bottle is just the one for this model. Fantastic detail and a very good way of inserting the ship.
  11. I once had that problem but if they are not too tight, and well over size, you can wipe them with a little vaseline petroleum jelly. A cotton bud on a wire will clean up any residue after and any on the bottle. If you have space on the channels themselves you could sand them down a little and then touch them up with paint.
  12. Hi Bruce and welcome. A method I use with plastiline is to form the hull as if you were going to make a full hulled model but the bottom part is only about 1/8th of an inch thick. It attaches to the upper hull with the two pin method normally used for a full hull. I then stick the bottom to the inside of the bottle with an epoxy and when set place the plastiline around it and form my sea. I then find that when I glue the top to the bottom piece that it is very rigid and well secured. I sometimes use the bottom of the base to put the name of the ship on. If I do it along the edge I can put the epoxy in the middle and it does not cover the name. I then usually stand the bottle on it´s end with a wad of tissue in the neck to dry out. I usually leave it a couple of days and then insert the rest of the ship into the bottle.
  13. Fantastic detail Igor. I love the rope work on the bottles and the little wicker basket looks great. Bernard
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