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  1. New Year Greetings

    Best wishes to everyone.
  2. Schooner Edwin - my first SIB

    Nice ship Capten. Well done. The last time I was in Porthmadog was thirty years ago. I remember going on board an old schooner that was used to carry slate down to Bristol and other ports. She was part of a museum exhibition at the time. Is this the same schooner?
  3. Paint on glass bottle

    I have used both oil based paint and acrylic. I find the oil based slightly better but it can take a good while to dry off. Also it can leave an oily residue if you try to dry it quickly (in the sun or by a heater). The only real problem with acrylic is that it can scratch off if you catch some part of the ship on it. The bottles must be very clean and dry. I normally use a vinegar and water mix to clean the glass. Ammonia and water will also work. Just a small amount of either in water will do the trick. Thinning of both of these types of paint may be necessary. The antique models usually have the old rubber based paint on them. Good luck with your experiments. Let us know the results please. Bernard
  4. MOVED from - RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    I, like Jesse Lee, have not started a model for quite some time. This is due to ill health. I am on the forum seeing what others are doing everyday and look forward to seeing the photos and build logs. This is a very good group with some excellent builds and good advice and tips. I hope that it carries on.
  5. Schooner AMERICA Scale ̴ 1/800

    Hi Igor. Yes. Those are the ones I meant.
  6. Schooner AMERICA Scale ̴ 1/800

    Exceptional work Igor. I am particularly taken with the metal ends for the yards and gaffs. Could you please explain how you made them. Well done. Bernard
  7. Iron-hulled wool clipper

    Fantastic work Bob.
  8. Western River

    Very nice work Artur. I have followed the build from the beginning and I am very impressed. Bernard
  9. Port of Gdansk

    Very nice Roger I made one with the waterfront of Riga as the background. I copied the buildings from a chocolate bar wrapper that my Latvian friend had brought back for me. It is in my gallery. Bernard
  10. East African 1895

    Hi Bob "It will be in a dispaly case rather than a bottle! Bottled models are rather too difficult for me! :o" I am sure that with your skills you would be more than capable of managing a SIB. However, I am a firm believer in doing what suits you best and your models attest to you being very good at what you do. I am sure this will be a fine model as are all the others you have shown on this forum. Bernard.
  11. Persian Empire 100ft to 1 in

    Hi Bob Very nice model. I remember a late friend of mine showing me a photo of one of the old steel clippers that his great grandfather had served on. Although it was a black and white picture he had been told by his grandfather that the hull was a dark shade of pink. Apparently whilst undergoing repairs in a distant dockyard they decided to paint the hull as it was in a very rusty state. The only paint on offer was white of maroon. There was not sufficient of either, so they mixed it together. Hence a pink hull.
  12. Life events

    Just glad you and your family are safe Jesse. I hope things work out and you are not too inconvenienced. Bernard
  13. What's on your workbench?

    Hi Igor Not sure just yet. But the type of bottles I can get it will be wider than the bottle neck opening.
  14. Question about putty as sea material

    Hi Tom I soldered the handle of a spoon to a steel rod. The end makes really good waves. You can also smooth out the putty if the waves are a little high.
  15. What's on your workbench?

    Thanks Gwyl. That is worth thinking about. I thought I could easily hide the join down the length of the superstructure because the deck is painted green. It is the front of the bridge that concerns me. Doing it across the width could be a better option. Until I can draw up the plans I will not be too sure. I am trying to get hold of a set of plans from the company that now owns the ship but they have so far only been able to offer me a very basic plan and side elevation of the ship. She is at present being restored in Santa Cruz harbour, Tenerife.