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  1. The entire ship looks great! What spacing did you use when you lined the sails? Thanks
  2. CharlieB

    HMS Terror

    Re:: your styrene bulwarks, what thickness did you use?
  3. CharlieB

    HMS Terror

    Looks like you're off to a great start.
  4. DSiemens Thanks for the reply.
  5. DSiemens on page 1 of your tutorial, you mention about breaking the grain using a pair of tweezers. Wouldn't this leave a mark on both sides of the bulwarks? Could you possibly post a picture of tis procedure? Thanks...Charlie
  6. Just read the first issue/ Congratulations on a job well done.
  7. CharlieB

    Newly hooked

    Really nicely done. Welcome aboard.
  8. Your build is really looking great.
  9. CharlieB


    Welcome aboard. Charlie
  10. Welcome aboard. I did the Simple Simon about 2 years ago but made the mast taller than the height of the bottle.. Found this out after it was glue in the bottle.
  11. Thanks for this undertaking. Looking forward to your first newsletter.
  12. Thanks for the reply to my question on attaching your spars.
  13. What did you use to attach the spars to the masts? Your build look great. looking forward to seeing it bottled.
  14. Really a great jog. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I want to take the time to wish all members a Happy and Healthy New Year. Save those empty bottles from celebrating for new projects. CharlieB
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