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  1. Ship in Bottle Club

    Sounds good, I'm in.
  2. The Art of "Ship in a Bottle" California Gold

    Enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing the link.
  3. My first SIB: Dimond

    Really a great jog. Thanks for sharing.
  4. New Year Greetings

    I want to take the time to wish all members a Happy and Healthy New Year. Save those empty bottles from celebrating for new projects. CharlieB
  5. New Guy

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Schooner Edwin - my first SIB

    Good looking build.
  7. New and ready to learn

  8. Amateur and aged says 'hello

    Welcome aboard!
  9. my first ship in a bottle

    Great job!
  10. Hello!

    Welcome aboard!
  11. Been working on this fishing boat fro Wm. Sherman's book. Beginner's Guide to Building Ships in Bottles, as the arthritis in my hands and finger allow. It's nearing completion and almost ready to be bottled.
  12. Schooner AMERICA Scale ̴ 1/800

    Igor, you do beautiful work. I enjoy following your builds and pictures.
  13. HI

  14. Fishing Trawler

    looks great!