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  1. Bermuda Sloop

    Nice work Daniel - beautiful!

    Nice work! Glad you were able to move on with the second bottle
  3. Black Pearl

    Beautiful work Alan. It's funny, I got a book on styrene modeling the other day and was thinking that it might be a good material for SIBs. Then today I catch up on everything I've missed the past few months and your Black Pearl uses it, and uses it very nicely. Thanks for sharing all the tips with us.
  4. Constitutionen

    Really nice work. Love the deck houses!
  5. Preussen Clipper

    Take care Chasseur - this is all a hobby and not a race. Very nice work, please share when you can. Best regards, Mike
  6. Captain Jack Sparrow arrives in Port Royal in bottle - 1:72

    Great work as always Igor. Such amazing detail at such a small scale. Very impressive!
  7. HMS Trincomalee

    Gorgeous! Very nice work!
  8. Pirate Ship Scavenger

    Very nice Daniel!
  9. Tiny deadeyes

    Wow, very nice!
  10. Greetings from Maryland

    Hey Bill, welcome aboard from your neighbor in Virginia!
  11. New Guy

    Hey Norm, I built this SIB a couple of years ago as my first SIB. It's a nice kit, but the one thing I'd point out is that the masts and spars and bowsprit are flat, brass photo-etched parts. They have pre-drilled holes which makes rigging easier, but (1) they are essentially 2-D parts, and (2) they are so thin that you need to be really careful with them. If you happen to bend them once or twice, eventually they will snap apart. That happened to my bowsprit a few times, and it was a royal pain in the you know where to fix it. I was also worried that they masts would snap during insertion and raising in the bottle, but thankfully the SIB gods took pity on me.All in all though, it's a nice kit and a nice way to start the hobby. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I put up a build log on modelshipworld.com, but don't think I put one up here. I do have pictures of it here though:
  12. 128

    Beautiful collection!
  13. USS Constitution 1:1800

    Wow, unbelievable! Very nice job!
  14. Preussen Clipper

    Sorry to be a little dense on this - but where does the line go after it exits the bottom of the upper removable section? Do you terminate it there (between the two sections), or do you run it out somewhere else? I guess what I'm asking is, you use the line the help pull the mast into position on the deck. What happens first? Do you fix the mast (and line) to the upper removable section and then glue the upper section to the lower section, or do you attach the upper section to the lower section, then tug the line to pull the mast in position (and if so, where does the line exit and how is it hidden so you don't have a stub of line protruding from the hull?