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  1. Thanks, I look forward to catching up.
  2. While I'm not new to building ships in bottles I stopped 32 years ago with the birth of my first son. It was difficult in a small home to raise a family and participate in the hobby. From 1977 - 1987 I built about 15 models of various ships but fell in love with the Baltimore Clipper and built several examples which included crew members on the deck. During that time I was a member of SIBAA and still have many of the paper newsletter volumes I received as a member along with cards from some of those early members. The highlight of that time was sending two ships to the 2nd Japanese International Ships In Bottles Exhibition. Recently some friends who knew I once built ships in bottles asked if I would consider building a few more as they were interested in having one. So I'm coming out of the retirement to build at least three maybe 4 more. Wish me luck as I now have the time to try this again even if my hands are not as steady as they once were. I moved on to furniture and box making after those days and have a shop where I can set up my projects which wasn't the case the 1970s and 80s.
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