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  1. Interesting read! Thank you for putting the efforts in to bring this information together. Mick
  2. A bit more progress, Alan, I agree, the photo etched masts look a bit odd. I'v never seen a sailing boat with flat spars. I glued some half round styrene strip to the masts, boom, gaffs and bowsprit, and painted them brown. They seem to turn out OK. Cheers Mick ps, the camera shoes up a multitude of sins!!!
  3. Hi Folks, I'm new to this forum, and also new to putting ships into bottles. I bought the Amati kit of the Hannah, and I'm battling on with it. So far, I have built the hull, it is "bread and butter" construction, all quite straight forward. sanded the hull, painted and glued on the photo-etched bulwark. I am thinking of painting the hull with West System epoxy, so as to fill the end-grain of the ply, and using West "fairing filler" to give the hull a nice smooth finish. I have had good results with full size model boats, using this method. There is an excellent set of videos by Gary Renshaw on the web, showing how to build the model, which I am using as an instruction manual! Hopefully, all the more experienced modelers out there might find it of some interest, and hopefully point me in the right direction when I get lost! I'll come back when there is a bit more progress. Cheers Mick
  4. Thank you, gentlemen. DSiemens, I will start a thread in Kit building(?), soon. Cheers Mick
  5. Hi All, As I have recently bought a SiB kit, I figured that being a member of this forum should be interesting. I've been building semi-scale, RC controlled model boats for a while, and somehow drifted into miniature Ships in Bottles, (for better or worse!) I bought the Amati "Hannah", thinking that it would be a good starting place, and I think I'm right in that respect. There are a few issues with it, but nothing that isn't surmountable. As I get on with it, I'll post a few photos. Cheers, and looking forward to meeting other members. Mick
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