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  1. Hi All, I've started on a SIB of the HMB Endeavour, which is a relatively famous ship in this part of the world. I started about a month ago, after I'd visited the replica of the ship, and taken heaps of photos. As it lives locally in Sydney harbour, it was a nice day out! So far, I've shaped the hull, carved out of some nice straight grained soft wood from an old office table, which was about 40 years old. I've also played with masts and spas, with mixed success! The hull is sliced at the waterline, and so far, I can fit it down the neck of my bottle. (Always bonus!) This build is going to take me months, as I have to learn how to do and make everything. So any comments, criticisms, pointers where I'm going wrong, etc will be more than welcome. Thanks. Mick
  2. Thank you Jeff, I thought I posted this last photo, I didn't like the supplied bottle cap either, so I replaced it with a champagne cork. Cheers Mick
  3. As they say in the classics, "What could possibly go wrong!" 😁 I hope it all goes well, and I'll be patient. And also thank you Daniel for your work in making this forum the little gem that it is! Cheers, Mick
  4. Ahhh, Life must have been so much simpler then! A computer was a wooden frame with beads, and what was a mobile phone?? Mick
  5. Great little video! Now I feel a bit saner. Cheers, Mick
  6. Thank you Bruce, I've practised those thread blocks, you can make them incredibly small, and also either upright or horizontal. I'm also heading toward the idea of no drilling of the yards, and only a minimal no. of holes in the masts. Mainly for strength purposes, and also it seems that most full size ships always used blocks, tied to the spars etc, instead of boring a hole through the mast. And I like the idea of putting the pin-drill into the big drill, that makes heaps of sense! Thank you Allan, for the link to "Mast and Rigging". I'll investigate downloading the ebook. That site might disappear, and all will be lost! either that, or I'll buy a hard copy. I will start a thread, I want to do a bit more research first. Thank you Mick.
  7. Hi All, I am in the process of starting my second SIB. I intend to use bamboo skewers for the masts and yards, etc. I can taper the masts easy enough, using a drill and sand paper, they taper from one end only. But tapering the yards, which go from big to small, from the center outwards seems to be a challenge. Apart from just sitting down and sanding them, is there an easier way to get an accurate taper on them? If I had a lathe, it would be easy, but I don't. Any thoughts or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mick
  8. Hi Bruce, I recently bought the plans for HMB Endeavour from this site. They look detailed enough for a small model. http://www.bestshipmodels.com/ Or you could have a look at, john-tom.com Cheers Mick
  9. OK! I now have a ship in a bottle! Because of the height issue, I removed my clay sea, just soaked it in water, and it eventually came away. The epoxy that held the clay in place took 10 days of soaking it acetone. Cutting the bottom of the hull off is an option if it it done before bulwarks and rigging go on, doing it afterwards I think it would be a bit of a pain! Likewise, trimming the top of the masts. I really should not have to do either. So I glued the ship directly to the glass, and then poured in the ocean. All I have to do now is make a base for it, and she can go onto the shelf. Cheers Mick
  10. There is a Ship in a bottle! More to be done!
  11. MickyK


    This is amazing, I'm looking foward to the rest of the build! Mick
  12. Looking forward to watching another build! Mick
  13. Hi All, I have a question, "Has anybody ever actually finished this kit???" I've been playing with my sea, and have come across an intriguing problem! The OD of the bottle is 90 mm, minus 2 mm? thickness of the glass, leaves 86 mm clearance inside the bottle. The ship, on it's supplied stand, is 88 mm tall. According to my calculations, it won't fit, especially using the supplied stand. My sea is about 4 mm thick, under the hull, and I don't want to find out, after I've poked Hanna through the neck, and glued her to the ocean, that the masts are too tall! At this stage, it looks as though I will have to remove my clay sea, and then do something else.(Plan C!) I'll have to ponder this!! Cheers Mick
  14. Hi, The original stand is MDF. I remade it in mahogany, then decided to place the ship in the sea. The tool supplied seems to hold the ship reasonably well. there is almost no weight in the ship, and the brass wire is quite soft and flexible, so it should be reasonably easy to poke the ship through the neck, and then drop it into the bottomless hole in the ocean. Plan A is to put some slow setting epoxy in the hole, and let the ship bed into it. Sounds easy!!!!! Mick
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