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  1. Daniel: I spent the last three days on the waves and the hull cavity. The largest amount of that time was washing away the clay that got on the bottles side. Acetone and cotton cloth. I still am going to go over all the glass again with some Windex before I put her in. This is the same Plasticine that you recommended to me and it literally melted to a liquid. The color seems to be fine though. Right now I'm in the midst of rigging her up. Hopefully she'll be bottled before the weekend is over. Regards B.
  2. So just the other day I put my bottle on the stove on the warm burner (electric stove), to melt the clay air bubbles away from the sides and bottom of the bottle. Then Like a dummy I got distracted and went to Walmart to pick up a few things. By the time I realized that I screwed up and then got home, I found my sea material all melted into a liquid. No big deal I figured. I'll just put the bottle in it's already made stand and wait for it to cool. Then start making my waves and the cavity for the hull to sit in all over again. I had decided to try an experiment and make a wave making tool using two different sized ball bearings soldered onto the ends of a piece of wire. I've been fiddling around with that tool and it seems to have some promise. Practice and time will tell. Good thing for me that I hadn't yet rigged my ship cause I need to get the hull by itself in the bottle to make it's cavity. Anyway here's a picture of what I started with this tool I made. Before this set back I was about to rig my ship cause she's already to go for that. Ya win some you loose some. Lesson learned. Never leave your bottle when it's on the stove. LOL
  3. John Fox 111: I get that about experimenting. Seems like I'm doing that a lot myself as my builds go along. I just found a way to simulate little blocks on my rigging by just tying a piece of black thread around the ends of the sheets and it looks pretty cool. On this build too, I decided to try using polystyrene on a few things .. Totally new material for me to be working with. But little by little I'm getting used to it's applications and limitations. At this point I have concluded that I need to be building ships that are five or so inches long. This little America, has been a real challenge for me because of it's tiny size. I literally made my anchors out of pieces of black thread. I don't want to build this small again. Fortunately I just found a glass artist that can blow me the bottles I need for these bigger ships I want to build. What a lucky break. An interesting side note is that I have a magnifying head set with four interchangeable lenses of increasing power that I'm wearing all the time on this build. I recently found myself in a situation of being stared at when at our local Kroger's supermarket store while shopping for dinner stuff. I forgot that the dam thing was on my head. HE HE!! Which by the way was comically compounded by the fact that I also went to the store wearing my slippers. Hysterical!! My youngest smart ass son, soon to be Dr. Foxworthy tells me that I am suffering from," Old Man Syndrome," and the only cure for me is to keep doing what I'm doing. Isn't that a hoot? Thanks for your input on my project. I appreciate it especially from the point of view that your work is so magnificent in my eyes and I hope to measure up to your prowess one of these days. Best regards Bruce
  4. Thanks Jeff: I get that. And it's nice to know that. Regards Bruce
  5. Daniel: Boy that was a sobering statement you put forward there for me, and I hope others as well will follow your drift and idea that we all make mistakes,( some of them dosieys), and we all can benefit from the resolutions we find to help us move on in the making of our ship in a bottle. Thanks Daniel. I appreciate your input very much. That said, I will continue to show my progress on America, as I go along. Good ,bad, or ugly. Regards Bruce
  6. Exwafoo: I've noticed that the hard spot you are talking about, ( I'm assuming you are using a bamboo skewer), when using a draw plate is a result of how the bamboo grows and when I come across that situation, I often times have to pick another piece of bamboo skewer and start all over again. Even though it means more work for me, cause you can't always see that that growth ring is there when you start out using the draw plate. I would rather have a nice straight mast or yard than one that has the growth ring kink on it. I'll always use whatever I got out of the draw plate somewhere down the line. Regards Bruce
  7. Thanks so much Daniel. That means a lot to me. I'm so worried that this little guy won't make it down the hole and stand up OK. I think this is the last build I'll publish as I'm going along with it. Cause who knows what will happen in the making of it. Especially because I am such a novice at all the rigging and such. Anyway thanks again. I'll keep pushing forward and hopefully their will be a nice conclusion. Best regards Bruce
  8. Well I'm making progress even though it's not much, I'm getting there little by little.
  9. Jeff: What a Wonderful Journal. Thank you for all of your efforts in producing it for us. Much appreciated!!! I think I can speak for the bulk of our forums members, that for us, what you organized and put forth in this issue is a testament of your commitment for the betterment of all of our understanding of this vast arts complexities. So thank you again, Jeff, for your undaunting tenacity in this endeavor to supply us with so many aspects of our love. We all know how much time it takes to even do this at all. Could I say more? Best regards. Bruce Foxworthy.
  10. What a wonderful presentation idea. Looks great! Congrats Bruce
  11. Hi All: Today I worked at making my sea inside the bottle and placing the hull into it. Putting the white caps around the hulls perimeter as well. Most importantly I placed the main mast into it's hole to see if it was going to crash the top of the bottles glass. It's pretty close. Fingers crossed here with the final execution, but I think I'll be alright.. You can also see in these pics that I still have to heat the bottom of the bottles glass to melt the clay and fuse it with the form of the bottle down there. I don't like bubbles and bumps down there. I like it to look uniformed and solid.Plus it seems to make the sea material anchor it's self. I also have, in these pics, a cork that I will be using and it has yet to be fitted to the taper of the bottles neck. I'll be doing that in the near future using my mini lathe, sandpaper , razor knife or whatever. I'm still having a hell of a time getting my sails and their masts and gaffs and booms working together but I'm determined to resolve these issues. Patients and time. That's what it is. Simple, right? I'm sailing on, putzing and such. Regards Bruce.
  12. Alan: Great tips. Thank you very much for that. I have this thing about not trashing books, LOL, and I've been pondering how I can capture the plans. They are as you pointed out extensive and I like that. Your approach seems very viable to me. Thanks again and regards. Bruce
  13. James: Well I think I'm going to give your sail making technique another try on my next build. I just think that the synthetic stuff I had on hand when I tried it was so thin that it couldn't help but get kinks in it when I folded it up. Can you tell me what the material is that you are using? Is it a cotton or what? Thanks Bruce
  14. Exwafoo: Yes indeed there is a wealth of information on clippers in these pages. I love the foldouts of the Loch Torrens. One of these days I'll try to copy them I certainly hope it's doable cause I wouldn't want to remove them from the book. Happy decade ๐Ÿ˜ Bruce
  15. What a skill you have with these beauties. Regards Bruce
  16. Old Flyer: Well, welcome aboard on our forum. I'm sure after you explore our place on the internet you will find out that you are among good fellows. We all have various levels of skills in model making here. The range of which represented within our pages is huge. Have any special skills that you would like to share with us? We're all ears. Come on and build with us. Best regards Bruce Foxworthy๐Ÿ˜‰
  17. The reason I'm making my sails like this again is because in the past it's worked out well for me. For whatever reason the sails will pretty much retain their shape after the trauma of getting folded and jammed down the bottles neck. Another reason I'm doing it is because some thirty years ago I made this two masted schooner that is pretty much configured like the America, and it didn't turn out too bad. Anyway I'm plugging along.
  18. So this is how I've made my fabric sail material in the distant past. A million years ago I bought a yard of this pretty sheer striped synthetic blend of fabric. Along with that I bought a yard of sizing material. It kind of looks like gauze and it's actually a kind of glue. I cut out a square piece of the fabric get it soaking wet and iron it till it is dry and wrinkle free. Then I cut a piece of sizing material that's smaller than half the size of the square piece of fabric. Then I fold the other half of the square piece of fabric over on top of the sizing. At this point I iron the two half's together. The sizing melts and bonds them with no bubbling or wrinkles. An important thing to keep in mind when doing this technique is to never let the sizing be outside the fabric. It will stick to the iron and the ironing board and you'll have a horrible mess.
  19. Thanks Daniel: Actually those thread blocks are made of wire. I used the same wire to simulate the anchor chains too. I've had to start over on my boom, gaffs and club because my first suit of sails turned out to be a horrible mess. I tried using a thin coat of PVA on the fabric which looked like it was going to be fine at first but when I folded the sails to see how they would engage the bottles opening they came out again with creases I couldn't massage away. Bummer! So I'm going to go back to the way I use to make my cloth sails and that is to double up the fabric with a piece of sizing material in between then iron the two together. I'll take pictures of this process as I do it and post it in my build log. I haven't seen anyone else on the forum make sails like this. Hopefully they'll work out again for me. I'm going to start putting my sea in the bottle today ,too. I hate doing things twice and sometimes three times but that's how I eventually get there. I just keep chipping away at it. lol. Regards Bruce. By the way Page is a little cutie.๐Ÿ˜˜
  20. Beautiful Job Spanky!!๐Ÿ˜‰
  21. I decided to give James Rodgers technique of putting a diluted coating of PVA on my sail material and see how that worked out for me . Nothing ventured nothing gained. I think his build is La Madonna or something like that in the build logs . I really should get my facts straight but I hardly have time to make this entry. Anyway I did it a little differently by taping my cloth down on top of a piece of wax paper and then brushing the glue onto it. I put it next to a heat register to dry and it kinda turned out okay I guess. I can form the shape to the sails and that seems to hold but we'll see how this whole thing progresses. Back in the day I use to fold my cloth in half with a piece of sizing material in between and then iron it. Worked out great except my sails were pretty thick which I didn't like too much. I also did some rigging on my bowsprit. More later.
  22. Hi All: Well I haven't had but bits and pieces of time to work on America lately. Seems like every other day we are off to another X-Mass gathering or party. My youngest son and his gal just got home from Chiropractic College in Georgia the other day and now my home is full again. I'm cooking for 9 and I'm loving it. Any way I decided to make the yokes for the boom and the gaffs out of polystyrene. First I measured the diameter of my masts and chose a drill that was .010 larger so I had some clearance.
  23. Onni: She's a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry X Mass Bruce
  24. Daniel: OMG that was such a fabulous video. That made my week. Thank You for that. Can't tell you how many times my Sweetums has come down in the basement and asked me who I was talking to. Hee Hee! She thinks I'm nuts anyway. Hee Hee! Regards Bruce
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