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  1. Daniel: Thanks for that. Got a ways to go yet.
  2. Jeff B. An interesting Thing that I wanted to scout out right away in this book was What were they using for glue in model making in those days. I found a reference to a tube of Seccotine. Which I googled to find out it was a smelly fish glue made in France packaged in a lead tube, and was patented in the late 1890's. There is also mention of "gum" glue but I haven't seen any other reference to a brand or what it's made from. I'm thinking it was like a rubber cement type thing?? Hopefully I'll find some more reference to it's nature as I glean through theses pages.
  3. Igor: Thanks so much for sending me the link to your build. It just amazes me how you can work so small. Now I think my ship is a little bigger but not much. I hope I can do as nice a job as yours turned out. Fingers crossed Bruce.
  4. Rick : Daniel's, B Sloop, is a great place to start. He's done a wonderful job in that tutorial. Steady as she goes. B.
  5. Rick: Yep, These will work. It just takes time and patients to learn all the parts and pieces of a ship. But you"ll catch on in no time. On a side note, My brother is a sheep farmer in WV. He lives between Parkersburg and Bridgeport. Are you near them? Regards Bruce
  6. Igor: I have no idea what scale this model is. I made a copy of the lines drawing from the book I have then I took the bottle with that copied print over to my local printer shop and started making reduction copies of the print until I got one that held up behind the bottle was a pretty good match for filling up the bottle"s size. All I can say is, It's small to me. The hull is 2 1/2 inches long and the beam is not quite 5/8 inches wide. Regards Bruce I am planning on building the Half Moon from the plans you sent me, but first I have to find a bottle for it. I'll get there eventually.. There are some really nice videos of the reproduction ship on U Tube. So that will be helpful as well.
  7. Just a note here for you guys. I don't think I'll ever build anything this small again.. It's driving me crazy!! I need to find some 10 dieter bottles so I can build at a scale that I can manage. Just sayin. LOL. Regards to all Bruce.
  8. These next few pic are of a brass semi circle seating area that go around the helm that I turned on my mini lathe. It kinda looks like a horse shoe laying on the paper there. I used a piece of bandage to represent the decking underneath it. It's a work in progress. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  9. Now here's some pics of the hull as I was carving it.
  10. And here are some pictures of the bottle I hope will work and the stand I have roughly made up.
  11. Well I've been so frustrated with not building anything because of this or that dead end, or this or that distraction, that I decided to go back to my roots and build a simple sloop so I could at least get going. I chose the" America", because years ago I made a,"Model Shipways" model of it. At the time I remember it took me nine months to build it. Working on it a few hours a night after work nearly every day. I decided to take my model out of it's case and photograph it so I had good references and I took the lines from the book I have called, "The Story Of Sail". So here's some pics of the model I made years ago.
  12. Welcome aboard Rick: So happy you found us. Just wander around this forum and you will be amazed at what you will see and learn. Warning though, don't become overwhelmed about what you see and where you are at in all this new stuf. It's not that hard and when you get there, it's a joy to see something you made inside a bottle. I would suggest you look at the" build logs", section of this forum and start out with a simple sloop type ship. Steady as she goes matey. We're all here to help you on your way. Best regards Bruce
  13. Hi all: Yesterday I was going through the nautical section of my library at home and I came across this book that a friend had gifted me many years ago. Hadn't look at it for years. It's a real treasure in it's eclectic relevance within the time frame it was published, (1928). For whatever reason I decided to thumb through it for a bit and I was really struck by the first two paragraphs of the PREFACE. I thought I'd share this as it is so perfect in my minds eye about how we are and do. Enjoy the words of someone who loved the art of modeling long before we fell for it in our particular way. The prose here is classic. Sail on guys. Bruce.
  14. Jeff: Great video! Thanks for sharing this little gem with us. Regards Bruce
  15. Jeff: Thanks for that awesome compliment. I for one encourage you to take your time and do things the way you know how in your own undivided time. Best of luck with your audit trials and tribulations. Regards Bruce.
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