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  1. aadkitta

    HMS Terror

    Fantastic work so far. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Thank you very much for the informative reply, Admin. I have read the thread you quoted and found it very useful. I am attaching my attempt of making another ship. Please let me state that i have never seen a sailship up close. I have been on a motorlaunch once or twice in my life. And i am reading up on the lore of ships and the sea. I find the art fascinating and I am working on it. Slowly.
  3. as I said, i am just a beginner. But it seemed to work. This I have done in a plastic bottle. And fairly scratched one at that. The sea is another funny story, its made from "Rangoli" mixed in white glue water. i didnt have blue colour at hand so made green. i just wanted to get the ship inside the bottle just to see if it worked.
  4. i guess the forum is dead. I am a noob, going through the old threads trying to get hints and pointers in my newfound hobby. The people who build ships in bottles seem very secretive people, They hide crucial steps and techniques. And they seem to be sad that their art is about to die... **** So i found this info elsewhere and i am using it. I make the thread hard by coating it with white glue and hanging it with a weight attached at bottom. Then I take a printout of the shrouds, and place the thread parts on it, or measure and arrange it on a diagram i made. Then stick horizontal lines with white glue again.
  5. It is remarkable that you are using the same pen throughout all those years 🙂
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