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  1. Looking great, really well done!😎
  2. I like it a lot, great details, I prefer the been to sea look!😎
  3. Back to it after a bit of a break. Anyway, hope you're all OK? Given the current situation. Finally tackled the job I've been putting for ages as I was hoping to find something for the overhanging grated deck, but alas nothing suitable came about, so I'm having to try and make it from scratch with a very small drill bit in my dremel. Not going to look to scale but hopefully won't stand out to much! The Hull, so far, is already cut in half and dowelled and sitting on its locating plug which will be set into the sea.
  4. Looking great, amazing details, especially like the sails! 😎
  5. Looks great, nicely done! 😎
  6. Such a great idea, those little boats look incredible! I’m afraid I’m going to have to steal this!😉😂
  7. Super job! Looks really good, love the scenery.😎
  8. That looks amazing, love it. 😀
  9. It's the name of a mythical giant squid like creature that drags ships down to the depths. Its also the name of the bottle of rum 😁
  10. The KRAKEN 😲😲 needs a few things to finish off I.e Cork and stand but happy I managed to pull it off. 😁
  11. Things are moving along quite well, boats ready, bottles ready, I'm not😂 And there will be a surprise in store! As its a kraken bottle! It's going to be a tight squeeze! 😂
  12. That looks great, has a nice old authentic look to it! 😎
  13. Looking great! Love the cannons, great idea for the rails. 😁
  14. couldn't you cut that sticky out bit off and then glue it back on in the bottle?
  15. Wow, that looks great, thanks for taking the time and effort to do that, I really appreciate it! 👍
  16. That is such a great tool design! Ingenious! Does it have a patent pending? would love one of those myself!😉
  17. There nice, but the neck is slightly narrowed as it Goes in and they all seem to have a thicker middle inside which is causing a few problems as that is where the main mast is going to be. Even the big bottles have it. You can see it in the picture, it's not too bad though. 😁 This is how I speed up drying times, it's a very small aquarium air pump, and it also helps stop condensation!
  18. A bit of rigging, and sail making. 😁
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