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  1. Enjoyed doing the la Madonna del Rosario so much I’ve decided to build the ship from one of the other set of four stamps. Just test fitting in the bottle to decide how big to make it, should be a fun build and has a bit more detail. Might not include the oars though, will have to see.
  2. Great tips! Definitely going to try some out, thanks. boats looking really good, I like it a lot, looking forward to see it in. Also just noticed your tool with the crocodile clip on the end, genius! Think I’m gonna have to steal that idea and make one myself! Of course, with your permission! Just in case you’ve got a patent pending?😂
  3. Can't wait to see the mini clipper, really love these tiny ships! 😎
  4. Looks great, nicely done, well saved and great idea with the sea! I cut the mast tops on one of mine and regretted it ever since, doesn't look quite right. 😁
  5. That's OK onni! Put anything you like on there, I will just take all the credit! 😂 Your build is, looking great, love the deck, very nicely done also a great looking bottle, very nice shape! 😎
  6. Gravity is sometimes your friend! At least until the glue dries, I think I'll term it 'extreme lateen riggin! 😂 😂
  7. Nice job, looking really good. 😁
  8. Main mast is in. The problem with lateen rigged sails is in the absence of wind there's nothing to hold them up! So I have to set the yards and lines with glue. 😁
  9. Mizzen mast and sail are in and fixed, 2 more to go! In the foreground is my trusty paper clip on a stick, it's so useful. 😁
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