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  1. Pirate type Galleon

    In my imagination, I think the balcony area(?) at the rear of an old galleon, with a beautiful lady, a glass of wine and fair winds would be the most romantic thing ever. Redoing the rear, it looks a mess right now. Part of my issue is the unconventional way I'm dividing it up to get in the bottle.
  2. Pirate type Galleon

    Learning process it is... So far I have redone the atea around the bowsprit 3 times. I am fairly happy with the hull but I have decided to redo everything else. The railings are too inconsistant, I'm going to try styrene for that. The whole rear end has been mind bending for a newbie not sure of what he's doing. The balcony, ( please forgive my ignorance of common ship language) in the rear I have some ideas about how to do better. At any rate through trial, error and reading posts from you fine folks, we'll get there eventually. The great thing about this forum is that you are not satisfied with just O.K., when the informationis here to do it better. Cheers!
  3. James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Wow, that's very, very nice. Thanks for the tips.
  4. Newly addicted

    Thanks, instructions were awesome. Don't hurry for me. It'll be waiting in the wings.
  5. Pirate type Galleon

    Thanks for the input. Curious your method for cutting the hull in 2 pieces. I have some nice tools/saws that are inaccessible for a few more weeks. Scary thought splitting but I def. want to try. Not sure if this is the one though. This was my plan, Picture A, labels masts and decks once raised. Picture B shows how I was going to lay the masts down. Picture C shows the caps I would place after the masts are up. If this seems silly please let me know, my feelings wont be hurt. These first few builds are to be learning experiences for me and I welcome any and all input.
  6. Pirate type Galleon

    Not glued in.
  7. Pirate type Galleon

    Going make a channel for masts and cap it later.
  8. Pirate type Galleon

    I know I will have an issue with the height factor. Working it out.
  9. Pirate type Galleon

    I planked the deck and put a bit of stain on her.
  10. Pirate type Galleon

    Newbie here and hoping I didn't bite off more than I can chew. Started a Galleon. I found these schematics on Google images. Its in German so I don't know what it says but its easy enough to follow.
  11. Newly addicted

    So I started on the sloop but was not happy with my results. I shaped her wrong initially so she is pointed at the bow, and waaay to small at the stern. I did however have a light bulb go off in terms of construction. Rather than do another sloop before the Chiefs log is finished, I started a Galleon, pirate ship type that I am going to start a log on shortly here.
  12. Newly addicted

    Thanks for the info., much appreciated. Wondering if you would mind me using your Bermuda Sloop plans, build log, instructions etc. as my next project. Really nice build I think I can gain quite a bit of knowledge from, but I want to be sure this is acceptable. Spanky
  13. Newly addicted

    Thanks everybody, I swear it's like reading a good book. Couldn't put them down until I was done. Of course not getting anything productive done at home but... I see in some of your pics a mat that has measurements on it etc. Wondering what are some of the better online model making supply stores? I also wonder if you have a good source for old bottles and what might be the dimensions most prefer? I think I need to slow my race a bit, absorb some of your pics and posts, get the proper materials and get busy, ...slowly. Thank you again folks! Spanky
  14. Newly addicted

    Hi folks, I was bitten by the bug recently when I bought the book "Sailing in Glass", on ebay. My first attempt is rudimentary as I couldn't wait for materials online to come before getting busy.I had to use a huge drill bit and the bowsprit looks like a telephone pole whereas a fence pole would be more proportionally accurate. Plenty of rookie mistakes, I had to clip the top of the mast as it was too tall, or I put too much "sea" in it. Plenty of smears inside the bottle to clean etc. It was a good learning project.My second attempt I have almost completed. This schooner also presented plenty of rookie problems. The mast hinge came up out of hole once in the bottle already. I was able to slide a sliver of wood with glue on it under the mast and prop it up but it was a pain. I also tried to simulate rough seas with only limited success. At any rate, I'm glad to find your site as I desperately need advice. Thanks for adding me in! Spanky