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  1. Spanky


    One step forward, two steps back. Made what I thought was a binnacle on the plans, until I realized they were not yet invented during the reign of the Mayflower. I also broke the rails on the upper deck so I will leave that for a little later. I managed a capstan, some stairs and a bit more grating.
  2. Very, very nice. It's so humbling, yet inspiring to check out how awesome some of these builds are, including the skill and talent needed to get there. After perusing your build I've found myself whistling O' Canada. My Mother is Canadian and my son plays hockey. Must have been the coin you used for scale.
  3. Spanky


    Made some grating, doors into the forecastle and ladder steps down it's front.
  4. Spanky


    Working out some deck rails.
  5. Spanky


    Working out the bow (prow?) section and how to get it through bottle neck without problems.
  6. Bruce, that would be great. If and when we emerge from the viral hibernation. That boat looks like a gas, got your trap line up, nice clutter free deck. Man I wish I was young again.
  7. Bruce, I have not done much large boat sailing but I used to be able to sail the snot out of a Hobie Catamaran. Sailing a 16 foot Hobie solo with a butt bucket, 20 knots wind, flyin' one hull out of the water with the tiller extension out, is one of my happy places. Alas if you've ever wrangled one in heavy wind you know it is a thrill for the young and strong. I'm afraid my body can't hang with that level of fun anymore but I have some wonderful memories, ...and a couple not so great. Sailed in a match race in St. Martin between a couple of retired Americas Cup yachts. It was set up for tourists, but still a big thrill. Would love to do some big boat sailing some day though. How about yourself Bruce, sailing past? I live probably 2 miles from Meijer headquarters so not far from your nephew.
  8. That is a great idea for sure, thank you for sharing. So impressive you can put such detail on the inside of those. It drives me nuts that many (correct me if wrong), when underway, were stowed upside down with a tarp over top?
  9. Spanky


    Slowly building her up, scuppers, more planking. I have been playing with this for a couple weeks and this is the point I am at currently.
  10. Spanky


    How to get that shape in there? This has busted my brain a little, but I am going to go with a split deck in addition to the hull. Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment.
  11. Spanky


    A little planking, cannon ports cut out.
  12. Spanky


    I have not had much luck with split hulls so far, nor Galleon type ships because of their inherent shape. Being hard headed, and becoming more patient with each build, it has become a personal challenge to get a split hull properly in there.
  13. Spanky


    I found a cool apothecary bottle that is pretty clean and clear that I think will work nicely.
  14. Spanky


    With this social isolation, and being newly retired, I thought I would launch into a new build. I bought some "plans" off ebay of the Mayflower for $5.00. Basically a few sheets of paper with some good information, ...but it's in German. At any rate I knew this ahead off time and just needed the basics to start.
  15. Spanky


    I think it looks awesome, very nicely done!
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