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  1. Thanks, I think it will. The latest would have been fine but for a silly mistake, and it can be repaired relatively easy. I am going to retire in January and will suddenly have all the time in the world to get my craft together. Since I've gotten my learning curve failures under my belt, ...sky's the limit.
  2. Well, I've been noodling around for a bit but seem to be learning the hard way a lot. My previous pirate type galleon failure had a lot to do with my lack of how to rig properly, stressing masts etc to breaking point. I have since done D.Siemens Bermuda Sloop but made it too complicated by having the hull in 3 separate pieces, choosing an old bottle with a very small opening that dives into the bottle proper making manipulation difficult. As a result, I settled for less sails and cut my frustrations short. I have made the sea too deep and broken the mast on the roof of the bottle. I threw one out because I slopped too much resin and caulk on the inside of the bottle moving things around. Maybe the challenge, the fact that it isn't easy, the patience learned, I don't know but it still fascinates me. My most recent failure is another galleon. I started out with an over an under split hull. Things went well I put the sea of resin into the bottle. I tried to manipulate it when it was too hard and messed it up. I threw out that bottle and grabbed a Pinch bottle I had laying around. I put the bottom part of the hull in however when I went to put in the upper hull and rigging, I found out the opening to the Pinch bottle is smaller than the original bottle. The original bottle fit well.Unfortunately the Pinch bottle did not. So it's back to the drawing board but I'm humbled rather than angry, and I hope that some day my failures will pay off in the form of some amazing success. Similar rookie frustrations out there?
  3. Thanks, it is however 3 times larger so I have a lot more room, and your CPA is your priority right now. Really great thread though. As a newbie, it opens your eyes a bit to how things "should" be done. Hopefully I can get it in the bottle O.K.
  4. DSiemens, this is a great choice for learning, thoroughly enjoying this build. It really is a beautiful vessel, partly because of it's simplicity.
  5. Different color and diameter thread for this rigging?
  6. Thank you, your instructions have been great. No worries on time, life is busy. I'm a full time single Dad of a teenager, so I can empathize with the lack of precious "me" time.
  7. Still lurking in the shadows here. I still haven't fixed my Galleon. I am however adapting DSiemens sloop slightly as I have a really big bottle with a very small neck Im using. My sloop hull is split into 3 sections and my rigging will be slightly different but following these instructions otherwise.
  8. Spent a couple weeks in Key Largo and was looking forward to getting her in the bottle. Unfortunately things did not go as planned. Starting with the bowsprit, broken, repaired, advanced, disaster! ...back to the drawing board.
  9. Thank you all for the wealth of information, it's appreciated. I wrestled with sails or not, but I think for this "learning" project I will leave them out. I have put holes in the masts and yards that are perhaps not optimally placed as well as a few other rookie mistakes that concern me. I really like the video of blocks and the reduction in risk to those pieces that would otherwise be weakened. I have learned a bit more time spent in the planning stages will greatly reduce time and frustration in the later phases of the build.
  10. Some pictures of different rigging. It looks like most of these have rigging from the ends of the yards triangular shaped back to the mast behind. From the yard ends to the hull they seem to be just the lower yards, not the one higher ones. I hope I am right that the rat lines are fixed and OK as long as they are behind mast. Does each mast generally need a line through the bowsprit to pull up, or is it OK to use one line to pull up multiple masts?
  11. Oh my gosh thank you. There is a wealth of information in there. Fortunately someone documents this knowledge or it would surely be lost. Much of this will be very helpful for future builds and certainly some now. My concern is the rigging adaptation necessary for placing the ship in the bottle. Things that wouldn't be required for a real ship, but must be done for a SIB in order to facilitate it's bottle entry. I hope that makes sense.
  12. I guess I'm curious about how and where and why the rigging might run through hull and why. Also the way rigging is used at the tips of the booms. Do they run through boom tips to top of mast and down to other boom tip? Are they tied off at boom tips or allowed to slide freely through holes in boom tips and mast top to the deck and/or through deck to other side and up again? I have Dan Bergs book, and "Sailing in glass", as well as a pretty fair selection of S.I.B. in my collection, that have various rigging techniques. The plans for this galleon,I pilfered from Google images and they did not include a rigging diagram so I'm really just winging it through trial and error.
  13. Quick question for everyone, I really don't have a great feel for rigging, its pros and cons, as well as different methods. Can anyone point me to a thread or article that may enlighten me? Thank you!
  14. Thank you that is very helpful. I wondered about saw blades etc. Still plugging away but I fully anticipate problems. I think my next one will follow your method above. I got fired up about this method being a rookie before exploring experienced builders advice however, I do enjoy a challenge. Stay tuned...
  15. Spanky

    Sailing Stories

    Thank goodness I'm not the only one. About 25 years ago I rented a farm house on a beautiful inland lake . The lake is about 1/4 mile X 1/2 mile around. I have grown up around power boats my whole life. Dad was plant manager and chief engineer for Chris Craft in late 60s early 70s. Grandfather was commodore of the Windsor Yacht Club in the 1940s. I've always been fascinated by sailing but had never done any. I bought a 16 foot Hobie catamaran and thought, "how hard can it be?" Of course pre-internet, and with no sailing reference I boldly embarked on my own. It was morning, mid week when no one else was on the lake. The wind was brisk at about 15 knots. About 2 minutes into my voyage I'm lifting a hull up out of the water, and back down a couple times. The big problem here is having no clue what I was doing, ...the mainsheet was cleated. So.... up, up, up, and over I go right in the middle of the lake. She turned turtle on me and I wore myself out trying to right her to no avail. so I just sat on her for 2 and a half hours until she drifted close enough to shore to swim some. Once I got to shore, I grabbed the top of the mast to turn her over and promptly unstepped the mast. The hull flopped upside down on top of this tangled mess of rigging etc. 4 hours later I managed to get her reasonably put together enough to limp home. The next day I ordered a book on "how to sail".
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