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  1. Pretty ingenious, I can see that being very useful. May have to try that also.
  2. That was great! My Dad has been gone for years but this was his hobby, he had a huge hardcover Ashleys book of knots and would spend hours doing real old school knots etc.. He took a lot of pride in his ropework and would talk with anyone who would listen. He had all kinds of special rope knives and splicing tools. He was an engineer for Gray Marine, then plant manager for Chris Craft engine division in the late 60s. My Dad would literally have booked a trip to the U.K. just solely for this little museum. Really sparked some great memories from my childhood, thanks for posting.
  3. Onni, Love the stand and SIB. Just starting a stand for my favorite SIB. It's a Jonny Reinert bottle and deserves a proper stand. Planning on power carving an octopus as the stand.
  4. Thank you gentlemen. Daniel, I saw a picture of your box in another build and really liked it. The portability factor I like a lot. The Don Hubbard jig I like as well. I was given a nice wooden box with a liquor in it for being in a friend's wedding. The box is just the right size and strength so I think I will try and incorporate some ideas here and mate them with the box. I'll see what I can conjure up.
  5. Thanks Jeff. I've painted a few flies but never tied them. Steal their box for SIBs?
  6. I'm interested in building a box, or jig, or platform from which to build SIBs. I've seen a few in build logs and could use some advice. Curious if you folks have any pictures, pros, cons, tips, things that make life easier when building etc. Thank you!
  7. Found this card on Ebay a few years ago for a couple dollars and forgot I had it. Anybody know anything about these or time frame? Just thought it kinda interesting and right up our alley.
  8. Spanky

    Da Seamans Sloop

    Could be a Merry Christmas bottling going on tommorrow. Pretty scary but I believe I have prepared well. Stay tuned... Happy Holidays everyone!
  9. Wow! Bravo, super impressive. Nice presentation and photos on this build log as well.
  10. Spanky

    Da Seamans Sloop

    Working on the "ocean" a bit. This is the first time I have played with this "Plastalina" and I kind of like being able to "sculpt" an ocean. I have to cut it in half then place back together once in the bottle. Still plugging away at the sloop. Sails coming soon.
  11. Spanky

    Da Seamans Sloop

    Plugging along. It sure is difficult to make pictures that do justice. I guess it's just easier to see all my mistakes when you zoom in a bit. Put a captain at the big wheel, feather in cap.
  12. Spanky


    Thank you, that was helpful.
  13. Spanky


    Onni, very,, very nice. May I ask, did you cut your hull with a scroll saw? Thanks, again very impressive, so much knowledge around here.
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