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  1. Dritz4

    Hello from AZ

    The stain was glue. It ended up being pretty easy to remove with the back end of the bottle being able to come off. I put the whole entire bottle and a heating pad for 10 minutes on the side with the stain. After 10 minutes I started scraping the glue off and it came off really easy . Thank you very much for all the advice.
  2. Dritz4

    Hello from AZ

    Thank you all for the advice. I have not tried anythinh yet. I wanted to get advice first. no the bottle is not open. It has a cork and wax seal. Alan you are a brilliant man ! Holding in my hand I didn't even notice that the bottle was cut open under that strap. I'm pretty happy that it is there I'm also kind of disappointed it's not a true ship in the bottle this was my first one and I think it is exceptional and still something I will be happy to look at every day . thank you everyone
  3. Dritz4

    Hello from AZ

    Hi I'm a new member. I am looking for advice on removing a stain on the inside glass. I appreciate any help that you may be able to give . Rob
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