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  1. That is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us. -- Bill
  2. My only question in all of this is... how many kids have ever actually made ships in bottles? -- Bill
  3. This will be awesome.... Can't wait to see it. -- Bill
  4. This is really, really amazing work... Even more amazing considering that the "bottle" will obscure some of that detail... and very discouraging for a guy like me who is still new to this... Keep up the great work. -- Bill
  5. I don't think your bottle is necessarily too large. Yes, the masts don't get all the way to the top of the bottle, but I think you could make the masts taller and it wouldn't look weird at all. Also, do you have two hulls there? Not sure, just curious. -- Bill
  6. This looks really cool. Can't wait to see more. -- Bill
  7. Very cool... and and very encouraging to a newbie like myself. -- Bill
  8. Hi, relatively new here.. but wow... your model is both inspiring... and a little intimidating. I doubt I could ever capture the level of detail you have. Truly amazing. Can't wait to see it in a bottle.
  9. I eagerly await reading about you building this. I was thinking of getting started with a one masted cutter, so this probably would have a lot of good information in it for me. -- Bill
  10. If I might ask, what did you use for your sea. The whole effect is.. well very impressive. If you isolated the ship and sea, put it in front of a photo of the sky... I might think it was a real ship. -- Bill
  11. Hi, I have been interested in nautical stuff for a good part of my life and now I am thinking of taking a stab at building a ship in the bottle, and when browsing I found you folks. So, I thought I would just stop in an introduce myself. I have been thinking of doing something like a Bristol Pilot Cutter or a Royal Navy Cutter as my first ship since I figure a single mast will be a bit easier than 2 or more masts. Anyway, will always welcome advice and hope I can do something half as good as I see a lot of you guys doing (and a 10th as good as a few of you seem to accomplish). -- Bill
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