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  1. I'm about to begin my first scratch SIB. I was old to get a good paint job I must sand the he** out of her. Any outher tips for painting? Thanks guy's !
  2. Love it ! great work and story to go along with it! Thanks.
  3. I'm adding a castle to her, and I have started planking her. 2nd photo show the windows for the castle.
  4. Hello mates! I was looking for information about,How are Portuguese Galleons different from other galleons? Anyone know? I know the sails have the cross of christ,(templers) outside of that I have no information. Thanks
  5. Welcome Mike, Igor mentioned the brass parts, I agree. Modifications will be made. I look forward to seeing more from you. looks like you really do good work. Norm
  6. Thanks Chief, I figure I will get some experience if nothing else.
  7. As you can see I have started with the Galleon,Well, to this point I have stripped her down filled cracks in her hull. And now I will begin sanding. she had no planking on her decks, should I add planking? Thanks for your advice.
  8. Please, give input. As you can I began bending planks on the galleon. Then I thought no. the deck must be flat. So I will start over. Thanks, Chief...
  9. Ok, I started one already (Galleon). I agree it will be fun.
  10. Hi Crew, I met a fellow builder, He is moving out of his home and into an apartment.In an effort to raise money and make room (get rid of stuff) he's selling some of his old work.I bought two of them. he said they were junk. so I thought I would make any needed repairs, as I dug into the spider web and nicotine covered pieces, I found that it would be best to strip them down and refurbush them. They are not SIB's nor are they models. I guess they were (factory) made as decorative pieces. None the less, they are ships... So I will make an effort to make them Beautiful once again. One is a Galleon and the other a frigate. I'm new to the hobby, and I hope to learn alot.
  11. I like this Idea, I thought I came up with it! LOL
  12. Lots o good tips here ! Tanks!
  13. pob374


    Success! My how great she looks! Well done.
  14. Jeff, I'm a big fan of your work. Thanks for sharing your knowlage with us.
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