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  1. Great work Igor! Fascinating watching your development of Captain Jack Sparrow! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  2. Thanks James! I always aim high, only hope it looks as nice once it's collapsed, shoved into the light bulb and erected inside! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  3. Thanks! Who else am I going to share it with? <Grin> Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  4. Greetings Niallmohr, Look around and you will find there is no such thing as a correct way to bottle a ship, each builder experiments with the different things we see and hear about and eventually find what works best for us. Good luck on your journey! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  5. Thanks Bernard! I appreciate your comment old friend!
  6. Thanks Igor! It is a lot of fun, if a bit frustrating at times. One thing I keep in mind at all times is nothing cannot be repeated if I make a mistake or break something.
  7. Thanks Omni! Forgot to mention the models are at the scale of 1:300.
  8. The first of the two James Miller models is finally completed. Still have to finish up the light bulb stand and the stand to hold the model on the bottom of the bulb. There is a second model, at present it is at the stage of ready to start mounting the masts. The second is a static display model, so in some ways it easier to rig.
  9. Truly remarkable models on display! Thanks for sharing! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  10. Greetings All, I now have the fore mast added to the ship in light bulb model of James Miller. All the fore stays, shrouds and backstays have been added, as well as all the headsails and all their rigging. The two jib sails are static, They do not move with the stays they are attached to, they are attached by small open loops so that the stay can move through the sail, since the stays for those sails runs through the jib and martingale spike, then into the hull and is the operating end of these lines. The fore sail does move with the stays, as in this case they are double, one on each side of the bowsprit, running through the bees and back into the hull, these are also the operating ends of the stays.I learned a lesson with the foremast, in that I added all the running rigging before adding the shrouds and ratlines, which was a mistake as it made adding the shrouds much more difficult with all the running rigging lines being so light in color they kept getting accidentally tied into the shrouds. The cabin and hatch are also permanently attached now. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  11. Thanks Igor! I do try! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  12. Thanks Bernard! It was definitely very boring, took about four to five hours to make the chain, about six inches, for each model. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  13. Greetings All, Today I share the latest work on the James Miller models. I have completed adding the bobstays, jib boom shrouds and jib boom backstays to both models. The bobstays and shrouds are made from miniature rope, made on a mini rope walk I built a year or so ago, using 3 pieces of 8/0 fly tying thread. The backstays are fake miniature chain, made from 8/0 fly tying thread tied around a #80 drill bit with double overhand knots. To keep the "chain" fairly straight I tied a second piece of thread to the first loop tied, after removing the drill bit from the hole in an 9" long piece of wood, then passing this second thread through a rubber band tightly wrapped around the far end of the wood. Before each new double knot was added, the second line was pulled slightly, so that as the first knot was tied to the next knot it would pull the second line, keeping the knots tied opposite each other to keep the chain straight. As each double knot was tied, the bit was removed from the hole in the wood, and the whole thing repeated endlessly. Second photo shows the completed forecastle area, with everything permanently in place. I also wanted to share that I found some really nice, super fine, fly tying thread. It is labeled and sold as 20 DEN line, and is finer than a human hair. I've used 8/0, 10/0 and 12/0 threads, but they are nearly identical in overall size, but this 20 DEN stuff is a lot smaller/thinner. According to the info at the J. Stockard fly tying company online this line is equivalent to 19/0 thread. It is quite a bit weaker than the other threads mentioned, but works great for wrapping. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  14. Thanks! I don't think I've ever thought inside the box! <Grin> Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
  15. Absolutely superb job Igor!! Such attention to detail and excellent workmanship produced a wonderful SIB!! Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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