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  1. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Had to check how she looks stuck in the ice!
  2. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Added a bit more hull embellishments to smarten up the stern and added the white boards around the hull upon which the main rigging ratlines are attached.
  3. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Painted the masts and bowsprit and added some ratline rigging to the masts. Fashioned a couple of catheads out of some thicker styrene and also used styrene for the lifeboat supports at the stern.Of course I could use wood but as these pieces are going to be white; then it is much easier too fashion them out of plastic.
  4. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Cut the hull up into four sections on a small hobby bandsaw that will allow it to be assembled together inside the bottle later on. I make sure that the pieces of the hull can fit together easily and without too much effort and that everything lines up and that the join lines are not that noticeable. Use cut cocktail sticks as pegs for joining, making sure that everything aligns.
  5. Onni

    HMS Terror

    For the bulwarks I use 0,3 mm thickness. It's very thin and pliable but can split if you're not careful. It's also opaque so needs a good paint cover. For the bowsprit support I use 0,5 mm styrene.
  6. Onni

    HMS Terror

    I like to use matt black spray paint as it dries in just a few minutes so you don't have to wait around for it to dry for an age.Marked out the deck and drilled holes where I want the masts and bowsprit to go.The veneer deck will go in as one solid piece. Will carry on with the construction of the masts and slicing the hull into four sections so that all the pieces will be able to go through the bottle neck without any struggle.Masts and bowsprit constructed with a little help from styrene.They will be sprayed matt white.
  7. Onni

    HMS Terror

    HMS Terror; together with HMS Erebus were modified Royal Navy ships that attempted to find the North West passage through the ice packs of King William Islands in the Canadian Arctic in 1845.Terror was the first Royal navy ship to be fitted with screw power from a locomotive engine. The expedition failed and unfortunately all the crews of both ships perished. The wreck of Terror was discovered in 2016. Shaped the hull from some Alder wood and cut and fixed the bulwarks with styrene, overlapping at the bow end with super glue.The prow of Terror was reinforced with metal plates and I have tried to imitate these with strips of styrene.Added bowsprit and she's ready for painting.
  8. Nice model. That's difficult to do when the bottle neck is long and the bottle is at an angle. Your ship really fills the whole bottle space . Onni.
  9. Cutty Sark looks great. Is it scratch built or a kit model?
  10. Welcome aboard Niallmhor. Onni
  11. That is really beautiful work John.
  12. Looking good. I like your bottled ships wall display in the background. Very nice.
  13. Nice work José. Welcome..Onni.
  14. Onni

    Jeff bs build #3.

    She's bottled.Well done. Onni.
  15. Igor,Did you make the name plate yourself or did you outsource the job(laser printing?) to your own specifications? Is it a wood or plastic name plate;just wondered.
  16. Onni

    Newly hooked

    Lovely looking ships Garry. Well done and welcome.
  17. Onni

    Generic Brigatine

    A fine looking Brigatine. I'm impressed by the sea as well;very realistic.
  18. That's some beautiful looking sails you have made John. The time and effort you have put into them has all been worthwhile.
  19. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Thanks Igor. Glad to see that your back!
  20. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Thanks very much Mike!
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