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  1. Onni

    HMS FURY 1942

    I cheat! Well not really, I purchase photo etched railings from a Polish company called GPM (they produce mainly card models) but they also sell photo etched railings and other items. Of course I paint the railings first and then super glue them in place. Nice railings make a model stand out I think. If I tried to make them myself it would be a horrible mess I used 1:400 railings. The one's in the picture are 1:250.
  2. Onni

    HMS FURY 1942

    Went out and bought some light blue felt just to finish off the inside of the old whiskey box and added/glued the ship's badge onto the side...and she's done. Pity Dad's not around to see it ,think he would of loved her.
  3. Onni

    HMS FURY 1942

    Forgot to say she was a 'veteran' of Dunkirk, PQ17, Operation Pedestal (to supply Malta) and of course D-Day.
  4. Onni

    HMS FURY 1942

    Thanks Bernard. She was a 'F' class destroyer launched in September 1934.Dad told me that she could still do 35 knots on a good day. Her main claim to fame was transporting Edward VIII after his abdication, to France in the very early hours of the next morning.
  5. Onni

    HMS FURY 1942

    Thanks John
  6. Onni

    HMS FURY 1942

    Started this build way back in April but have only just completed it because Covid-19 lockdown and other things got in the way. My Dad served in her from 1942-21.6.1944 as a Telegraphist. He used to joke that the first time he went to France he had to swim ashore! Fury was mined off the Normandy coast 21st June 44 and lost all power to the ship so that she collided with a number of other ships when the tow ropes broke. Anyway I've try to build her how she looked off the coast of Iceland in 1942 wearing Western Approaches camouflage.
  7. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Thanks very much Chass. Glad you enjoyed the build. Onni
  8. Nice set of photos. They give an insight into how small these ships actually were and how amazing the voyages they undertook were. Could of done with these photos when I built my version in 2013.
  9. Looks great and a perfect fit. Beautiful job. Well done Chasseur!
  10. Welcome aboard Ian.Dimple bottles are a great choice for a ship in a bottle.
  11. Nice work, looks great. Maybe with the next one try to add some deck features, cabins, capstan, anchor's etc. They can be added after the masts are raised and increase the realism of the model. Amazing that it's only your second bottled ship!
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