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  1. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Some new underwater footage of HMS Terror
  2. Welcome aboard RAThomas. My situation was very similar to yours in that I gave up modelling ships in bottles to concentrate on raising a family in the 1980's/90's. Hope to see some of your models soon.
  3. I think your right Jeff. Looks more like an onion.
  4. How would anyone come up with an idea to use garlic skins for sail's. Think I have to look at the vegetable rack next time I go shopping.🤣
  5. Onni


    Looking good. Nice work.
  6. Think we need Igor to enlighten us a bit about whats been discussed.😥
  7. Onni

    Headline news

    Made the local newspaper today. It's was really about trying to get new members to join our hobby club (we need more money!) My model of Vasa with the text roughly translated " a ship in the bottle opens a door to history";true enough. Large ship in a bottle is made by another member and shows the club in the background. Last picture is some naval ships that I made in a scale of 1:96 some years ago. Before anyone asks, the text is in Swedish not Finnish. Some parts of Finland are bilingual and the area where I live this is one of them.
  8. Bruce,Sorry, I don't know anyone here who speaks Danish. Finland is in fact along way from Denmark (about 1,120 km in fact) and the language is completly different.
  9. Looking good. Hope everything goes well with your eyes.
  10. I'm glad your perseverance paid off. A great looking ship in the bottle. Well done!
  11. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Hi Bruce. I am using a small hobby band saw with fairly fine small teeth to cut the hull in half. The deck I cut later (if I do need to cut it) because sometimes I manage to squeeze them in without the need to cut them. If I cut them,then I try to stagger the cut so that it is not directly over the top of the cut made on the hull.
  12. I think you will get a lot of helpful advice from members here. Welcome Lobo.
  13. Welcome aboard Micky. Onni.
  14. Fantastic work John. What a beautiful model. Onni.
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