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  1. Looking good. I like your bottled ships wall display in the background. Very nice.
  2. Nice work José. Welcome..Onni.
  3. Onni

    Jeff bs build #3.

    She's bottled.Well done. Onni.
  4. Igor,Did you make the name plate yourself or did you outsource the job(laser printing?) to your own specifications? Is it a wood or plastic name plate;just wondered.
  5. Onni

    Newly hooked

    Lovely looking ships Garry. Well done and welcome.
  6. Onni

    Generic Brigatine

    A fine looking Brigatine. I'm impressed by the sea as well;very realistic.
  7. That's some beautiful looking sails you have made John. The time and effort you have put into them has all been worthwhile.
  8. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Thanks Igor. Glad to see that your back!
  9. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Thanks very much Mike!
  10. Very nice James. Like the simplicity of the wooden stand too. Onni. ?
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