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  1. Congratulations Igor. Beautiful work as always.
  2. Igor,Did you make the name plate yourself or did you outsource the job(laser printing?) to your own specifications? Is it a wood or plastic name plate;just wondered.
  3. Onni

    Newly hooked

    Lovely looking ships Garry. Well done and welcome.
  4. Onni

    Generic Brigatine

    A fine looking Brigatine. I'm impressed by the sea as well;very realistic.
  5. Onni

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    That's some beautiful looking sails you have made John. The time and effort you have put into them has all been worthwhile.
  6. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Thanks Igor. Glad to see that your back!
  7. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Thanks very much Mike!
  8. Onni

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Very nice James. Like the simplicity of the wooden stand too. Onni. ?
  9. Onni

    Gypsy Moth IV

    Thanks James.?
  10. Onni

    Gypsy Moth IV

    After working on HMS Gannet for months felt a need to build something quick and a bit easier. Plumped on Sir Francis Chichester's, 'Gypsy Moth IV' something that I remember from my younger days! Never done a model in an upright bottle before so this was something new for me. (Thanks to Ioan for the idea) From start to finish about 27 days to complete. Split hull design. Carved a new internal stand to allow for the natural curve in the bottle base.
  11. Onni

    Bottle selection.

    Personally speaking I find a bottle with a bit of distortion has a certain charm to it but if the glass is too thick or makes the ship inside the bottle appear to be a bit blurred then it's not really acceptable. I have heard that some people get their bottles from a pharmacy because those bottles have much clearer glass and of course are usually larger.
  12. Onni

    HMS Ramillies, 74

    Nice one Frankie. I think a lot of British people would find it difficult to remember the actual date of Trafalgar.
  13. Onni

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Nice work James. Black lines are difficult. I usually use loads of masking tape and black spray paint but it can be a bit hit and miss affair.Some people just use black cotton glued to the hull which is probably a possible solution on a small model.