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  1. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Yep, took this photo on the 17th May. Okay, its been dumped there by a snow plough but I'm sure Igor in Russia is still building snowmen! 😂
  2. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Fixed the bowsprit in place ,complete with dolphin striker and bobstays and then threaded the jib ropes through the bowsprit using the cotton loops that I had made earlier (first picture).Glued the jib sails in place and after everything was dry cut off any excess threads and she's done! Turks head knot on the end of the bottle completes the look. Had to photograph her in the last little bit of snow that was left remaining in May!⛄
  3. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Before I permanently fix the foremast in place, I position lifeboat davits on the port side complete with hanging lifeboat and add some more deck features. Next will be fixing the jib. The advantage for me in adding each mast separately is you don't have to deal with a vast amount of tangled threads as one usually has with the traditional folding masts. Not saying this is a better way of doing them but it works alright for me. Most of my earlier ships I built with folding masts,copied from 'Sailing in Glass' and Jack Needham's book but found the hulls were a bit on the small side ,so I began experimenting with split hulls and individual masts too allow bigger vessels. Still learning though ..... use a lot of styrene in builds nowadays because it is so versatile and easy to cut and use instead of thin wood veneers.
  4. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Main mast goes in.Because this is a bigger bottle than I originally intended to use,she looks a bit on the small size but it would of entailed an almost complete rebuild or at least reworking the masts to be higher. At least there is good space to work inside the bottle and I can fill out the empty ice pack with tents/huts/stores etc..
  5. Onni

    HMS Terror

    Mizzen mast in place complete with spanker sail. Ship's double wheel is under the spanker but a little difficult to make out. Lifeboat hoist in front of the mizzen mast. I decided to make a weather beaten canvas awning,with the date and name of the ship incorporated into the stand. I think some of the fun of building ship in bottles, is coming up with your own unique stand designs.
  6. Onni

    HMS Terror

    It's nice when all the pieces come together as they should ... inside the bottle!
  7. Onni

    HMS Terror

    The first two quarters of the starboard side of the hull are in. I did not glued them together because they are already a good tight fit without glue.When the port side is glued together with the starboard side they will support each other (hopefully) For lifting the hull pieces together in place in the bottle, I use a piece of twisted iron ( as used in reinforced concrete) with some blu tac on the bent end to position them and then tap them together. The iron rod is heavy enough to act like a mini hammer. Steamed the deck veneer and got it through the bottle neck in one piece so that the deck does not show any cuts or joins. I just glue these all with ordinary white wood glue. The completed hull will be glued down with clear resin so that it will be a solid platform to erect the masts etc..
  8. Onni

    HMS Terror

    No,not Finnish but British. I have lived in Finland for the past 30 years so I'm just getting used to it 😀
  9. Answered your questions already,should be seen under Terror build.
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