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  1. Onni


    Nice details Spanky. Looks great.
  2. Looking really good. Nice work!
  3. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Thanks Jim. Much appreciated.
  4. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Glad you love it Jesse
  5. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Many thanks Bernard.
  6. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    She's ready. Took some photographs outside in the natural light. Painted the knot red but then got inspired to make a red,white and blue theme with stars on the stopper. The anchor with a line under it on the bottle top, is a nod to the Davenport crockery found at the wreak site. Hope you like it.
  7. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Funnel with smoke in place together with the bridge. Foremast fixed and rigging tied down. Just the bowsprit left and she's ready to be corked.
  8. Great idea John. I think that I'm going to try to replicate small boats using your method.
  9. Nice little mini ship in bottle James. Well done!😎
  10. Onni


    It was worth the wait. Looks great. Congrats!
  11. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Main mast in place. Giving all the masts a small tilt/rake backwards as I believe she had them that way. Behind the main mast is the skylight to the boiler room.Soon we will have steam power!
  12. I think I can see where this is heading
  13. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Managed to get the stern piece seated properly;quite pleased with that! Glued a deck winch and then inserted and glued the mizzen mast in place. Sails and flag are made from one of my old white shirts Last photo shows close up of the deck,cannons,hatches etc...One thing to say about threading rigging lines through the small deck eyelets; it can be quite frustrating, bit like threading a needle but doing it inside a bottle!
  14. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Okay,time to glue the hull in place. Which epoxy;60 minutes or the five minutes setting time? Yeah you probably guessed it, 5 minutes for me; I want things done quickly!Just got to make sure that its in the right place;quite a hot chemical reaction is felt through the glass! After its set I add the plastasine in two seperate pieces through the neck of the bottle. Even with dried wood glue on the top which gives the sea a nice gloss ,it dosen't crack,in fact its actually a bit rubbery. Then I continue to tamp the modelled sea down all around the hul especially at the stern because after I fix the stern piece on, its gonna be virtually impossible to reach that area without damaging something.Next stage will be to glue the stern in place.I will only be able to have one shot at it!
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