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  1. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    She is coming together beautifully. Wonderful work. Many thanks. Still a long way to go yet. The larger the ship the more detail has to go into it. I will take it one step at a time . I have never made a ship in the bottle at this scale so this is new ground for me.
  2. Quite interesting. I wondered what the old sock was going to be used for. 🤔
  3. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Using masking tape defined the width of the black stripe.Needs a touch up in places. I don't use thin sticky black tape which can be bought from a hobby store because I have the feeling that it can peel off at a later date.The three litre 'Grants' whisky bottle that I hope its going in! Added some reddish oxide for the waterline and tentatively marked where I think the masts and funnel will go.When I am happy with their position I will then cut up the hull,in four pieces😰
  4. Onni

    Chatham Dockyard

    In reply to 'exwafoo' I lived very close to the Dockyard in the early 1980's and after the Royal Navy left I had the good fortune to work there on early restoration work on some of the buildings. We had full access to the Dockyard so of course explored everywhere. In the process I took quite a lot of black and white photographs some of which I have posted here. I think where the Sunderland flying boat was parked is now the Visitors centre and car park. The' Medway Queen' looked in a sorry state then but I believe she is fully restored now.
  5. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    First painting with a spray white primer.
  6. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Using 0.4 mm birch veneer cut out the raised fore and poop decks. Haven't figured out yet how I am going to fix them in place.
  7. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    The Gannet figure head turned out too large so I made a smaller version .
  8. Onni

    Pirate type Galleon

    On the positive side I am sure you can fix it and get her back in the bottle where she belongs.🤔
  9. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Many thanks Chasseur. Equally impressed by the template's you've made for HMS Wivern, fantastic work.
  10. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    There are the two (port and starboard) 5 inch pivot gun bases which will be on the Poop deck. They are indicated by the arrow. I made these simply by cutting a couple of wooden beads in half.
  11. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Moving on to constructing the armoured embrasures. Took a lot of measuring and trail and error before I was satisfied with them.
  12. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Checking the height for the masts and seeing what it looks like with the bowsprit.
  13. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    Thanks Mike. Yes I used single pieces either side. They are 0.5 mm thick so I can bend them easily. The real Gannet has a wooden hull but that is too much effort for me to replicate. Would of been nice to model a full hull but the height inside the bottle doesn't allow for that.
  14. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    'The early bird catches the worm' or in this case the ship.Got a bit fed up with making the hull for the minute so had a go at the figure head or is it figure bird?😉
  15. Onni

    HMS Gannet

    As HMS Gannet is mostly white ( a unforgiving colour for a model ship) I am using white plastic (styrene) to skin the hull. Made up some paper templates to try for size and fit.Drilled out portholes,anchor hawse and gun ports and then glued to the hull. Hoping to just to have one split in the hull to fit through the bottle neck but its looking like I may have to split it in four pieces as the neck opening is only 29 mm wide.