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  1. Hi Jesse,The sea was modelled out of plasticine and the rise in temperature didn't seem to effect them too much as the sib's were positioned someway aways from the source of the fire (kitchen). They must of been exposed to a fair amount of heat because I can remember the Fire chief telling me that if the house had burnt another 5 minutes it would of exploded! Anyway that's all water under the bridge now but at least we know our Ships in Bottles are durable; unless you drop them on a concrete floor!
  2. Way back in 2011,first April (April fools day!) my wife phoned me at work and told me the house was on fire. The main thing was she and the kids were safe and that we were insured.By the time I got back it was all over.House was still standing but all contents lost, bar for a few items... Would you believe my ships in bottles survived,minus their stands and turks heads knots but after a clean up
  3. HMS Trincomalee

    Many thanks. It's really encouraging to receive positive feedback.
  4. HMS Trincomalee

    Thanks. You are very generous in your praise. I have not done any photo close ups otherwise you may change your mind (not up to Igor standards!)
  5. HMS Trincomalee

    HMS Trincomalee is now a museum ship in Hartlepool UK. A short history; built in teak due to a shortage of english oak at Bombay India and launched in 1817. Named after the battle of Trincomalee 1782 which is off the east coast of Sri Lanka. Became a training ship later on which saved her from the scrap yard. She is the oldest british warship still afloat. (HMS Victory is in a dry dock) A little more progress. Prefer to attach the ratlines to the hull of the ship but the hull halves are so tight to fit in the bottle neck that I have to attach them to the masts.
  6. HMS Trincomalee

    Started 4-5 weeks ago with the idea of building this frigate for a large 3 liter bottle but due to technical difficulties (built the split hull too large!) I left it and went with a small build in a whiskey bottle. I was not happy with the gun ports,(looked way too large) so made them much smaller and did a new paint job.
  7. What else do you model besides SIBs?

    Some models made to 1:96 scale. Front to back:- German torpedo boat Victorian destroyer HMS Boxer HMS Vulpine submarine HMS Fury 'F' class destroyer My late father served on the sub and 'F' class destroyer in WW2 HMS Fury took me one year to build . All constructed out of plywood,balsa wood,white plastic and various other items. Wife did not want them in the house(dust collectors) so they are stored at a friends.
  8. Onni

    Some of my creations.....
  9. That is a fantastic model,in or out of the bottle. your attention to detail is amazing.Great work. Look forward to seeing it in the bottle. Onni
  10. I noticed that this topic is rather old but what started me off on building SIB was the mother-in-law. Yeah I know that sounds daft but she returned from London in the 80's with the 'Cutty Sark' in a bottle. My concern was how much she had paid for this rather tatty ship in a bottle. I told her there and then that I could make a better model than she had bought so she said 'make one then'. Needless to say my first attempt was terrible and ended up in the bin but I'd caught the bug and after getting hold of some books on the subject I was away...... Still learning though......... Onni
  11. Hi,I started building SIB around about 1985 but stopped about 1992 as family and children took up all my time! Restarted again in 2010 when I joined a local modelling club near where I live. It was like starting from scratch and I am still learning all the time. "Sailing in Glass" was my main reference when I started and I have made all the examples in the book.Photo is from 2013 when I had an exhibition in the local Library of my work. Onni.