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  1. Tarmo

    A start;carved the hull with wood and then skinned her with styrene white plastic to try to make it look like steel plating.The hull will have to be cut into at least four different pieces to enable it to fit through the bottle neck. The cutting is going to be a bit nerve wracking as a mistake means starting from scratch again!
  2. Tarmo

    Seeing as we still have snow and ice here in Finland ,even though it is spring; I thought that I would try to build 'Tarmo' a Finnish icebreaker constructed in Britain in 1907 and in operation until 1970.It is now a museum ship in Kotka and I had the good fortune to climb aboard her last Summer during the Tall Ships race staged in Kotka.
  3. I was given this ship in a bottle by a friend. The bowsprit was broken and needed repairing and the bottle was very dirty inside and needed a clean up.There was no cork in the end of the bottle,only a colourful knitted cover so I imagine over the decades dirt had been building up inside. Age wise ;not really sure because those type of bottles have been around a long time in Finland but I'm guessing early 1940's to maybe late 50's. I am particularly impressed by the landscape behind the ship. I think that it is a very pleasing model. PS.I just placed it on a spare stand I had laying about.
  4. Newly addicted

    Nice little ship Spanky.Good to have you aboard.I also started with the book 'Sailing in Glass' many years ago.
  5. Knots

    If you check out the Swedish bottled ships web site there is a great tool for creating turks head knots. Of course its in swedish but just remember vänster is left and höger is right. http://www.flaskskepparna.se/bygga/bygga valknop.htm
  6. HMS Trincomalee

    As promised,the finished article; HMS Trincomalee in all her glory
  7. Greetings from Maryland

    Welcome aboard. Onni
  8. HMS Trincomalee

    Thanks. I have actually finished her but I can't post any photos yet because at short notice I had to make a trip to the UK . Hope to post pictures next week. Sorry to keep everyone waiting
  9. HMS Trincomalee

    Hasn't been all plain sailing(forgive the pun).The foremast actually turned out to be the most difficult to get in place probably because the angles inside the bottle are greater at that point. Rat lines were difficult to attach to the hull and the two anchors even more so. Foresail just wouldn't go into the right position so I guess the miniature able seaman in charge of that sail has been disciplined by the captain! Added a few cannons but they are not really to scale as of course neither is the ship as the masts should be much taller.
  10. HMS Trincomalee

    Fixed the main mast in place,added ships wheel,capstan and hatches. Seems to progress nicely
  11. HMS Trincomalee

    Lifeboat hooked up to the davits then get the deck on. I try to offer the deck in one piece through the neck of the bottle, usually by steaming the thin veneer(deck) and then forcing it through. Most times it works without splitting by it does sometimes warp the veneer a bit. Glued the stern surround complete with ships lanterns. Introduced the mizzen mast and fixed it in place. Hope to maybe finish her this weekend.
  12. DRAGEN

    That's heartbreaking! Hope things go better next time.
  13. HMS Trincomalee

    The main hull is a bit more problematic and is a tight fit but in the end it all fits together.
  14. HMS Trincomalee

    Hull bottom goes in quite nicely with no real problems!
  15. HMS Trincomalee

    Here's all the bits and pieces which will have to go into the bottle. Neck of the bottle is 17mm.