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  1. Wow,that was quick. Looks like it's going to be a cool build😎
  2. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Its a bottle that I picked up here in Finland which is a one use bottle with calibrations on the side of it(which will be hidden under the sea; so to speak) It's a bottle that I have never seen before .Has 'Kertapullo' stamped on the bottom which roughly translates to 'one time bottle;' (disposable I suppose).Liquid volume of the bottle is about 2 pints if that gives any indication of the size of the bottle.Hope that helps.
  3. Onni

    J w Rogers

    Fantastic collection of ships in bottles representing hours and hours of work. Great work.They all look amazing!
  4. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Sorry everyone ,especially James as I mistakenly posted my stuff on James's great build log. I was reading through his log and forgot to switch to my own log. Thats what silly old men do!😭
  5. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Positioned and checked mast heights. Drilled holes through the thin veneer for them and the jib. Also drilled holes carefully through the hull both horizontally and vertically so that the hull should go back together the same after cutting it in half and quarters by joining it with small pegs (cocktail sticks) The outside hull will be covered by a thin styreene that will hide any drill holes. I will have to cut carefully following my pencil line on the deck top so as to keep the mast holes secure and on the centre line. I won't cut the actual deck;it should go in whole.Have to travel to my craft/hobby club ( about half hours drive) to do the cutting of the hull on a band saw as I don't have one here at home.
  6. Very nice model. Camouflage colours are always going to pose a problem. My late father served on an 'F' class Destroyer during the Second world war but couldn't really remember the camouflage colours she had in the build up to D-Day after the Western Approaches (blue and white)were painted over .
  7. Nicely balanced model that fits the bottle well. Congrats, looks great!
  8. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Jim,Thanks for your info on the flags. I know very little about the American Civil war so it is useful to get some advice. I presume your referring to these two flags so one can choose oneself which to use, anyway; its gonna be a long time before I haul a flag up on this build!😣
  9. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Feel a bit of a sweat coming on when I looked at your beautiful models. I will try to do my best 😌
  10. Onni

    CSS Alabama

    Built in secrecy by John Laird in Birkenhead, England in 1862 for the Confederate States Navy Alabama became a feared raider; sinking or destroying many Union vessels until she was finally sunk herself by USS Kearsarge near Cherbourg, France June 19th 1864.In 1984 the wreck of the Alabama was discovered by a French minesweeper in the western approaches of Cherbourg roads at a depth of 60 metres (200 ft). I will do this build log in more or less real time with 'warts and all' (mistakes) just to show that our hobby is not so easy or straight forward as it sometimes seems.Select a bottle (which determines size of ship) and construct a simple stand for it.Had some old wood laying around that I thought would be good to use but actually wasn't,cuts badly and doesn't sand well.Cut out the deck using a 0.4 mm wood veneer that I will sand down and stain later on.
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