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  1. That was quick building (wink). I see a hinge on the mizzen. Are you making a traditional hinged model? Tip I learned from a member on this forum. In a hinged model , put the hinge above the cabins. Jack Needham recommends cabins and lifeboats can but put in after she goes in the bottle, so as they are not in the way during insertion. I have a problem with tangling threads as well. As few lines as possible is a good goal. 😀 BR, Jeff
  2. Hey Paul, public library system, Amazon books, can buy it too. I found flat coffee stirrers at the market today! No more splitting, bending Popsicle sticks and flat toothpicks for this guy!
  3. I learned a trick or 2 just reading your build! Coffee stirrers! What a splendid idea! There is a post titled "how do you make Ratlines?" That shows the neatest example using a jig. i believe you can type "ratlines" in the search query and it will give help you find it. Nice work. Btw. Have you peaked at Jack Needhams, Modeling Ships in Bottles.? Heck of resource. If not for the 4 models or 5 models he walks you through, it explains the steps (which can be used for all ships) and lots of secrets- deck furniture, life boats, deck houses, etc. Best of luck. Jeff
  4. I soaked the skewers in hot water and left them for a day and a half in the water. I found them much easier to drill. I also put a dab of superglue on the tips prior to drilling the mast top holes and at the mast foot for the hinge, so the wood doesn't crack while drilling.
  5. Lubber, I found the origin of the plans for the Lexington today @folkartinbottles.com. The maker is Clay Rakes in a section labeled "plans" you can download them. You might be able see, the waterline Mark is quite clear. Hope you can do it soon!
  6. Whilst surfing the interweb today, I found the plans for this build @Folkartinbottles.com, the maker is Clay Rakes. There''s no name on the plans. I forget where I found them years back. Props to him!
  7. I tried to drill a hole into the bowsprit with a hand drill and I can't. I'm using bamboo skewers. I'm wondering about the hinges on the masts. I might have to bring out the power drill. After an hour and 2 different bits, all I had was a divot. So I went with deadeyes. J.
  8. Today's progress. For lack of nautical term, I made that thing on the front of the bow below the bowsprit by carving the tip of a Popsicle stick. Painted the bowsprit. Drilled hole into that "thing, with a #71 bit. I then cut ran some 3/0 fly tying thread through a chunk of beeswax and tied it around the bowsprit, baking careful note to be sure it matched the plans. I put the knot on the underside and put a drop of cement on it. I then painted the over the line. Twisted the thread together, threaded a needle and passed it through the hole in the "thing", and tied it off, applying cement. Later, I cut the excess line. When there's more me time, I'll paint my 16 gun mounts, in preparation for installation of guns. Baby steps. Thanks for reading, J.
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  10. Aww man, I just realized looking at the photo- some of the top rail is missing!!! But then I felt something on the bottom of my barefoot! Top rail! next assignment: Glue top rail. Thanks for reading. J.
  11. Cut and shaped a bowsprit from small bamboo skewer. I don't like that at the angle it can't be drilled through the hull, yet it needs to be on to of the rail. In the photo it is drying in place.
  12. I just put a white thread along the hull in the gouge I cut above the waterline. No photo. J.
  13. It's a bamboo skewer dimension right now 7.5 cm Long 2 cm wide J.
  14. Finally recovered the mishap. Drilled my gun ports and notched out the top rails. Im glad the days of bending Popsicle sticks and flat toothpicks are behind me.
  15. Greetings Lobo. Jeff from the Poconos.
  16. I sanded and repainted. Then decided to cut in with nippers some gun ports. Bad idea. Had to reconstruct. Decided to try to put in cut gunnels one-by-one. They looked good but we're breaking with handling after dry. We all know this hobby has many frustrations and setbacks. Sometimes you gotta walk away, and come back later. I cut everything down to beginning, sanded, and started gunwhales again. Going back to old plan.
  17. The Gunnels are on, top rails on. I did a bottleneck fit check. It was a "cork." I just finished trimming and sanding. It fits now. Back to the paint shop. J.
  18. Tried bulwarks again. Splitting and slicing Popsicle sticks. "Breaking the grain" for the foc'sle. I layered up the poop deck.There's going to be a dark rail above the gun port wall, then a flared rail above the poop deck. Struggled again with gun ports. I'm gonna practice painting little squares (Plan C). Thanks for reading.
  19. Was an interesting find, Lubber. I don't know where I got them from. I never used a color printer cartridge. There isn't a .com any where on it, indicating its origin, yet it's a computer reproduction. It's also to sized to fit the bottle. A1960's Glass Log Cabin Syrup. Im going "waterline." Cheers, Jeff
  20. Hull. Did bulwarks and gun ports but looked so hideous I removed them and sanded down. Rethinking.
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