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  1. Side view. Once in the bottle, can set the joint straight with adhesive.
  2. For Bruce. Opposite of prior description. Wood with rubber band flexi joint.
  3. Idea for oars...elastic. Rubber band .harden with paint, cut out an oar, glue a flat tooth pick on the "backside. Cut or break the toothpick right where it goes in to the side of the ship. Rubber bands are quite versatile.
  4. Never used that brand of epoxy. Drilling small and going bigger is always a good option., as long as your can keep the drill angle steady and true.
  5. This morning: proceeded to cut off bulwarks on both sides, figuring I could swap with coffee stir sticks in their place. While trimming down to the deck the aft part of the hull snapped off from the poop deck back. She's done. On to the next one.
  6. Couldn't tell from the before photo. Reckon it's bc the masts all lined up straight in the photo. I wrote myself a time order checklist awhile back to keep my builds "on track". Step 1..., Step 2 ..., etc. I often come back after a few days or a week , scratching my chin thinking, what the heck was doing last? Fair winds on the rest of your build. J.
  7. I had completed then removed braces on the fore mast, seeking to improve, and while prepping her, I squeezed to hard and put my thumb through the starboard bulwark. I had thrown her out to be scuttled, but then realized all is not lost.
  8. There's an article on Mystery stopper in Popular Mechanics. volume 120. 1963. That would be a part of the full illusion in the article. I've put 2 ships in 50 yr old bottles. Suppose the bottle is older than the ship. The braces look very tan, the rigging looks tight. The light house looks machined. I've been wrong before (disclaimer), suppose the ship is mid 20thcentury and the bottle is turn of the century. I need to find the article again. The inventor it refers to is a ship in a bottle maker.
  9. Is that a mystery bottle stopper? Adds to the mystique of "how'd they do that?" Or do my eyes deceive me?
  10. Yup. Some old classics, some for practical use, some just because.
  11. Jeff B

    CSS Alabama

    I too like show-as-you-go threads. The good, the bad and the ugly. "Oww my finger!", comes to mind. Yours will be fun to watch! I'm certain I will learn a thing or two.
  12. The beginnings of a clipper. Flying Cloud? Cutty Sark? Lightning? Star of India? Not sure.
  13. I like that jig. I think I have enough material to create this jig, after busting up my 2 jigs. 😀
  14. Nice painting! Some of my favorites there! Sure are pretty. I've tied, and used most of them. Ok. Back to your regular programming.
  15. Here's a couple of jigs. Put the ship on either end. Whichever is easiest to work on at moment. Run lines through finger slices of 3 x 5 card (movable) to keep them organized. Very portable. Kitchen table, workbench, one room to another. I have a fishing tackle box for tools and some metal cookie tins for other important items (and they all are). Best regards, Jeff
  16. I built and raced a J- class One meter RC boat in local and regional tournaments long ago. Always fond of them. Any hoo, yours looks great!
  17. Jeff B


    Bruce, granted mine are more folk style,(It's good for a man to know his limitations), they often get squirrelly on me when I'm putting them in and I mess them up. I'll snag a line, cut a line on accident, snap a mast by too much tension, get sea on a sail or boom, the list goes on. I've pulled 2/3 of mine out, thus breaking them. Of course I've rebuilt them, vowing to not do that again, and be more careful. Sharing the bad allows experienced members to offer advice to help us next time. Alan showed me a launching tool. You showed me a way to hide my bow lines with the keel loop. Dan showed us to cut out a keel blank from the ocean b4 we go in. We learn from our mistakes by sharing them. As Dan said, don't be ashamed to share a mishap. We can offer our sympathy too.
  18. That sea is so flat, and it's going in a Christmas ornament (rubbing chin), a melted liquid sea be ideal? IT looks like there are NO wooden yards. The sharp curve in the sails appears to be from going into a Christmas tree ornament sideways. At first I was thinking that's a lot square sheets. But it's 4. Right number. Looking forward to the final product.
  19. Jeff B


    From the album: Jeff B

  20. I have not had one thicker than a toothpick / cocktail skewer yet. I snip off the ends, and roll the ends in sandpaper between my thumb and index finger, Keeping a keen eye on the taper..
  21. Live long and prosper.
  22. That one inspired my Enterprise build! Star Trek: Next Generation , season 6 , episode 12. Title : Ship In A Bottle I thought what would they put in a bottle? Glad you found it!
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