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  1. Dr. Morrison has a nice demo on The Curiousity Show on YouTube. Keyword search Ship in bottle. Also see The Woodwrights Shop. Season 26 ep.1 also found in YouTube. I like the ice cream stick method because plasticine really stays soft and flexible so the ship can pull out. Glued to a ice cream stick in the bottom of the bottle, the ship is firm. Fair winds, Jeff
  2. Welcome to the forum Bruce. I too use Plastice modeling clay. I cut a little worm of blue and white. I twist together like a braid, the fold over and flatten and repeat like Damascus steel, until I get the color I want. Could be milky or total light blue. Then you slip it in the bottle and using tools, flatten it out. Make waves, touch in white caps if you feel the need. A demo can be found on The Woodrights Shop on PBS television Season 26, episode 1. https://video.unctv.org/video/woodrights-shop-ship-bottle/
  3. I pull up the episode on the interweb thingy every now and then for reference. (Hope that doesn't sound creepy) Argh factor.- Haha The other Jeff
  4. Hold on a minute... I saw this guy on Roy Underhill's show on PBS who made it look easy. That episode inspired me to complete the task, and build a ship in a bottle.
  5. Looks good to me! Nice work! On to the next one?!
  6. Here's the final product.
  7. So I have been thinking for some time now, about the starship Enterprise in a bottle. How hard can it be? (Laughing) Obviously it would have to be in pieces. I was thinking fishing line instead of pegs. Put them in loosily, then slide pieces up on the line and position and glue tight. It would probably need a support base for the ship, not the bottle. Clear acrylic, or hang off a fishing line from top of bottle. Could be inverted, hanging off a cork as well. Any thoughts and ideas? Had anyone does this?
  8. Bermuda sloop is back in the bottle! yay!
  9. Thank you all for your kind remarks. I couldn't stand the thought that she had a flaw. The broken line was eating at my heart. my days of settling on mediocrity are behind me. I busted her out of the bottle and have put her back in the shipyard. New mast, new bowsprit, new paint, new rigging, new sails. Yada, yada. Currently still rigging it.
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  12. Welcome Jose! Guess what? You are 1 of only about 250 on the planet who make ships in bottles as a hobby or for money. You are included in a small group of talented people, huh. Hannah looks great! Nice work. Wow, I checked my atlas, 18000 ft! Halfway between Mexico City and the Gulf of Mexico. I live in the Appalachian mountains. More like hills compared to yours.
  13. Yeah Jeff, my next big feat is to put a camera on it. I have the mount. I know 2 blokes that do astrophotography with this model. They are very helpful with equipment add-ons. Processing is quite complex and lengthy. The software is "shareware?" I'm told. For now, enjoying visual. Watching a Supernova developing in a galaxy 300 million light years away, 100 million across, (per Wikipedia) in the last few weeks, with this telescope. How cool is that!?
  14. I see it's an old thread. Last post a year ago, but the nubs, we can look around and post our other passions, right? Some familiar names, some not so familar. Some sticking with ships, others not. I am an amateur astronomer. Have been since interested in the heavens above since I was 12. I have owned a few telescopes. I am now on my 3rd. I also am a citizen scientist/astronomer and have worked on projects for The University of Toronto. Namely, the Search for Planet #9, the Search for Exoplanets (0ver 1400 discovered by the team), and currently classifying galaxies, into like groups, sorting and such, and pointing out things of interest we might want to point the telescopes back on. Most of the photos were taken by Hubble. We were tasked by NASA because in all 3 cases it was too much work. So HQ reports back our findings after verifing. Here's a photo.
  15. Final product. I cut the port backstay trying to push down the stern into the sea, it was riding too high. I tossed the line over to the starboard side.(the not display side.) i don't know if I'll ever go in and fix the line. I don't think I can.
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