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  1. All ready to "go in", but I have been notified by the chief engineer that the transporter will be out of order until 12/25. The bottle is in my Christmas stocking.
  2. Jeff B


    I know that ship! And that bottle! Looks like it will fill it well. Nice work on the hull.
  3. Good day shipwrights, Today the other Enterprise is in the paint shop. This one is going into the bottle in pieces. I have chosen this side of the disk to be the top, as its cuts matched up the cleanest. On previous attempts, I have found that too many times of folding the disk weekend the rubber band holding it together. I imagine paint may make it brittle. One shot at going in. Honestly, that's all that's needed. 😀
  4. Staric display/ prototype is done. Lessons learned: 1. All 3 struts need to be really tight. They are holding unbalanced weight. 2. The red stripes are impossible for me to paint straight. Amazingly, Scotch tape takes a red sharpie very well, can be cut with a razor blade and sticks well. 3.Paint on tape seems to suck away adhesive property. 4. Measure twice, cut once. 5. The interweb, is a good source for details related to a specific ship. Photos plenty of this one, plans, paints used. 6. Each piece in the bottle will have to dry thoroughly and at maximum hold, before the next is added. I won't be able to use 2 hands to stop things from moving or applying pressure to the opposite side. Not to worry, it's still doable.
  5. Static display/prototype for SIB is finished.!
  6. Update: project started November 2019, after much thought. A few trial and errors got me to this point. A static display in the left and SIB hopeful on the right. In the photo on the left the model is missing the antenna array (front) and weapons launch bay (tiny half ball under disk). I have located discussions of official paint scheme based on Smithsonian model and television episodes. Unfortunately certain parts did change color with different seasons and episodes. Decided on original pilot episode, using the new color enhanced version. Quite excited, but alas, I have to go to to the craft store for a color I don't have. Best regards,
  7. Greetings shipwrights, In the last few days I have been experimenting with the folding disk, it has to look right in the bottle. I' m on #4 and I think I figured it out. Meanwhile I chose one of the ships to be a static display for the shelf above my work area. Still envisioning putting the other in the bottle piece by piece. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Or a nice Thursday for those those outside the U.S. Best regards, Jeff
  8. Nice work! Flyting tying thread: As for me, I like 3/0 black for rat lines, shrouds and all lines for and aft. For sail control lines, I use tan quilting thread. The "flat" part really isn't a problem. The concern is for fly tying. It is good for attaching sails. Most importantly, it is very necessary to wax all lines with beeswax to prevent fraying. Best regards, fair winds,
  9. Attn Shipwrights, presenting the quarter in a bottle magic trick. Rubber band set in a channel cut around the edge of the coin.
  10. New day!! I have achieved thick less ness.
  11. Fail!!!! The wood disk was too thick that when folded in 3rds wasn't gonna fit. I attempted to thin it to 1/2 thickness. It split and shattered. I have another piece of wood. I'm gonna try to thin it to size first.
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