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  1. Jeff B

    Hello Puebla Mexico

    Welcome Jose! Guess what? You are 1 of only about 250 on the planet who make ships in bottles as a hobby or for money. You are included in a small group of talented people, huh. Hannah looks great! Nice work. Wow, I checked my atlas, 18000 ft! Halfway between Mexico City and the Gulf of Mexico. I live in the Appalachian mountains. More like hills compared to yours.
  2. Jeff B

    La nina, caravel.

    Looks great!
  3. Jeff B

    What else do you model besides SIBs?

    Yeah Jeff, my next big feat is to put a camera on it. I have the mount. I know 2 blokes that do astrophotography with this model. They are very helpful with equipment add-ons. Processing is quite complex and lengthy. The software is "shareware?" I'm told. For now, enjoying visual. Watching a Supernova developing in a galaxy 300 million light years away, 100 million across, (per Wikipedia) in the last few weeks, with this telescope. How cool is that!?
  4. Jeff B

    What else do you model besides SIBs?

    I see it's an old thread. Last post a year ago, but the nubs, we can look around and post our other passions, right? Some familiar names, some not so familar. Some sticking with ships, others not. I am an amateur astronomer. Have been since interested in the heavens above since I was 12. I have owned a few telescopes. I am now on my 3rd. I also am a citizen scientist/astronomer and have worked on projects for The University of Toronto. Namely, the Search for Planet #9, the Search for Exoplanets (0ver 1400 discovered by the team), and currently classifying galaxies, into like groups, sorting and such, and pointing out things of interest we might want to point the telescopes back on. Most of the photos were taken by Hubble. We were tasked by NASA because in all 3 cases it was too much work. So HQ reports back our findings after verifing. Here's a photo.
  5. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Jeff B,s builds
  6. Jeff B

    Jeff bs build #3.

    Thank you.
  7. Jeff B

    Jeff bs build #3.

    Final product. I cut the port backstay trying to push down the stern into the sea, it was riding too high. I tossed the line over to the starboard side.(the not display side.) i don't know if I'll ever go in and fix the line. I don't think I can.
  8. Jeff B

    Jeff bs build #3.

    Went from a ship in a bottle to be a SHIPWRECK in a bottle. Tried the parchment paper over the sea (clay) to keep it of of the sails in the event of a rollover. The paper wrapped up in the glue, the bowsprit snapped, by then the paper was hardened to the side of the ship, caught in the rigging. I had to remove the ship from the bottle, assess the damage and put her in dry dock, and remove blue sea and glue from the sides of the bottle where things got messy. I use a gel glue for final sea to ship glue in , scrapes away from the glass, if you can fashion a tool fast enough. No photos. Too upset. Final photos after relaunch.
  9. Jeff B

    Jeff bs build #3.

    The hard part is done!
  10. Jeff B


  11. Jeff B

    Newly hooked

    Welcome! Glad You decided to join the forum. A couple of beauties you have there! Did you launch them yet? Jeff
  12. Jeff B

    Jeff bs build #3.

    After looking at Dsiemens, and Exwafoos Ratline jigs, I made one too. Started out with holes, but the lines are crooked. Notches in the side worked out better. Thread locked into position with super glue.
  13. Jeff B

    How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    loking at D's and ex's i think I can come up with something.
  14. Jeff B

    Jeff bs build #3.