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  1. Tried bulwarks again. Splitting and slicing Popsicle sticks. "Breaking the grain" for the foc'sle. I layered up the poop deck.There's going to be a dark rail above the gun port wall, then a flared rail above the poop deck. Struggled again with gun ports. I'm gonna practice painting little squares (Plan C). Thanks for reading.
  2. Was an interesting find, Lubber. I don't know where I got them from. I never used a color printer cartridge. There isn't a .com any where on it, indicating its origin, yet it's a computer reproduction. It's also to sized to fit the bottle. A1960's Glass Log Cabin Syrup. Im going "waterline." Cheers, Jeff
  3. Hull. Did bulwarks and gun ports but looked so hideous I removed them and sanded down. Rethinking.
  4. I found these plans for the Continental brig Lexington 1776, in the back of a file folder. The hull resembles a Bermuda sloop- with raised gunnels. 8 guns per side (oh joy!). There is a photo of it in the same bottle I used last. A 1960's Log Cabin Syrup. I found a couple online. Here we go...again.
  5. Looking like you've done her well. Steady as she goes... Jeff
  6. At eye level the sea looks cupped. High on ends. I'm gonna keep it low on the display shelf so the sea stays flat. On this pic, the glass made the main gaff sail look tore. It's not.
  7. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Jeff B,s builds
  8. Greetings Mick. The Hannah is a good start.😀
  9. Jeff B

    Bottle find

    Found this at antique consignment store today. 1960's Log Cabin syrup. Embossed Indian on back, wheat oval on front to show off ship!! $7 steal! I found a couple @ etsy for around $13-14.
  10. Greetings and Salutations Bruce, Anchors away! The other Jeff
  11. Jeff B

    HMS Terror

    Nicely done. Snow in May????
  12. HMS Waterwitch is done. Just need a proper bottle. I used the plans/ instructions in Jack Needham's Modeling Ships In Bottles.
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