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  1. My Dad got me one of those "kits" for $13.99, when I was 12. I couldn't do it. The frustration. Tried again, 30 yrs later, still couldn't do it. Finally, after 40 yrs, and doing a scratch build, I finished one. Now I'm hooked.
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    I just picked up those chisels at a craft store that Dsiemens posted. Last time I chiseled, I used a jack knife and a flat top screwdriver. doh!
  3. Jeff B

    SS First Attempt

    Looking good! What size is the jug?
  4. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Jeff B,s builds
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    Modified Simple Simon.
  6. Jeff B


    Modified Simple Simon.
  7. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Sometimes when you see things from differencing perspective, you realize something ain't right. I drilled out that cork and fixed the sea.
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    A You Tube SIB Video

    I found it a few days ago on the interweb thingy. My jaw dropped, and I thought, "Game changer!" Then I went looking for old socks and couldn't find any. So I started schemeing. Boxers, ladies undergarments? Then I figured I better not. Did anybody notice he used a flathead screwdriver to make his ocean? I found it odd, but it worked. Looked nice and smooth. Next time I see an old sock...
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    Permission to come aboard?

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    Good ans.
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    Flags, Like "old glory", the "Union Jack" and others. Where should I look for such small size? regards, Jeff
  13. Jeff B

    Permission to come aboard?

    Awesome tips Onni.
  14. Jeff B

    Permission to come aboard?

    So I found this forum many moons ago. Signed up, didn't save it and lost track. Found it!!!! Im on my 3rd SIB. The first 2 never made it out of the shipyard. They were "scrapped". The first 40 yrs ago. The second 30 yrs later. Those were kits. This one by golly... I'm gonna finish. Bob Browns "Simple Simon" 3 masted schooner from scratch. Only, it ain't so simple. I've only had to remake 2 mast, so I'm getting pretty good at drilling holes through toothpicks without blowing them apart. The mast are on, the side stays too. She's screwed to the work table. Painted her to look like "Atlantic," I'm halfway up Mt.Pocono. Retired 8 years ago to become a Stay at home Dad for an infant (that's work) and wound up Homeschooling. Schools out for summer. So it's relax week or 2