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  1. Wooden coffee stirring sticks make good bulwarks. May have to slice them down. But it's easy since they are thin. Bending is easier if dipped in water for a few hours. I start with hot, boiling water. I have chiseled a few decks with gunnels. It's not bad with basswood (I know this isn't basswood) and a perfect width chisel. The "v" in the bow never gets cleaned out right. I've ruined a couple hulls by busting out as well. Possibly a waterline cut hull would get you more wiggle room in the bottle. You won't have enough to press into the , sea so mount your ship on Popsicle sticks that are layered to the right height having been glued to the floor of the bottle. Then put sea around it. Best regards. Jeff
  2. Says the other wood is "oriented strand board, (OSB), used to be in flooring and roofing since 1977. 11% stronger than plywood".
  3. American maple hardwood. I looked it up on the interweb.
  4. Caleb, I admire your enthusiasm. Please don't take this as an insult. I am not familiar with your skill level in miniature scale and patience. A galleon might be too ambitious as a first build for someone who has never built a ship in a bottle. A fore and aft 2 masted schooner is a good starter. 3 to 9 sails. No square sail yards to confuse you, less rigging. They were popular during the " age of sail." You can even research them and find records and give yours s proper name., Best regards, Jeff
  5. Bruce, last night, after testing my mast fold on the hinges, I realized that the foresail lines running through the eye at the keel was putting too much stress on the lines. Decided to pull them out through the bowsprit only and leave the keel lines running through the keel loop. Namely, the 2nd mast (main) pull through the deck, and the boom swings on the gaffs sails that keep them from swinging. I like that it keeps them together. It still has a function. Now on to Alan's jig with staple push off launch. Best regards, Jeff.
  6. Hello and welcome Gordon. Jeff
  7. A picture is worth a thousand words. Lexington: good thing she's not bottled up. 1. I can NOW see I need to put the second sail on the formast UNDER the forward sails. 2 .there needs to be more curve on the lower sail on the Main mast.
  8. Here goes. Fingers crossed. Lexington 1776 and almost finished Baltimore Clipper.
  9. Jeff B

    Fantastic news

    My 9 yr old fixed my Kindle Fire. Go figure, right? Not sure how long the battery will last. That's was the issue. It can take photos!!! I checked! Posting Lexington and almost finished Baltimore Clipper in workbench area. (I hope - fingers crossed.)
  10. New project: baltimore clipper; Pride of Baltimore. 90mm length 75mm height at mainmast 10mm wide waterline cut. Decided to try bent , rounded staple drilled , glued and jammed in the front of the bow at keel, as shown in Bruce Foxworthy's story about the Anders /Niels find passed down through time. b/r, Jeff The Waterwitch turned into a shipwreck. The Lexington is in drydock, waiting for the bottle. No rush. I'm going to use the old Waterwich bottle.
  11. Thank you Alan for the photos and explanation. I had misunderstood the use of the staple. Now I get it. I constructed the stir stick launcher. Jeff
  12. I think I can do that Alan. I'm looking for a way to securely hold the hull. My tweezers usually get caught up in the forward rigging. You break off the piece attached to the keel or slide it off? I have pusher that has a hole on the end that the end of a bowsprit usually fits in. I can see pushing off with that. Are you setting directly into adhesive? It would seem a break off would be ideal. In theory. Last ship, I tried to put adhesive in after the ship was in the bottle, and got some on the lines in the bottle neck and lost individual line control. I don't know what I was thinking. Huge brain fart. On second check with a real stir stick, I can't see cutting or breaking it off in the bottle- UNLESS it was mostly cut, but not quite. Set it on a glued down Popsicle stick with adhesive. Snap it off, with little force, maybe by pushing pushing forward and back once set. My tweezers usually get caught up in the rigging. I'm looking for a way to securely hold the hull. Thank you Alan
  13. Hey, Micky, 1. Looks nice. 2. The coat hanger and string launch tool- does that grip good? I ask because I have a hard time holding on to my vessels once I get in past the neck. It's want to forge my own tools. Jeff
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