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  1. Jeff B


    Hi, Tuna. Took me 40 years to finish my first. 3 failed attempts. Im on #2. I am proud of my ship. Take your time mate. If you break something, step back. Happy building. jeff
  2. I started making a lighthouse out of modeling clay. "Borrowed" a wee bit from from my 8 yr old. Anyhoo, all that's left is paint and the railing. I sure wish it would get rock hard first. Should I cook it? any thoughts?
  3. Jeff B

    Multiple S.I.B. models of the ship Wavertree

    Always impressed with jersey city Frankie's creations. jeff B
  4. My Dad got me one of those "kits" for $13.99, when I was 12. I couldn't do it. The frustration. Tried again, 30 yrs later, still couldn't do it. Finally, after 40 yrs, and doing a scratch build, I finished one. Now I'm hooked.
  5. Jeff B


    I just picked up those chisels at a craft store that Dsiemens posted. Last time I chiseled, I used a jack knife and a flat top screwdriver. doh!
  6. Jeff B

    SS First Attempt

    Looking good! What size is the jug?
  7. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Jeff B,s builds
  8. Jeff B


    Modified Simple Simon.
  9. Jeff B


    Modified Simple Simon.
  10. Jeff B

    Jeff B

    Sometimes when you see things from differencing perspective, you realize something ain't right. I drilled out that cork and fixed the sea.
  11. Jeff B


    © By Jeff b

  12. Jeff B

    A You Tube SIB Video

    I found it a few days ago on the interweb thingy. My jaw dropped, and I thought, "Game changer!" Then I went looking for old socks and couldn't find any. So I started schemeing. Boxers, ladies undergarments? Then I figured I better not. Did anybody notice he used a flathead screwdriver to make his ocean? I found it odd, but it worked. Looked nice and smooth. Next time I see an old sock...
  13. Jeff B

    Permission to come aboard?

  14. Jeff B


    Good ans.
  15. Jeff B


    Flags, Like "old glory", the "Union Jack" and others. Where should I look for such small size? regards, Jeff