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  1. Beautiful masterpiece, Bill. You made the crew too, I see.
  2. Magnets!! What a great idea! Oh the possibilities. Lightbulb just turned on!
  3. Almost need a poll here: what would the sails look like in 40 yrs? Because it's organic material, would the skin shrink and shrivel up, deteriorating? My Lexington 1776 is ready for sails. The onion I imagine is very flexible and forgiving, going into the bottle. Notice how the skin has lines on it? What a plus! I'm intrigued.
  4. Rigging is complete. Constructing sails. They are printed on plans and I am gluing to a file folder and cutting out and sealing with puzzle glue. Build resembles photos on page one.
  5. I can't take photos with my phone anymore. It's jammed. Says I'm out of storage. I'm on the family plan. Other family members..... i delete all photos when I'm done. I don't store them in my phone. I guess my thread is done. I can tell you what I'm doing on the Lexington, but without photos.... Pretty lame, huh? Jeff.
  6. My first build was Bob Browns' "Simple Simon." It's available for download on the interweb. It's a not too difficult 3 mast schooner. I put it in a glass BBQ sauce bottle. I found a historic vessel and painted her to match and gave her a proper name. I replayed member Jim Goodwin making the Hattie Creef on Roy Underhills Pbs show, The Woodrights Shop, at least 100 times making sure I could make a ship in a bottle. He made it look easy, and threw in a few puns. Recently on recommendation here I got ahold of Jack Needham's book. I like his style. All the best, Jeff
  7. Gotta take a step backward, while attaching yards, I realize how difficult it is working around side stays and backstays. Now , for some odd reason the Main mast has an unfortunate lean that won't correct. So I cut the stays. The Main has its yards on, using the "reef knot." I. put the main topmast ratlines on at this time. It seemed easy enough. As I ponder tying the yards on the foremast tomorrow, I kinda wish now I had put them on prior to gluing down the hinge to the hull. Its clumsy work. Clear dark skies tonight, so I'll be up late with my other hobby, Galaxy hunting. Best regards, Jeff
  8. You been sitting on that for 27 years? Looks like a Rainy day project. The lines look right in the 7 masted for and aft schooner. Most would get buried under ythe ship and concealed into the sea once the mast are pulled up. Hope this helps.
  9. Decided on deadeyes on my yards. Used the Fox method.
  10. Well, I got jiggy with it๐Ÿ˜„. Backstays and lower ratlines are on. 3/0 black waxed fly tying thread run through my own chunk of beeswax again to prevent / minimize fuzzy rigging. Thanks for reading and following. BR, Jeff
  11. All done for today. Mast are on.
  12. Looking good mate.
  13. I told my wife this hobby wouldn't hobby wouldn't cost any money. I would use every day materials found around the house. Haha. At one time I was a "sailor." Now I'm just "old salt." I can assure you- there's no time onboard a ship (at sea) to make ships in bottles. BR Jeff
  14. Is the Mirny a ship you wanted to build because it has historical value and it's important to you, or did you just like the way it looks and want to build it? Asking for a friend.
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