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  1. Welcome José! Igor.
  2. My congrats, Jeff!
  3. Amazing work, John! My congrats!
  4. Then I needed to do the wiring for all the rigging, fasten them and trim the ends.
  5. The next stage is to place the surface of the case in the bottle, install it in place, bring the ends of the rigging out..
  6. So, I put a cork in the bottle's throat. Now this job is complete ..
  7. Hi Onni! This plate is carved from pear wood using a CNC milling machine. I ordered it from one of my friends.
  8. Hey Jeff! You did really great job! I am looking forward the next magazine! Best Regards! Igor.
  9. IgorSky

    Newly hooked

    Welcome and good luck, Garry!
  10. Bravo, Alan! My congrats!
  11. IgorSky

    HMS Gannet

    Well done, Onni! My congrats!
  12. Hi James! I used the resin in only for my first projects during 2015-2016. But since 2016 I have been using two component silicone.
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