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  1. Welcome aboard and good luck in your next projects, RAThomas!
  2. Yeah, Jeff, I'm interested in that question, too. Organic material is not very durable.
  3. In that video, Volodymyr just talks about his collection One more video by Volodimer (It shows here how to make sails out of garlic skins) -
  4. Well done, Bill! Amazing work!
  5. This is Volodymyr Yashchuk from Ukraine. I'll watch this video this weekend.
  6. Hi DJ! Do you have any idea what kind of lighthouse you want to make? As I assume, it could be some kind of abstract lighthouse or even some specific lighthouse. Usually a lighthouse is presented as a high round tower and a house near it. You can sharpen a tower piece of four pieces of wood that you put together. Each piece must go down the neck of the bottle. You can make a simulation of the masonry and then it will be easier to hide the joints of the lighthouse details. I think you can even insert an LED, a battery and a control unit into it. Best Regards! Igor.
  7. Nice work, Jeff! Thank you very much! With best regards, Igor.
  8. Elcome and good luck, Mick!
  9. WOW! Amazing work, John! My congratulations!
  10. IgorSky

    HMS Terror

    Well done, Onni! My congrats!
  11. And finally, Jack took his place on the mast.
  12. Next step - I have formed ripples on the water surface using transparent acrylic gel
  13. WOW! Hi Carl! I'm glad to see you here! Best Regards! Igor.
  14. Many thanks, Jeff and Jesse! Jesse, I'm using a syringe with the long tube for this.
  15. Then I installed the mast, pulled up the rigging gear, added some small details and flooded the third layer of the sea
  16. The next step was put two halves of the above-water part of the boat in a bottle and put them in their places and to fill in the second layer of the sea.
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