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  1. Hello to all!Two weeks ago I started another small project in a bottle. This time it is a model of the pilot cutter Jolie Brise. This boat I like for a long time and now, finally, I "matured" for its construction. More or less suitable drawings of this boat, I never found. Found only the theoretical drawing of the hull and the general scheme of the sails. Also I found in the network a number of photos.Well, and a suitable bottle was found.A little of the history about Jolie Brise - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolie_Brise
  2. Hello to all!One of my current projects is a boat in a bottle.As a basis, I took a set for the construction of a boat from LAK-Design. This boat is on the 91st scale, but I plan to place a crew there, so it will be adapted to the 72nd scale.So, a pair of keel frames from the pear 0.7-0.8 mm was prepared in advance and I proceeded to assemble this kit.First I prepared a "skeleton" from a double keel frame, frames and conductor.
  3. Then I needed to do the wiring for all the rigging, fasten them and trim the ends.
  4. The next stage is to place the surface of the case in the bottle, install it in place, bring the ends of the rigging out..
  5. So, I put a cork in the bottle's throat. Now this job is complete ..
  6. Hi everyones! As I promised earlier, I'm starting the story about one more of my projects. But at first, we come back at some time ago. Several years ago I have built the boat in the 72 scale while staying on vacation. By the way, it is very convenient - you have the small kit, minimum of tools and you not lose your time on vacation. This boat was on the shelf of my bookcase since. More then year ago I had got the empty bottle of Japanese whiskey with a fairly wide neck (25 mm). And this boat could be put throuth the throat of this bottle. But I could nothing were occurred to anything but banal theme: rearmament boat rigging and sails, and the replacing it all in a bottle. In general, anything interesting either in technical or in artistic terms And I continued to explore possible options for upgrade the boat…
  7. Hi Onni! This plate is carved from pear wood using a CNC milling machine. I ordered it from one of my friends.
  8. Hello! A few days ago I finished this project.
  9. Hey Jeff! You did really great job! I am looking forward the next magazine! Best Regards! Igor.
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    Our first Bottled Shipwright Journal

    My congrats, Jeff!
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    La nina, caravel.

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    Newly hooked

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    Lydia Eva Steam Drifter

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    HMS Gannet

    Well done, Onni! My congrats!
  16. Hi James! I used the resin in only for my first projects during 2015-2016. But since 2016 I have been using two component silicone.
  17. And the next stage - I placed the underwater part of the hull in a bottle, poured silicone, formed a ripple and foam from acrylic gel and white paint.
  18. Many thanks for yours feedback!So I cleaned and cleaned the bottle again. Then I determined the volume of the future sea. I also finally fixed some parts of the rigging and cut off their free ends. In general, I carried out a final check of all elements of the model before the process of filling up. And finally, I disassembled the model into parts, at the same time drawing up an assembly diagram and marking the threads.
  19. Hello to all! So ... The boat stood on the shipway during almost a year in anticipation of the process of placing in the bottle. About a month ago, I returned from vacation and, in the remaining few days before going to work, I, nevertheless, poured the sea, put the parts of the hull in a bottle and ... In general, as of sundays evening, everything looked like this - I'm going to tell about the process of moving the model into the bottle a little later. Best Regards! Igor.