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    HMS Terror

    Well done, Onni! My congrats!
  2. And finally, Jack took his place on the mast.
  3. Next step - I have formed ripples on the water surface using transparent acrylic gel
  4. WOW! Hi Carl! I'm glad to see you here! Best Regards! Igor.
  5. Many thanks, Jeff and Jesse! Jesse, I'm using a syringe with the long tube for this.
  6. Then I installed the mast, pulled up the rigging gear, added some small details and flooded the third layer of the sea
  7. The next step was put two halves of the above-water part of the boat in a bottle and put them in their places and to fill in the second layer of the sea.
  8. Then I poured the first layer of the sea and placed the underwater part of the boat in it.
  9. Then I made some more small details for this composition
  10. Then I connected all the parts of the boat on the slipway
  11. Many thanks for your feedback, John! So, the next step is to check all the parts of the model.
  12. The next important step is turning the figure into Jack. I did not have any experience with figures, so I decided to improvise
  13. Hey to all! So, I'm back here again and I'm still working.)
  14. IgorSky


    Thank you, Niallmhor!
  15. Ship in bottle Video by British Pathe 1944
  16. WOW, John! Bravo! I'm really delighted about your work! Igor.
  17. Hi Niallmhor! I usually make the base of the hull of any wood, but I use a pear or hornbeam to finish it. Most of the bottles I have met have a neck width of 18-20 mm, but there are bottles with a neck width of up to 25 mm. And I think the important thing is not to be afraid to try to do it. In my opinion, the first model can be simple in design, but you can pay more attention to different details. Good luck! Igor.
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