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  1. Hello to all! So ... The boat stood on the shipway during almost a year in anticipation of the process of placing in the bottle. About a month ago, I returned from vacation and, in the remaining few days before going to work, I, nevertheless, poured the sea, put the parts of the hull in a bottle and ... In general, as of sundays evening, everything looked like this - I'm going to tell about the process of moving the model into the bottle a little later. Best Regards! Igor.
  2. IgorSky

    SS First Attempt

    Hi Weege! Goog start! I am sorry, but what is it? Best Regards! Igor.
  3. IgorSky


    Well done, James! My congratulations!
  4. Hi Bill! Many thanks for your feedback! But I still think that you can not consider this level unattainable. Just try to do something and you will be surprised by your capabilities! I did not immediately come to this level and I still continue to study. Good luck and my best regards to you! Igor.
  5. IgorSky

    Pirate type Galleon

    The rigging, rigging and sails of ships of the XVIII century Marquardt K.Kh. Anderson, Roger Charles. The Rigging of Ship. In the days of the sprritsail topmast, 1600-1720
  6. IgorSky

    How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    Hi Mike! Usually I cover all the parts of the base of the hull with planks. Please, look at this photo of one of my current projects.
  7. IgorSky

    Started build no.2

    Oh, sad!! I usually try to tie the yards and gafel to the mast, using threads.
  8. IgorSky

    Started build no.2

    OK, James! Perhaps this will be useful for you at another time. This is one way to make the folded sail that I used in one of my projects.
  9. IgorSky

    Started build no.2

    Hi James! Sometimes there is an option to make the sails folded.
  10. IgorSky

    How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    Hi Mike! I often use the method of building bulwarks from planks. Usually I use planks made from a pear or hornbeam 0.5 mm thick. I glue them with TiteBond glue. Then I put the racks on the inside of the bulwark. And then I can process the outside of the bulwark with sandpaper to make it thinner.
  11. IgorSky

    Permission to come aboard?

    Hi Jeff! Welcome!
  12. Finally, I set up on places the Old Man himself, the paddles and the basket with a pair of fish.