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  1. Tarmo

    Good start, Onni!
  2. Dave Fellingham

    I got the last PM on FB from Dave a little over a year ago.
  3. Newly addicted

    Welcome aboard, Spanky!
  4. Japanese Method

    As I know the Japanese method called the method of building ships in a bottle at which the ships are placed the stern to the neck of the bottle.
  5. HMS Trincomalee

    Well done, Onni! Congrats!
  6. The sail is almost ready
  7. And again with shrouds...
  8. Continuation of work with the shrouds
  9. Working with small elements
  10. Then I cut out the sail and tied it to the yard.
  11. While the fabric was drying up, I again came back to the blocks.
  12. Making a sail ... At first I, as usual, prepared a piece of cloth.