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  1. Then I made a ripple on the water, using a transparent acrylic gel.
  2. Then I proceeded to place the Fish and the boat in the bottle. It took me two tries to do it. First try...
  3. IgorSky

    Started build no.2

    Hi James! It looks promising! I look forward to the continuation! Good luck!
  4. And finally I filled the first portion of the "sea"
  5. Then I cut out a couple of oars and a little tinted the face, neck and arms of the Old Man.
  6. Then I placed a shark in the bottle, fixing it with a transparent sealant.
  7. Then I assembled the whole structure on the slipway.
  8. Also I replaced the rigging and added some small things to the boat.
  9. Then I checked the rest parts of the model.