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  1. IgorSky


    WOW, Onni! Well Done! My congrats! Igor.
  2. Then I placed the bottle on another slipway, pulled out all the gear of the standing and running rigging, fixed their CA, cut off the ends and set the flag in the stern.
  3. Then I took the model off the slipway and stuffed it all into a bottle, applying some silicone sealant to the bottom of the bottle beforehand. I placed the boat's hull diagonally and left it to dry.
  4. Thank you, John! Yes, those dead eyes were too large for this model. But I'm thinking about how to make them even smaller. Maybe next time... That's my third slipway. This device really makes the job easier. Best Regards! Igor.
  5. Welcome and good luck in your first project, Caleb!
  6. I made more thinner rigging yarns, made new stay ropes, finished the running rigging, added the tiller, the flag on the bowsprit, painted the underwater part with copper and reassembled the whole structure on the slipway
  7. I put a model on the slipway and... I decided that there would be no deadeyes in this this time...
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