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  1. Many thanks Daniel, Leff and Onni! Now I have almost finished making the model itself. But I'm going to put it in a bottle, most likely during the Christmas holidays.
  2. Hello from Southern Finland

    Welcome aboard, Onni!
  3. Gun Station

    Well done, Alan! My congrats to you!
  4. Constitutionen

    Good choice, Artur! Some time ago I was looking for drawings of this ship, but I found only the photos of the model from the museum in Bergen.
  5. Then I proceeded to final assembly of the model on the slipway with the final installation of deck elements, fixing the rigging parts that should be fixed, drawing up the rigging wiring diagram and checking everything in general.
  6. Small advance forward over the weekend.Attached the decal to the stern overhang.
  7. Hi everyone! So, my vacation is over, I came back to home and I can continue my story The next stage is making of the shrouds
  8. Many thanks, Jesse! In the end, I used the simplest technology to make blocks for this model. In this topic there is the photos of this process.
  9. Many thanks, Jeff! I will try to continue the story in the near future. Best Regards! Igor.
  10. Many thanks bluenoser! The work is slow, but, nevertheless, it is going A few days ago I was compelled to make building berth. This time the rigging turns out to be more complicated than I did before.
  11. After that, I tried to set and the other two front sails
  12. Then I completed the wiring of the running rigging of the first of the front sails
  13. Many thanks Daniel, IOAN and all who are interesting this project! Then I made a couple backstays