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  1. Many thanks bluenoser! The work is slow, but, nevertheless, it is going A few days ago I was compelled to make building berth. This time the rigging turns out to be more complicated than I did before.
  2. After that, I tried to set and the other two front sails
  3. Then I completed the wiring of the running rigging of the first of the front sails
  4. Many thanks Daniel, IOAN and all who are interesting this project! Then I made a couple backstays
  5. Then I missed the mainstay through the racks of the lower front sail and tested it on.
  6. Then I made a couple of belaying pin planks for the stern of the boat and installed them in their places. Then I tried to stretch a loop from the thread between the plank and the board. In the future, I plan to use such loops to guide rigging in hard-to-reach places inside the bottle.
  7. Then I wound a few skeins of rope with a simple device and hung them around the nagels
  8. Then I decided to make the fife rail, on which the running ends of the gaff will be fixed. In the original, this is a kind of metal band with nests for nagels, but I decided to make this part easier, because All the same it will not be visible under to the skeins of the ropes.
  9. Next, I made the hawse-holes for the anchor rope from the pieces of the medical needle and fixed them in place.
  10. Then I cut out of from the tea bag a grid for the bowsprit and fixed it in place (without final fixation for now)
  11. Then I made the strip with stops and installed a couple more blocks at the stern.
  12. Many thanks, friends for yours feedback! Did you manage to see this boat in Halifax, bluenoser? For almost a month I did not post updates, though, the work was quietly conducted. Now I will make up for lost time So, the next stage of the construction was the making the railings. I have, if possible, delayed this stage, because I prefer to install them whenever possible, so as not to interfere with the work. Racks of railings I cut from medical needles. In the gunwale I drilled holes for them. I screwed a very thin wire rings with legs to paste them into the upper ends of the posts and then stretch the railings through the rings.
  13. Żuraw Gdański

    Bravo, Artur! Great work! Congratulations!
  14. WOW! Bravo! Amazing work!
  15. New and ready to learn

    Welcome aboard, UpCreekWithoutPaddlewheel ! As I think, the best way to learn something is to try to do it. Just find the bottle, select the pattern for the model and go ahead! Here you will always find the answers to your questions that arise during the work. Good Luck! Igor.