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  1. Roberts Situation

    You are correct.. It was not you who started the conversation about closing this site. My apologies for missunderstandind the nature of the issue and who was involved. Nevertheless, there are people who will aid in defraying the cost, I am one of them, though I dont contribute much to this site.. No more to be said by me. Other people can chime in..
  2. Roberts Situation

    Begs the questions. If you are not interested in SIB, your words not mine, why are you here? Also why would you spend $$$$ on a site you have no interest in either by starting or being part of it, even when people have offered to help out regarding the cost I stand by my statement that people have other lives besides modeling. I for one dont want you to leave or move this site. Just explain the situation as it is unfolding if you would please. ...
  3. MOVED from - RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    OFF TOPIC. This conversation should not be here..
  4. MOVED from - RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    To All , I for one will not move to Fdcebook or Twitter or any other site similar to them. I have objections to them. As far as this site goes, if you choose to go Bob, so be it. Remember that there have been offers of help. I would suggest and hope that others with more electronic/.Internet savy then I would take it over even if I pay a bit via PayPal. I am building a Bluenose right now. Why haven't I put pics on, just lazy. I like this site. People do have other live other than modelling.
  5. MOVED from - RMS St Helena ex Northland Prince

    I for one am more that ready to pay my share via a Paypal account. I dont contribute a lot except the odd comment.. But this site is more that worth it.. I dont like Facebook or any such sites. Just out of curosity, what is the mean age of people here? Im 66.
  6. Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

    Excellent work. Having been on the ship recently, your model is very accurate. Carry on. Can't wait to see it go into the bottle.
  7. Mini SIB "Salesman's Sample"-R.M.S. Titanic

    Just wondering if you were referring to the Fuller Brush Co. by your comments on traveling salesmen and their miniatures that's all.
  8. Mini SIB "Salesman's Sample"-R.M.S. Titanic

    Fuller Brush salesman?
  9. S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

    Very nice. Hope to see more as it progresses.
  10. Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

    As a point of interest, the Jolie Brise will be in Halifax on July 29th to Aug 1st of this year. I hope to get onboard and have my book by Thad Koza signed .
  11. Berchems Whale Barque Erik

    Thank you Alan. Bought it and is printing as I write. I'll read it first then later I'll start the built after a bit more research. Seems the Erik had an interesting career before she was sunk.. Thanks again. rollie
  12. Berchems Whale Barque Erik

    FYI, the US aircraft carrier Eisenhower in now in HFX harbour for Canada Day celebrations. It will be here until July 5th. Got to like ships.
  13. Berchems Whale Barque Erik

    In Berchems book he says that the Erik had a rounded stern. Did the Erik have a rounded stern or a flat one as the New Bedford whalers and others of the era? I want to make it similar to the book but be historically accurate as well. Thanks in advance for any information.
  14. Black Pearl

    What size is the model ( l.o.a. ) and how tall will it be with the masts? Hope your hand heals up.. BTW, Canada is a metric country. Except for things going to the US where it has both metric and Imperial. As well as French and English.
  15. Black Pearl

    What size of bottle are you using? 750 ML is all I can see in the liquor stores here. Love the work.