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  1. bluenoser

    How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    I noticed that there are tiny spots on the mast rigging at the channels. How are they made and why?
  2. bluenoser

    Jeff bs build #3.

    Virginia Sloop. Anybody built one ? Nice work BTW Looking good so far
  3. bluenoser

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Very nice, very nice indeed.
  4. bluenoser

    Coffee/Tea Sails

    Thanks I try that Seems less work that what is in the books. Reguards, rolllie
  5. bluenoser

    Coffee/Tea Sails

    The books I have say 6 hours to 24 to let them simmer in the solution. What do the people here do ? Paper is news print. big sheets used for wrapping.
  6. bluenoser

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Balsa...though so, Like the paint works, Well done. Cheers, rollie
  7. bluenoser

    The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

    Was going to ask earlier. What kind of wood is that?
  8. bluenoser


    Your welcome. As I said, excellent work Ah ha.... PVA.
  9. bluenoser


    Excellent work. ......diluted VIKOL...is what ?
  10. bluenoser


    No modern naval CDN ????
  11. bluenoser


    No sails. Looks old. BTW, the Cutty Sark ha s a Spencer on the main mast. Jack Needham always put it on.
  12. bluenoser

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Dartmouth NS, across the harbour from Halifax. From a small place called Metegan. Acadian by ancestary. (Cajan to the Southern US),. Retired now so lots of time for SIBs
  13. bluenoser

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Your welcome. BTW Chasseur are you CDN?
  14. bluenoser

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    http://The small interior bulb has mercury in it. Dispose properly not in regular garbage. I also use two bulbs. Break one for the end and the other cut about 1/4 to 1/8 from its end destroying the screw base. A diamond cutter works the best. Acid,etc no so much, personally don't use it. I have a lot of ends, want one?
  15. bluenoser

    Japanese Method

    . NAFTA what would President Trump think of this....... lol .... Agreed. Would be a very good idea to reserect a North American SIS Association .