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  1. I have seen pictures showing some sort of bottle opening plug that looks like a wooden assembly that appears to butterfly into the bottle. Not sure how else to describe it. Will try to figure out how to post a picture if needed.
  2. I can see attaching the bow after inserting in the bottle, but the stern would be hard. Or so it seems.
  3. Anyone put a Viking ship in a bottle? I think the sail would be easy, but what about the oars?
  4. DCook


    Mine was in 1/96 also. The old Revell kit.
  5. I am new to this art. Just got Dan Berg's book. Are there other good books for beginners? Firs question: are there other "hinge" methods for the masts than he describes?
  6. DCook


    Old modeler from Georgia. Have built all kinds of models. Just completed USS Constitution. Have been interested in trying ships in a bottle. Hobbies are, woodworking, modeling, RV camping.
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