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    Hello Puebla Mexico

    *Welcome aboard Jose* If your interested, please hit the clubs tab at the top by Leaderboard and Pages to join our club and subscribe to our journal. It’s free to all who sign up. Nice job on Hannah, well done! Jeff
  2. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    I got a chance to work on the mount that holds the hull in the light bulb and soldered up the Bow Sprit and Jib Boom complete with Martingale. I referenced Underhill's book for this. I had to build a special jig from a miniature close pin to hold the Martingale while soldering. I chose the eyelet end of a sewing needle for ease of rigging later! Tweezers show scale reference Note dot of glue to hold the needle while soldering into position. Used some thin wood shims to get the proper positioning. Here is the completed Bow Sprit/Jib Boom less paint, foot ropes, Head/back stays, and guys. Still some intricate work to do on it today!
  3. Hi Lubber123, I sent you a pm from gmail. Did you get it?
  4. Ahoy maties! Our first journal is out. Please hit the clubs tab to find it. If you haven't signed up please join our club. The journal is free of charge and all that I ask is that you sign up so I can track our readership! Please enjoy our first journal. Jeff
  5. Chasseur

    HMS Ramillies, 74

    Hi Frankie, I would like to use your still life painting posted here for the cover page of our next Bottled ShipWright journal which I will release this June of 2019. Your artwork is excellent and should be celebrated by our members. May I please have your permission to use it? Please advise. Jeff
  6. Chasseur

    Hi from Bristol UK

    Welcome aboard Bob! We are so glad you joined our band of merry men. Jeff
  7. Chasseur

    Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

    Thing of beauty Igor, well done!
  8. Chasseur

    What else do you model besides SIBs?

    Hey Jeff, you remind me of my brother-in-law. He is on his third telescope as well. It’s quite the beast. He has a van that he hauls it around in and he has to put it together as it comes in sections. Once I tried to ask him how much he paid for it and he declined to say so I am assuming it’s a small fortune. We were out one night years ago and we could see the rings around Saturn. Very cool to see God’s creativity up close.
  9. Chasseur

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Excellent work John. Talk about thinking outside of the box! Well done my friend. 😀
  10. Thanks Igor greatly appreciated!
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, attached is our first edition! Enjoy...Jeff The Bottled Shipwright.pdf
  12. Chasseur

    Working out scale.

    Hi James, Seeing how this subject can be somewhat frustrating for most bottleship modelers I will post an article next Bottled ShipWright journal in June. Stay tuned!
  13. You are certainly welcome Bernard! I am glad you liked it. 😊
  14. Chasseur


    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Same to you IOAN //////////////////////////// 🕊️ Jeff
  15. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Got some time in the Man Cave to work on the base for the bulb and started on the masts and support for the hull. The masts are small wire and sewing needles soldered together. If you look closely there is a gold patina dry-brushed on the base and support structures for the bulb. I made a special little tool to measure the contour of the inside of the bulb as well. Enjoy!
  16. Chasseur


    Hello all. Now hear this! I almost got our first edition of the Bottled ShipWright journal ready to go. A bit more editing and I’ll be ready to release it. Stay tuned and please check the clubs tab around the 15th of December...your editor in chief. 😎 Christmas is coming!
  17. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Well, I had big intentions of finishing this build by October 4th for SIB day and that was an absolute pipe dream. Life has been exceedingly busy taking care of my aging Mom and... we had a major incident at work which shut down 600 plus employees for almost 2 weeks. Henceforth I have been stupidly busy. Anyway attached is a bit of work on Wivern. I got the hull painted with waterline installed. I have 2 weeks off at Christmas hopefully I can get a lot done on her then?
  18. Chasseur

    HMS Ramillies, 74

    Very cool idea, talk about thinking outside of the box on your part!
  19. Chasseur


    Welcome aboard and we’re glad to have you join our group. If you like hit the clubs tab at the top and join our party. Jeff
  20. Chasseur

    Lydia Eva Steam Drifter

    I concur well-done congratulations, Alan!!!
  21. Way to go Artur! I am very proud of you and your performance. ? The one SIB with the red ribbon tied at the middle, is that France II? Jeff
  22. Chasseur

    EASIB Convention SIBS

    WOW outstanding craftsmanship thanks for sharing Allan!
  23. Chasseur

    Sexy socks for the well dressed Bon vivant

    Very cool! Go figure ?
  24. Chasseur

    HMS Gannet

    Deck furniture looking great. Too bad about the broken spar. I know the amount of work that goes into modeling... hurts when you break someth?ing.