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  1. Welcome Lobo. We have a Journal for our members. Please hit the clubs tab at the top of the front page to sign up. I remember Frank as well. Jeff
  2. Chasseur

    Bottle find

    Hey Gwyl, It’s good to see you are back posting! BTW I made you an honorary member of our journal the Bottled ShipWright. To see it please hit the clubs tab. Jeff
  3. Welcome Mick. Also please hit the clubs tab and sign up for our journal. I just released the second edition. Jeff
  4. Congrats John a fantastic build and model. 1st Prize* for ingenuity and design!
  5. Thanks Alan, greatly appreciate your encouragement and comment.
  6. The second journal is out for your viewing pleasure. Please hit the Clubs Tab and Bottled ShipWright. Scroll down to my last post to find it! Jeff
  7. Hot off the press! Attached is the second edition for your reading pleasure. Your editor. The Bottled Shipwright.pdf
  8. Looks like a decent kit with good instructions. Should be a good build!
  9. Hey Carl, glad your here, a few years is better than no years!
  10. Checking some clearances just to be sure!
  11. Beautiful work Lubber! That is a unique bottle and nice details on the ship and scenery.
  12. Ditto Daniel, that was a great podcast and a nice plug for our hobby!
  13. Outstanding job Lubber! Excellent use of space and artistic balance. Beautiful work on the base, very appealing to the eye! 10 out of 10. Jeff
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