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  1. Hi, I have not received any pm email aside from a general form letter confirming my enrollment...

    1. Lubber123


      Thanks, I found and read the article and found it most interesting. However I had already determined that my model has to date no earlier than 1910 because of the screw top end and beyond that is anyone's guess up to the date it was found in 1964. The materials are still in great shape and the hull is so well shaped that it almost seems pre-made, it's just the rest of the work which is a mix of sloppy and carefully which leads me to believe maybe more than one hand (or machine) was involved. I thought maybe someone would recognise this model as something common from years ago. I guess I'll never know for sure.

    2. Chasseur


      Okay I had tried to respond via my gmail account to your post. Obviously  you never got it or it ended up in your spam box. Anyway I would like to publish this as an article in our next journal. Are you okay with that?


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