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  1. Hi, I have not received any pm email aside from a general form letter confirming my enrollment...

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    2. Lubber123


      Yes, I agree with that. Actually I'd like to write a series about my SIB history in an installment of anecdotes (I like to write short stories also as a hobby and I had a bit of inspiration when I resurrected my SIB hobby recently). Where would be the best place to post these? In the general discussion forum or the Shipwright club or someplace else (or not al all!)? It would be a chronology of the few models I picked up over the years, the ones I made and how I ended up here in an essay style.

    3. Chasseur


      If you write them with or without some pictures then please send them to me here when finished in a word document and I will add them to our journal in instalment . I started the first journal December of 2018. The next one comes out mid June of this year. So yes, please provide a chronology of your models and each article will go into the journal. Also you can use your pen name of Lubber123 or your real Christian name works too. BTW I really like your avatar of the old man with the pipe. Very cool!

    4. Lubber123


      Hi Jeff, here's my first draft about my old SIB...could I also submit this to "articles"? I have a small series I'm crafting as I examine my SIBs one by one...

      The Lubber Chronicles Part 1 - Lost and Found.docx

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