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  1. Thank you Spanky for the kind words. May God richly bless you and yours, especially your Mom! 😇 Chass
  2. Hi Caleb, the handrails are photo-etched parts I purchased online from a chap in the UK. The rails are painted with a white enamel paint thinned with mineral spirits. Chass
  3. Thank-you, James and Jesse for the kind words. The sails are made from a heavy watercolor paper. I scribe the details in with a mechanical pencil and detail with watercolor pigment! Chass
  4. Thank you John, for the kind words. Chass
  5. Thanks Onni for your kind words. Chass
  6. For me, I am part of an Incident Management Team in our Emergency Operations Center. We have declared a State of Emergency. Our EOC is at level 3, 4 is the highest you can go. We are in a partial lock-down here in Alberta Canada. Most businesses are closed with exception to Food Stores, Pharmacies, Veterinarians, Hardware Stores for emergency repairs and of course Medical Centers and Hospitals. You can still get takeout food at drive through, however you are not allowed inside any restaurants, bars, barbershops et al. Daniel- I feel for you as the USA has been hit hard especially New York, California, Florida, Washington, and I heard a cluster has developed in New-Orleans. Our Health Care officials have one vital statement: Stay Inside! I am confident we will get through this as long as people practice social distancing when out and perfect hygiene. I can't even image what the people are going through in China, Spain, France, UK and Italy? Chass
  7. I must apologize for my inactivity. Between change management at work, taking care of my aging mother, and now COVID-19, things are a bit hairy these days. Anyway some progress as follows:
  8. *Sounds like a plan* Hopefully it will be a smooth transition!
  9. The Bottled Shipwright *Now Hear this* The 2019 fall winter edition is out and can be found by; hitting the Clubs Tab and scroll down to it, or please hit the link above! "If you are new to our forum please join the club, as all are welcome."
  10. Here is the latest edition of the Bottled Shipwright! Enjoy and Happy New Year to All 😎 Your Editor The Bottled Shipwright fall winter 2019.pdf
  11. Gerard Aubrey IMHO is a Grand Master when it comes to S-I-B’s. He is probably one of, if not the best, of all ShipWright’s on the planet! Happy New Year everyone!
  12. Great find Daniel! I remembered someone trying to find information on Mr. Fulfit and a previous CBC video before in days gone by with no luck. You are the Man! Way to go and thanks for posting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Jeff
  13. Hello all, The Old Salt Blog by Rick Spilman has a wonderful video of a Museum created by Des Pawson, http://www.oldsaltblog.com/ Des is a fascinating Old Salt/Curator of a museum he had constructed to further the lost art of rope building etc. By far IMHO, he is probably the best subject matter expert on the Planet. If you are a fan of Ashley's Book of Knots this a must watch video. Your Editor in Chief
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