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  1. Chasseur


    Excellent detail at this scale! 🧐
  2. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    I had a chance to work on the hull some more. I have it almost where I want it. There is one coat of Testor's Primer on it so I can apply some putty in the low spots and sand down before painting it out. The Wivern has a very unique hull and ram. The designer was way ahead of his time as the hull/bow resembles a WW1 Dreadnought design with a stern that emulates an extreme clipper ship in a way. I also built myself an adjustable slip to hold the hull and it works really well. The idea came off of a post on Model Ship World. The stalks can slide back and forth to adjust and they press fit into the MDF base. There are 2 wedges that locate it on the bed that are removable. I.E. triangular wedge bottom left by brass tube. Also the whole thing is removable by removing 1 threaded bolt. The 25 cent coin shows the scale. To the left is an adjustable work light powered by 3 watch batteries. Note bottom right aluminum angle fixed to bench with a wood screw. Take the screw out and the whole arm is removable. Both wedges are visible in this photo. Below shows a third hand and soldering station in which I just finished building a custom bottle tool. No picture yet-'Top Secret for now'... just kidding! I'll show it on another post. The little chrome eyelet at the front of the base is for directing all of the rigging lines away and below to ease the clutter. Above shows the versatility of my work station. Below shows my mini vise on the arm as I cut out a piece of brass with my jewelers saw. More to come! PS FOR Weegee>>> the tools with the blue and yellow handles are home made miniature chisels made from sewing needles..
  3. Chasseur

    Permission to come aboard!

    Welcome aboard Lou! You’ll like the site as there are bunch of talented people here and always willing to share. Also please hit the clubs tab and sign up for our free journal. First edition comes out this December. Jeff
  4. Igor, Please PM me with a nice snapshot shot of this build as I would like to feature it on the cover of the Bottled ShipWright this December.
  5. Chasseur

    How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    It’s always a challenge getting the detail right at this scale and you are doing a wonderful job! Looking Good!
  6. Chasseur


    Please check the Clubs tab for an important announcement! As well, If you haven't signed up please do so ... Jeff
  7. Gents, Not only will Commander Donald Hubbard USN supply us with one amazing article about the inception of The Bottle Shipwright decades ago, he has also agreed to supply an article about the Japanese method of inserting a ship in a bottle. I am really excited about the aforementioned as there really isn't much out there on the Internet and anything about the method from Japan is written in Japanese. Don made a lot of connections in his career and you can bet your boots he will supply us a first rate article for our journal this December. Stay tuned ... yours truly... Chasseur Editor in Chief.
  8. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Rough blank carved. Have to start the hull detail and carve keel section and hull contour. Also, a fellow on MSW sent me a link to a small boat building slip of which I'll build one of for my little tray. See link http://www.hobbyzone.pl/en/boat-building-tools/105-small-building-slip.html
  9. Chasseur


    Beautiful work! Coming along nicely.
  10. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Started shaping the blank for the hull. Slicing on top to model the folding down of the bulwarks so deck level has to be lower than forecastle and stern area. I also didn't like how my workstation was set up so I re-vamped it with a third-hand assembly and work tray. The tray swivels and is removable to add on other accessories and the whole thing comes off of my bench by removing 1 screw. 😎 I also pre-drilled the masts and funnel locations. The Wivern was quite modern with a mast rake of 5 degrees.
  11. Chasseur

    Chatham Dockyard

    Very cool what an experience for you! Thanks for sharing*
  12. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    I got the templates made so I am ready to start carving the hull.
  13. Chasseur

    HMS Gannet

    I like your idea of using styrene to sheath the wooden hull blank. Good technique on your part and makes modeling the portholes etc. very easy to do. Nice job!
  14. Chasseur

    Pirate type Galleon

    Excellent pics and Video by John. All... if you guys have a technique or modeling ideas to share please do not hesitate to send me a quick email with them in a word or PDF document so we can share them this December in our Bottled ShipWright Journal. I will ensure to insert the link to John's video in the journal. This is the kind of stuff I am looking for. P.S. the journal will be free and please hit the clubs tab next to the Leader Board near the top of the page to join. See attached snip! Jeff
  15. Chasseur


    Hi, Bluenoser not yet! However, this might be something I could work on for our upcoming journal in December. I'll see how that goes ...Jeff