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  1. Checking some clearances just to be sure!
  2. Beautiful work Lubber! That is a unique bottle and nice details on the ship and scenery.
  3. Ditto Daniel, that was a great podcast and a nice plug for our hobby!
  4. Outstanding job Lubber! Excellent use of space and artistic balance. Beautiful work on the base, very appealing to the eye! 10 out of 10. Jeff
  5. A little more work on the deck and I started installing the foldable bulwarks or Gunnels for you old salts out there. Wivern could drop her bulwarks and fire a broadside either side with the use of swivel turrets.
  6. Would be nice to see one in a bottle, hint hint! Nice job Lubber she looks, Grand!
  7. Hey Jim, one of my other passions I have decided to take up is painting with water colours. An excellent East Indian artist that I follow had this very thing happen to him. It’s an absolute shame this kind of deception occurs. Jeff
  8. Welcome, to our band of Merry Men Hafid! 😀 The other Jeff
  9. Very nice Lubber! I love these retro kits, simplistic, yet very convincing. Turk's head is perfect* Thanks for posting, Jeff
  10. Hey Daniel, my son Chris is working on his CPA as well. I know the time commitment and work involved just by chatting with him. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there you’ll make it!
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YTNYzHCksE This video, I believe, is the work none other by Heather Gabrielle Rogers. She is a true artisan of our hobby! https://www.folkartinbottles.com/artists/artists-i-r/35-gabrielle-rogers
  12. *Welcome aboard Jose* If your interested, please hit the clubs tab at the top by Leaderboard and Pages to join our club and subscribe to our journal. It’s free to all who sign up. Nice job on Hannah, well done! Jeff
  13. I got a chance to work on the mount that holds the hull in the light bulb and soldered up the Bow Sprit and Jib Boom complete with Martingale. I referenced Underhill's book for this. I had to build a special jig from a miniature close pin to hold the Martingale while soldering. I chose the eyelet end of a sewing needle for ease of rigging later! Tweezers show scale reference Note dot of glue to hold the needle while soldering into position. Used some thin wood shims to get the proper positioning. Here is the completed Bow Sprit/Jib Boom less paint, foot ropes, Head/back stays, and guys. Still some intricate work to do on it today!
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