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  1. Hi Daniel, BTW Burt Reckles hit the donation tab to donate some funds and nothing happened. FYI, Jeff
  2. Wow Bill that is a beast of a ship and a bottle to boot!
  3. Excellent work Alan!
  4. Yes Igor it would be awesome if you could translate for us. I agree with Daniel the ships in the upright bottles are simply amazing! Daniel thank-you for sharing this video what a great find* This videos gives all of us a new realm to dive into regarding bottling ships. Jeff
  5. Hi Bruce, Judging from the photo’s the wood might be pear, beach or apple, the grain looks really tight. There is also a type of boxwood that resembles the tool on the right. The one of the left sort of looks like the colour of cherry wood but my heart says it’s probably stained. So not sure! I am assuming he used the chisel tool for gouging out the hull? The two tools could definitely be made from fid needles and could he have used them for making/drilling holes in the hull? The cordage is interesting, was it used for sail repair originally? If you have reversed cordage it can easily spliced to make longer lengths and doubled up to make any thickness depending how many times you twist it. Jeff
  6. For those of you who don’t know the Ashley book of knots is a free PDF download on the internet. Nothing beats the real thing though. It’s awesome Bruce that you have a hardcover in your possession. I absolutely love the pen and ink drawings in the book! Jeff
  7. The lower mast is made from a sewing needle, the upper is from some small gauge wire I had lying around.
  8. Hi Bruce, I apologize for taking so long to respond. Attached are pictures of my jig and an application on a Great Lakes 1812-1815 circa Warship. Thread goes into the spring at top with spacing required depending on diameter of the mast. Bottom piece where the screw goes into the jig is wood and slots are cut according to the spacing required on the hull. Start at the top with a piece of thread, then slip it into the spring, and then pull down into a location on the bottom piece of the wood both sides. The beauty of the wood is you can pick number of shrouds/lines, spacing etc. Then start glueing your lines in place according to the scale required. Jig is built from brass square tubing. Holes are drilled to allow for different SIB scales. Just remove the brass screw each side and adjust accordingly. Rod is soldered at the bottom so it can fit into my fly tying pin vice. Here is a picture of the rat lines installed on a British Warship.
  9. Life has been extremely busy. Change management at work, taking care of my aging Mom, and the Vice Admiral is asking for a ton of renovations on our house. It never ends! Anyway, attached is a picture of the mizzen mast with sail less flag. I have to finish making the flag. Also I have quite a bit of deck furniture and ancillary stuff built ready to install on the deck. The Canadian dime shows reference to the scale I am working in.
  10. Okay Daniel I totally understand. When you’re ready please submit an article of your choosing. Bruce, no worries. Please take your time gathering the data and there is no rush. When you’re ready then yes please submit the full meal deal no holds barred. Even it it takes a year so be it. All is well. Also, if Daniel agrees to you being a co-editor then I welcome the help indeed. Both of you are an inspiration to all who visit here. Jeff
  11. Bruce here is a suggestion for consideration for you. All of this information would make an outstanding article for our upcoming December release of our next Bottled ShipWright journal. I am positive this saga would be a fascinating read not only for our members but others who download our journal. You seem to have a knack for research and writing. I could definitely use a co-editor to take some pressure off of me. Thoughts? Daniel, when you read this are you still up for writing an article for our December release? Jeff
  12. It just gets better and better! Wow, brass sails now that's class* Jeff
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