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  1. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    If we set it up as a not for profit club then there is no worries about taxes or any other legalities. So we might have to look at a different name other than NASBA. Maybe we poll our members and ask for a suggestion to a club name and something really simple regarding a name like Bottle Hounds, Scallywags, or Bottle Builders etc. ? Thoughts?
  2. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    Okay sounds good please give it a try! Jeff
  3. Dave Fellingham

    Igor do you still keep in contact?
  4. lettie And pioneer bottle

    Nice work!
  5. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    I agree with Alan, monthly is just too much to cope with.
  6. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    Yes make it Bigger I had to look closer to find it. Okay, I like the idea of; that means we can post the newsletters and articles online, as well as other exclusive content that can be accessed by that association's members. I would just grant special access to that section of the forum. If this is possible I'd be happy to set it up for any association that would like it. Daniel .... see if you can set it up for the North American Ships in Bottles Association (NASBA) and others. If you want you can be the Executive/webmaster and I will gladly be the Editor in Chief. I'll work on formatting a template for a journal/newsletter/logo if that's okay with you? Please advise ...Jeff
  7. North American Ships in Bottles Association

    Good thoughts. As far as printing and mailing I would say no to that. Here are my reasons: I write articles for Lone Warrior and we decided to stray away from printing and mailing snail mail. There is just too much time and cost associated with it. We also offer individuals space to advertise at the end of the journal as well. It’s all digital now and readership has increased. I think your idea of not funding Bottle Ship Builder is admirable. However people should understand that’s coming out of your pocket. If we get enough subscribers I was thinking some funds could help with your associated costs and the rest could go towards purchasing some software for editing. I just sent an email to Terry Butler and she gave me some suggestions regarding software. I also asked if her and David Lavoie would be willing to contribute articles. As far as the national community and North America is concerned I think what we could do is ... if you’re still adamant about not charging then ... we could do what Model Ship World does and just have a donations bar at the top of the home page and people could contribute as they feel led to do so. If that is the route we go then I could create a journal in Word and then send out as a PDF to those who subscribe. It would still be on a quarterly basis or maybe Bi-annual? Or maybe it’s just a monthly news letter to start with? I like your idea about ship in bottle day as that’s actually my birthday :-) I’ll leave this up to you and maybe we should poll our readers to see what they want? Jeff
  8. Preussen Clipper

    Thanks for the encouragement Gentlemen!!!
  9. As suggested by Daniel I'll start a new thread on this topic. Here are my thoughts: 1. Use Bottled Ship Builder to promote this idea and get active participation from members. 2. Have members participate in supplying articles to the executive board for NASBA to publish electronically. 3. Membership would be an annual fee of $10 USD per annum and someone aka myself and maybe Daniel to proofread and provide 4 PDF electronic versions of the journal to members. 4. Funds go back to Bottled Ship Builder to keep things going financially with respect to the website and possibly purchase some software for formatting purposes regarding the journal. 5. I would basically be the editor in chief and work for free! Jeff
  10. Dave Fellingham

    Does anyone know what happened to Dave Fellingham? Jeff
  11. Japanese Method

    Yeah, I agree. I thought about the aforementioned and wondered if there would be interest in a North American Ships in Bottles Association? We could look at amalgamating Canada, USA, and Mexico .... thoughts on this? Jeff
  12. Japanese Method

    Here are 2 articles. The first is by Shinzo Ichimura pages 7-13 Edition 2003-4 and the second one is by Poul R. Hass Edition 2012, Bottleships my Way. The more I look at this method I am thinking this is going to work the best for my Pruessen build as it will be way easier to get all of the ratlines and running rigging done without trying to battle around masts, stays, and sails. Unfortunately when you Google this method nothing really comes up! Jeff 2003IS4.pdf 2012-4 issue.pdf
  13. Japanese Method

    Will do Bluenoser