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  1. Chasseur

    HMS Ramillies, 74

    Very cool idea, talk about thinking outside of the box on your part!
  2. Chasseur


    Welcome aboard and we’re glad to have you join our group. If you like hit the clubs tab at the top and join our party. Jeff
  3. Chasseur

    Lydia Eva Steam Drifter

    I concur well-done congratulations, Alan!!!
  4. Way to go Artur! I am very proud of you and your performance. 😎 The one SIB with the red ribbon tied at the middle, is that France II? Jeff
  5. Chasseur

    EASIB Convention SIBS

    WOW outstanding craftsmanship thanks for sharing Allan!
  6. Chasseur

    Sexy socks for the well dressed Bon vivant

    Very cool! Go figure 😎
  7. Chasseur

    HMS Gannet

    Deck furniture looking great. Too bad about the broken spar. I know the amount of work that goes into modeling... hurts when you break someth🤐ing.
  8. Chasseur

    HMS Ramillies, 74

    Hey Frankie, good to see you back at it. That is definitely western red cedar you have set aside for your hull. I love your tool for smearing the seas. Nice one!
  9. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Today I was in the cave and put one coat of flat black on the hull after I sanded all the imperfections out. Bulwarks are glued on. Aforementioned made from thin veneer. I built the two turret/guns. I also fabricated the rudder and the prop as well. The bottom of the hull will be flat red and the top flat black. Here is the first coat of flat black. Still some sanding to do before the final coat. Notice the old record player turn table I use for painting. Having the ability to swivel the hull while painting is desirable. The rudder is drying in the pin vice and the four gun barrels are on the tooth picks. To make the tops of the turrets, paper is formed around some pipe and tacked with cyanoacrylate. Then the bands are soaked in water. Then they are dried with the rear Admirals hair dryer. Then they are simply cut off and they retain their shape which is marvelous. Two turrets complete with rudder. I weathered the turrets subtly with chalk to simulate some rusting. The bands are on the top of the turrets, just hard to see inner and outer bands. No zoom/micro close up function on my phone. I used my iPhone so closeups are poor. Prop was made from paper glued onto a toothpick. The end of the toothpick is perfect scale for hub assembly. Brazen brass was the color chosen. Tomorrow the hull gets its second coat of black on top, then I move to painting the bottom of the hull. Will work on more deck furniture et al.
  10. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    As promised two pictures of gadgets I built for putting things inside the bottle i.e. masts with yards or what have you! One on the left has a spring for extra grip. One on right is fine-tuned by an interference fit by sliding the rod back to create tension. Notice the gripping power. Also to create that grip, a dab of Gem tack was installed to fully dry on the inside of each finger.
  11. Chasseur


    Excellent detail at this scale! 🧐
  12. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    I had a chance to work on the hull some more. I have it almost where I want it. There is one coat of Testor's Primer on it so I can apply some putty in the low spots and sand down before painting it out. The Wivern has a very unique hull and ram. The designer was way ahead of his time as the hull/bow resembles a WW1 Dreadnought design with a stern that emulates an extreme clipper ship in a way. I also built myself an adjustable slip to hold the hull and it works really well. The idea came off of a post on Model Ship World. The stalks can slide back and forth to adjust and they press fit into the MDF base. There are 2 wedges that locate it on the bed that are removable. I.E. triangular wedge bottom left by brass tube. Also the whole thing is removable by removing 1 threaded bolt. The 25 cent coin shows the scale. To the left is an adjustable work light powered by 3 watch batteries. Note bottom right aluminum angle fixed to bench with a wood screw. Take the screw out and the whole arm is removable. Both wedges are visible in this photo. Below shows a third hand and soldering station in which I just finished building a custom bottle tool. No picture yet-'Top Secret for now'... just kidding! I'll show it on another post. The little chrome eyelet at the front of the base is for directing all of the rigging lines away and below to ease the clutter. Above shows the versatility of my work station. Below shows my mini vise on the arm as I cut out a piece of brass with my jewelers saw. More to come! PS FOR Weegee>>> the tools with the blue and yellow handles are home made miniature chisels made from sewing needles..
  13. Chasseur

    Permission to come aboard!

    Welcome aboard Lou! You’ll like the site as there are bunch of talented people here and always willing to share. Also please hit the clubs tab and sign up for our free journal. First edition comes out this December. Jeff
  14. Igor, Please PM me with a nice snapshot shot of this build as I would like to feature it on the cover of the Bottled ShipWright this December.
  15. Chasseur

    How to Build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners)

    It’s always a challenge getting the detail right at this scale and you are doing a wonderful job! Looking Good!