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  1. Hello all, The Old Salt Blog by Rick Spilman has a wonderful video of a Museum created by Des Pawson, http://www.oldsaltblog.com/ Des is a fascinating Old Salt/Curator of a museum he had constructed to further the lost art of rope building etc. By far IMHO, he is probably the best subject matter expert on the Planet. If you are a fan of Ashley's Book of Knots this a must watch video. Your Editor in Chief
  2. Hi Caleb, Your build is looking excellent! I want to encourage you to build it the way you want it and look at it as an art form. Just like an artist paints a picture you are building your 3D picture. Looking forward to more posts and please don’t worry if life gets in the way. It will be done when it’s done! Remember you’re the Artist! Jeff
  3. Hello all, Our next Bottled ShipWright journal release will be delayed until the beginning of January 2020. I am in the middle of an internal safety audit and some emergency management training which is taking up all of my time unfortunately! I wanted dearly to get the journal out before Christmas but that would of meant rushing and I would’ve had to sacrifice the quality. In particular, Mr. Foxworthy has supplied an outstanding article which deserves my attention to detail. Sorry for any inconveniences, Your Editor in Chief
  4. Awesome work here, love the detail and the sails are fantastic!
  5. Hi Bruce, Yes a word document is preferable. For sake of security, I would suggest you write the article and then please send a private email message to me on this site. That way I can proof it with you before it goes into the journal. I like your train of thought, so I would suggest a series of articles due to the unknowns and the research from Michigan will be invaluable down the road. So at a minimum a three part series, introduction, body of the research, and a conclusion which would involve your involvement and any revelation you come up with whether by yourself or the university fold. How does this sound to you? Jeff
  6. Hey Bruce, Are you still going to contribute an article to December’s journal about your amazing find? Please advise, Jeff
  7. You are welcome to it Gordon and welcome aboard to BSB. Jeff
  8. Hi Daniel, BTW Burt Reckles hit the donation tab to donate some funds and nothing happened. FYI, Jeff
  9. Wow Bill that is a beast of a ship and a bottle to boot!
  10. Excellent work Alan!
  11. Yes Igor it would be awesome if you could translate for us. I agree with Daniel the ships in the upright bottles are simply amazing! Daniel thank-you for sharing this video what a great find* This videos gives all of us a new realm to dive into regarding bottling ships. Jeff
  12. Hi Bruce, Judging from the photo’s the wood might be pear, beach or apple, the grain looks really tight. There is also a type of boxwood that resembles the tool on the right. The one of the left sort of looks like the colour of cherry wood but my heart says it’s probably stained. So not sure! I am assuming he used the chisel tool for gouging out the hull? The two tools could definitely be made from fid needles and could he have used them for making/drilling holes in the hull? The cordage is interesting, was it used for sail repair originally? If you have reversed cordage it can easily spliced to make longer lengths and doubled up to make any thickness depending how many times you twist it. Jeff
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