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  1. Chasseur

    Hello Puebla Mexico

    *Welcome aboard Jose* If your interested, please hit the clubs tab at the top by Leaderboard and Pages to join our club and subscribe to our journal. It’s free to all who sign up. Nice job on Hannah, well done! Jeff
  2. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    I got a chance to work on the mount that holds the hull in the light bulb and soldered up the Bow Sprit and Jib Boom complete with Martingale. I referenced Underhill's book for this. I had to build a special jig from a miniature close pin to hold the Martingale while soldering. I chose the eyelet end of a sewing needle for ease of rigging later! Tweezers show scale reference Note dot of glue to hold the needle while soldering into position. Used some thin wood shims to get the proper positioning. Here is the completed Bow Sprit/Jib Boom less paint, foot ropes, Head/back stays, and guys. Still some intricate work to do on it today!
  3. Hi, I have not received any pm email aside from a general form letter confirming my enrollment...

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    2. Lubber123


      Yes, I agree with that. Actually I'd like to write a series about my SIB history in an installment of anecdotes (I like to write short stories also as a hobby and I had a bit of inspiration when I resurrected my SIB hobby recently). Where would be the best place to post these? In the general discussion forum or the Shipwright club or someplace else (or not al all!)? It would be a chronology of the few models I picked up over the years, the ones I made and how I ended up here in an essay style.

    3. Chasseur


      If you write them with or without some pictures then please send them to me here when finished in a word document and I will add them to our journal in instalment . I started the first journal December of 2018. The next one comes out mid June of this year. So yes, please provide a chronology of your models and each article will go into the journal. Also you can use your pen name of Lubber123 or your real Christian name works too. BTW I really like your avatar of the old man with the pipe. Very cool!

    4. Lubber123


      Hi Jeff, here's my first draft about my old SIB...could I also submit this to "articles"? I have a small series I'm crafting as I examine my SIBs one by one...

      The Lubber Chronicles Part 1 - Lost and Found.docx

  4. Hi Lubber123, I sent you a pm from gmail. Did you get it?
  5. Chasseur

    HMS Ramillies, 74

    Hi Frankie, I would like to use your still life painting posted here for the cover page of our next Bottled ShipWright journal which I will release this June of 2019. Your artwork is excellent and should be celebrated by our members. May I please have your permission to use it? Please advise. Jeff
  6. Chasseur

    Hi from Bristol UK

    Welcome aboard Bob! We are so glad you joined our band of merry men. Jeff
  7. Chasseur

    Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

    Thing of beauty Igor, well done!
  8. Chasseur

    What else do you model besides SIBs?

    Hey Jeff, you remind me of my brother-in-law. He is on his third telescope as well. It’s quite the beast. He has a van that he hauls it around in and he has to put it together as it comes in sections. Once I tried to ask him how much he paid for it and he declined to say so I am assuming it’s a small fortune. We were out one night years ago and we could see the rings around Saturn. Very cool to see God’s creativity up close.
  9. Chasseur

    James Miller 3 masted schooner

    Excellent work John. Talk about thinking outside of the box! Well done my friend. 😀
  10. Thanks Igor greatly appreciated!
  11. Chasseur

    Working out scale.

    Hi James, Seeing how this subject can be somewhat frustrating for most bottleship modelers I will post an article next Bottled ShipWright journal in June. Stay tuned!
  12. You are certainly welcome Bernard! I am glad you liked it. 😊
  13. Chasseur


    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Same to you IOAN //////////////////////////// 🕊️ Jeff
  14. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Got some time in the Man Cave to work on the base for the bulb and started on the masts and support for the hull. The masts are small wire and sewing needles soldered together. If you look closely there is a gold patina dry-brushed on the base and support structures for the bulb. I made a special little tool to measure the contour of the inside of the bulb as well. Enjoy!
  15. Ahoy maties! Our first journal is out. Please hit the clubs tab to find it. If you haven't signed up please join our club. The journal is free of charge and all that I ask is that you sign up so I can track our readership! Please enjoy our first journal. Jeff