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  1. What else do you model besides SIBs?

    My son got his car into the car show we sponsor at our Church entitled endless summer last weekend. We also had to buy a triple core aluminum radiator as he makes some horse power and the original rad caused the temperature to climb too quickly for my liking! Car does great burn-outs! I bought him a nice set of wires for Christmas also. So the 1-1 build is completed. Jeff
  2. Preussen Clipper

    Life has got in the way of my hobbies since my last post, renovations/painting on the house, washing machine cratered; my eldest son slipped a disc in his back, work is busy, and we finally got my youngest son’s 73 Nova SS on the road. So henceforth no man cave time whatsoever. Today I finally got back into the build and started on all of the yards/spars and built myself a gizmo from an old Phillips shaver to taper the ends on the yards and spars. First two pictures is the work started for the upper cross trees. Last post I was developing my technique for gluing however I need to refine it as I didn't like how it turned out after I painted one. Next 2 pictures is the gizmo I built from the can motor and Frankenstein power supply. Inside the shaver is a step down transformer from 110 AC to 6 volt D.C. I mounted the transformer in a box and the can motor on a swiveling pedestal. The stone is from a Dremel tool glued to the little blue ring gear. Next picture is start of all of the spar and yard work. Sewing Needles and extremely small diameter wire for the aforementioned. Next picture is the upper cross-tree and the braces I have to model coming off of the tree to keep the standing rigging from fouling with the yards. Last picture is the upper Forecastle area with the port and starboard running lights installed. I want to get some detail work done on the Forecastle area and slowly pick away at the upper cross-trees. Also my youngest son got me back into playing chess which is very cool. More to come eventually ... Jeff
  3. Black Pearl

    Hey Al, sorry to hear about the hand. The wife and myself went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie last week and it was a hoot! Cool scene of the Pearl in a SIB. Love the jig and good use of the watch gear for the ships wheel. The polystyrene trim is nice and crisp well done!
  4. Pilot cutter Jolie Brise in a bottle - Scale 1/240

    Looking good Igor! Awesome detail.
  5. Preussen Clipper

    Well it’s been quit awhile since I have had a chance to hobby. My Father-in-Law passed away suddenly from Parkinson’s disease and my Aunt Sadie passed away as well. We expected the passing of my Aunt but not my Father-in-Law. So it’s been pretty solemn around here lately. It’s been really hard on the Vice Admiral. Work has been really busy as well so I apologize for the long lag. I started on the 5 cross tree’s for the lower masts and completed them. I also built a special ergonomic workstation to alleviate some stress on my back when working hunched over on small parts. The cross trees are made from paper glued to thin card and then paper for the supports and end trim. Cyano in combination with white glue worked well here. I also started on the upper mast cross tree's complete with spreader bars and cross braces. I had to build a jig to fabricate them and there are 5 in total to build. I find working at this scale I am constantly fabricating part holders of some sort! Above is my raised work platform to save my back! It's built from an old electric fireplace glass cover holder. Above 1 of 5 for lower masts. I still need to turn a taper on the upper section of this mast. Piano wire soldered to the brass pipe. 0.39" twist drill to show scale. Above is the plan drawing of the upper mast cross trees with spreader bars. Bars keep yards from fouling with the back stays and running rigging. Above-Number 11 surgical scalpel blade to show scale. GS Hypo Cement works well here gluing stainless wire to paper. Wax paper in between to allow release of part after drying. I find a neat way to mark this small wire is glue it to waxed paper with cyano then mark the dimension to cut on the paper. More to come Lord willing ... Jeff
  6. HI

  7. My first SIB: Dimond

    Looking Good!
  8. Sea Shanty modern style

    Hey Alan if you haven't already then subscribe to Old Salt Blog! You might like what Rick has to offer.
  9. Permission to Come Aboard?

  10. Preussen Clipper

    Hi Mike, I my situation once things are where I want them I will probably terminate at the bottom of the removable upper deck where the mast goes through. However other guys/gals will run the lines through the bottom of the deck and John Fox III actually has a technique whereby he runs his lines out the Hawser holes and then terminates. I am along way off before I get to this stage. I hope this answers your question. Jeff
  11. Black Pearl

    Coming along nicely!