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  1. Chasseur


    Hi, Bluenoser not yet! However, this might be something I could work on for our upcoming journal in December. I'll see how that goes ...Jeff
  2. Chasseur


    I have attached what I use for wargaming and ships in small scales. Hope it helps ...Jeff flags.pdf
  3. Chasseur

    Permission to come aboard?

    Hey, Jeff welcome to the forum and you picked a nice time to return. BTW we will be starting up a club on the forum soon and offer 2 journals free of charge per annum starting in December of this year. Jeff C.
  4. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    So here is an update on the HMS Wivern Located what I could find off of the Internet regarding a deck plan view and couldn’t find anything on a half breadth plan nor sheer. Next, the best thing was to make an actual half hull model of the ship. I had to scale down and then cut each sheer (starting with the bow) to gather appropriate templates to carve the hull out of some red cedar. I also rebuilt the end of the socket. I turned latter on my mini-lathe out of some cherry hardwood I had kicking around. The last picture shows the socket on the light bulb and it fits perfectly. Pictures of the process…!
  5. Chasseur


    Beautiful work Artur, coming along brilliantly!
  6. Chasseur

    Ship in Bottle Club

    A quick update; David Lavoie, Tery Butler and none other than Commander Donald Hubbard have agreed to submit a small article to kick off our first journal. I plan to release it on our club link in mid-December of this year. Just waiting for our logo to be finished off and I'll kick off our club! Here is what Don wrote back to me: Yup Jeff, Thanks for keeping the spark alive, and trust you have the disk with all past issues on it. Thought you might like a short piece talking about the actual origin of the SIB Assn when Jack Hinkley came to San Diego in 1982 to see the First International SIB show that was organized on board the San Diego Maritime Museum ship Star of India. Think we had 165 models from everywhere, and 9 Japanese flew here from Osaka to see how we had done it. They had planned to have the first International show the following year (I didn't know that) and came here to see what the difficulties were. Jack and I went to their show the following year. These were exciting years when all was new. Let me know and I'll get busy on it.
  7. Chasseur

    Started build no.2

    I agree the white enamel is a better choice. Goes on nice and is less grainy especially for close-up pictures ...Jeff
  8. Chasseur

    Mast handling tool

    Excellent job on the tool and placement of the mast! Well done David*
  9. Awesome build Igor! I agree with IOAN the detailing and paint on the boat is perfect* Looking forward to more, and love the shark, swordfish, and the old man.
  10. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    Yes I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta Born,raised, and landlocked in Alberta all of my life to date.
  11. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    http://Do you want me to move this to the build log thread? You've got the start of a good log here. Sure Daniel why not? 💡 At Bluenoser ... I am okay no need to waste time and money sending me an end, however, thanks for the offer very gracious of you ...📪 Jeff
  12. Chasseur

    HMS Wivern by Chausseur

    I got a chance to open up a light bulb yesterday. My buddy at work has collected various commercial halogen/incandescent bulbs for me. I used the method Greg Alvey talks about on his website to open a bulb with Muriatic acid. Because the inside is of a blown glass that seals a secondary bulb this was quite a feat! I had soaked the socket for 24 hours and then had to bust out the part where it screws into the fixture. Then re-soak to melt out the special glue that holds the socket in place. The glue was nasty, to say the least! Then once that was removed I used my Dremel with a dentist's diamond drill to go around the circumference to saw off the end. Once the end was removed I had to carefully bust out the filament end and remove the guts. The result is the last picture of the bulb sitting in my lap! I'll have to fabricate a little wooden piece to build up the end of the socket (paint it black and then glue on the metal contact) as that part was destroyed in the process.
  13. Chasseur


    Welcome, Miro... beautiful work your project. Does she have a name or is it just a generic build? Jeff
  14. Chasseur

    Ship in Bottle Club

    Hello all, I am just in the process of finalizing the logo for The Bottled ShipWright you see above. Should take about a week or two. Once completed I will launch our club. It will be open to all members who want to participate. I will create some newsletters and most likely a bi-annual journal that will contain a wealth of modeling techniques and will pull ideas/techniques/instructionals from past members contributions from and to SIBAA et al. Stay tuned ... Jeff
  15. Chasseur

    What's on your workbench?

    Well done Igor the figures make the boat come alive!